Gulf of Happenstance part 6

Knock! Knock! Knock!


Rose opened the door to see James standing there with a bag in his hand. It smelled heavenly whatever it was. “Come in, we’re almost ready,” she said. “What’s in the bag?”

“Breakfast. There is a bakery near my house that makes the best doughnuts. I got us each a couple,” said James. He put the bag down on the table and kissed Rose. “Where’s Nell?”

“In here!” came the muffled cry from the bathroom.

“You better hurry up otherwise I’m eating your doughnuts!” said Rose as she bit into the first one. “OMGsss, thshis ish hebben.”

James smiled. He loved the bakery. Normally it was off limits, but he knew after last night that he’d more than burn off a few calories with these two ladies. Nell came out of the bathroom wearing a sun dress and aloe gel.

“Oh good! Chocolate!” she said grabbing one of the chocolate topped doughnuts. The three of them finished off the doughnuts and then gathering their stuff headed for James’ jeep. The two women played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to decide who got to sit in front. Rose won and climbed in front. In less than five minutes, they were off to Honeymoon Island.


Honeymoon Island was an hour’s drive, but worth every minute. James drove them along the shore as much as possible letting them have a good look at the Gulf. The reached the island by 10am, and parked in one of the less visited areas. Gathering their gear, James lead them off down a nature trail and towards a secluded beach he knew of.

“Is that an eagle?” Nell asked as a raptor flew overhead.

“Osprey. They eat fish,” said James. “There’s lots of wildlife around here in spite of all the people.”

They continued walking for a bit longer. James had just pointed out the beach they were heading for when Rose cried out and literally leapt into his arms.

“Sssssnnnnake!” she cried pointing. Up the path about thirty feet a rattlesnake was crossing from one side to the other.

James staggered a bit, but managed to stay standing. He could feel Rose’s heart beating fast as his nose was literally buried in her breasts. “It’s okay,” he said softly to Rose and tried to put her down. “Let go Rose,” he said a little more firmly. Rose finally lowered herself to the ground. Nell was standing stock still as well behind the two of them.

“Sorry. I really don’t like snakes,” said Rose.

“I could tell. First time I’ve ever been climbed like a tree,” said James. “You going to be okay?”

“Yeah,” Rose said with a shiver. “Would you go first and make sure it’s gone?”

“What she said,” echoed Nell. She wasn’t fond of them either.

“No problem,” said James. He grabbed a long stick off of the ground and used it to push back some of the higher grasses as they went down the trail. Fifteen minutes later, they were on the beach. Just sand, water, and sunshine for as far as the eye could see. And no snakes.


Nell dove under the water and grabbed James’s trunks. She tugged and tried to pull them off. It didn’t work. James grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up.

“Tried and failed,” he laughed. Before she could do more than nod, he pulled her top off and flung it up on the beach. It landed next to Rose’s swimsuit. They’d been playing a version of underwater tag for the better part of an hour and so far. Rose was swimming nearby and laughed as the top hit the beach. It was her turn next.

Rather than trying to pull off the trunks that must be superglued in place, she went for a more direct target. Diving under the water, she swam up and let her hand sneak up under the loose legs of the trunks. She found her target, and gave it a squeeze and then surfaced.

James was laughing. “And the winner… Rose,” he said.

“Good. Get naked,” she said with a smile on her face. She’d been thinking about sex in the warm water. James pulled off his trunks and they landed on the soggy pile. Then he swam swiftly over to where Rose bobbed and grabbed her by the waist. He lifted her up just a bit so he could kiss her nipples and as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he slid her down on his erect cock.

“Oh, very nice,” said Rose with a smile. The two of them bobbed up and down with the waves. Nell, who had tossed her bottoms on the pile swam over and kissed first James and then Rose. The three of them floated and fucked. Rose came and then switched places with Nell. James knew the cooler water would help hold of his own orgasm. This way he got to play with both ladies. What he didn’t expect was Rose’s fingers playing with his balls under the water as she kissed the two of them. Between Nell’s gyrations and Rose’s fingers, he found himself coming hard. When they recovered, they swam in and walked over to where they’d spread out a blanket under a tree. It was still shady. He wrapped a towel around his waist and the two women wrapped up in sarongs.

