Gulf of Happenstance part 5

And now back to our traveling trollops….

James smiled as he played with the settings on the vibrator. He stroked Rose’s inner thighs and then began to run it up to her lips which were swollen with need. He turned the vibrator to the lowest settings and began to tease her. As she ‘warmed up’, he slid the head up to her clit and then down and into her pussy.

“Ahh,” Rose said softly. She arched her hips a little to move the vibrator to a better spot. James noticed and helped by turning the settings up. While he did this, Nell came up behind him and rubbed his back lightly and reached over to pinch Rose’s nipples. Rose shuddered with the increased attention. James moved the second part of the vibrator up against Rose’s clit. Then he leaned over and moving Nell’s fingers began to suck on Rose’s nipple.

“Oh… oh my. Ohhhh,” gasped Rose as her first orgasm began to peak. James didn’t let her rest, but kept working the vibrator in and out of Rose. Nell’s nippled rubbed against his back and his cock had begun to swell. After a third orgasm, that soaked his hand, James set the vibrator aside and moved between Rose’s thighs. His cock nudged her opening and slid in. Her muscles were still clenching from the last orgasm, which wrapped his cock in bliss.

“Oh yes,” he gasped as he began to stroke in and out. Nell had moved to one side, a hand stroking his balls and another one alternating between pinching his nipples or Rose’s. Rose moved to grasp the rabbit toy and switching it on, began to rub it up and down Nell’s side. Nell giggled.

Nell took the vibrator with a conspiratorial wink and ran it up James’ inner thigh towards his balls.

“Damn!” James gasped as the toy tickled his balls and the skin near his ass. He drove deep into Rose which made her moan with pleasure. He realized she liked her cervix thumped and did his best to continue to do just that. Raising one leg to his shoulder opened her up and he thrust hard. Nell continued to play with that vibrator, tickling Rose or James as she saw fit.

“I’mmmm…. ohgodohgod!” moaned Rose as an intense orgasm rolled her. The muscle contractions around James’ cock were almost too much for him. Combined with Nell’s touch and the vibrator brought him a second later. Panting with exertion, the two of them lay there recovering while Nell giggled.

James looked at Rose who nodded in unspoken agreement. Rose leaned forward and grabbed Nell’s hands while James pulled Nell across his lap. He held her and spanked her until her ass began to blush a deep red. It was clear that she enjoyed it by the way she wiggled and moaned between outcries of pain. Then Rose handed him a different vibrator, one that was all ridges and bubbles. He turned it on high and slid it into Nell’s slick pussy. Holding it in with one hand, he spanked her with the other until Nell too screamed out an orgasm that left her limp.


In the shower, the women took turns washing up James. They were all sticky with cum. Once they were all clean, James reapplied aloe gel on some of the more tender sunburned bits. He loved the fact that Nell’s breasts needed attention. Her nipples were hard and his cock was as well, in spite of all the play earlier.

“You two ladies are amazing. I haven’t had this much fun in ages,” said James as Rose sat across his lap to have her back gelled.

“I’m glad. Are you available to play tomorrow?” asked Rose. James had mentioned he had to leave them this evening which had been a sad moment for all involved.

“Yes, and I thought I might take you to one of my favorite private beaches for some fun,” said James.

“And where might that be?” asked Nell.

“Honeymoon Island. I’ll pick you ladies up early and we can make a day of it,” answered James. “Now where are my clothes?”

“There on the chair. Sorry you can’t stay the night,” said Rose. She trailed a hand down his stomach to his cock which twitched in reaction to her touch.

“Sooo, do I. Now stop that or else there will be no playing tomorrow,” he said in a stern voice.

“Alright,” said Rose. She bent over, kissed the head of his cock and turned to pick up his clothes off the chair.

James gasped, wanting nothing more than to plow straight into Rose’s delightful mouth. He dressed with difficulty, kissed both women goodbye and headed out the door.


Rose was tidying up the room to keep her mind off the fact that she was horny as hell. Nell was right, dark hair and beards did turn her on. She picked up the last of the toys and headed for the bathroom to clean up.

“You sure you don’t need one of those for a bedtime orgasm?” teased Nell.

“Yeah. Fingers will do just fine,” said Rose with a laugh. Thirty minutes later, two exhausted, slightly sunburned and well orgasmed women were asleep.

4 thoughts on “Gulf of Happenstance part 5

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  1. A great addition to this story, between Rose’s orgasm’s and the way Nell uses toys, what a early morning wake up.
    I’m sure they are going to have plenty of fun at the beach 🙂

  2. It is very nice to see in your stories that all this wonderful sex stuff isn’t waisted on the young. Tip

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