“Hungry?” Rose asked.

“Famished. What do we have?” asked James. The two women had grabbed lunch just before they left the city while he put gas in the jeep.

“Grapes, cheese, salami, some French bread, artichoke hearts and iced tea,” said Nell. She fed James a grape. James lay down with his head in Nell’s lap and let her feed him. The three of them relaxed, ate and watched the water.


“Now, what forfeit are you going to pay for loosing the game earlier?” James asked Nell.

“Um… give you a blowjob?” asked Nell. She hadn’t thought about this part.

“Yes!” said Rose. “With the ears!”

“Ears?” asked James.

“I picked her up at Disney and she had these ears on,” said Rose with a smile.

“Can’t. They’re at the hotel,” said Nell feeling smart.

“Oh? Then what are these?” asked Rose holding up the ears.

James laughed. Nell rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she said taking the ears. She plopped them on her head. “Last condition… James, if you laugh, I get a treat.”

“Fine,” said James thinking this was an easy win. “Just no tickling.”

“Nope, No tickling,” said Nell with a glint in her eyes.

James moved so that she could kneel between his legs. Nell moved between his legs and took his lovely cock in her mouth. She started giving what was a normal blowjob. James was enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock. She tongued the hold in the tip with her tongue and sucked her way down the soft underside of his cock. He was really getting into the motion of it and had his hand on her head on top of the ears. James was close to coming when he felt a vibration in Nell’s throat. It felt good, but there was something familiar…

Nell was sucking his cock as best she could when she started humming the Mickey Mouse song. “M. I. C. K. E. Y. M. O. U. S. E!” which sounded liked “M. oi. se. ke. E. hy. M. O. oo. Sss. E!” Then it changed a little as she mouthed the words, “Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck!” complete with the duck noises which were very clear in spite of James’ cock in her talented mouth. Rose was rolling on the blanket laughing. James was squeezing his eyes tight and trying not to laugh. On the second go round of “Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck!” he lost it. He laughed.

Nell sat up from his cock, smiled and laughed. “I win!”

“And what does our talented cock tease get?” asked James.

“Fucked as I float!” said Nell as she ran towards the water. James and Roes joined her in the water. Nell floated on her back and when James stepped up between her legs, she rolled her hips up and he slid inside.

James understood the game and slowly moved in and out of Nell. He thumbed her clit as she floated on her back. Rose floated up and pinched Nell’s nipples, knowing she liked that. She pinched gently at first and then harder until Nell’s nipples were red and poking up firm. When James increased his pace, Rose stepped up and cradled Nell’s head between her breasts with her hands under Nells arms and over Nell’s breasts. Nell was still floating, but held firmly so she wouldn’t go underwater. James pistoned in and out as his own release built. He exploded in a small shower of waves as he came. Nell wasn’t far behind, helped by his cock hitting all the right spots as well as his thumb on her clit.

When they’d caught their breaths, it was Rose’s turn. Nell cuddled Rose while James fingered her until she too exploded in orgasmic bliss.


They floated and played in the water for a little longer before they packed up and headed back to the hotel. They stopped on the way back for dinner. Crab, fresh shrimp and hush puppies. When they got back to the hotel, it was dark.

“Do you want to go for a walk on the beach?” asked James. The moon was nearly full and casting long silvery shafts of light on the beach. Both women nodded. The three of them walked along the beach and as they moved around a bend, they were suddenly the only three in the world.

Nell and Rose wrapped their arms around James and began to kiss and stroke him. He responded and soon there was a pile of clothing on the sand. James knelt behind Rose as he filled her with his cock. Nell kissed her way down James’ back and then crawled between Rose’s thighs. Rose licked Nells pussy while Nell stroked and petted James and Rose. The three of them moved in sync in the moonlight. Rose could barely concentrate as James filled her and Nell ran her fingers over the two of them. James was in bliss. Nell was delighted as she played.

“Ohhh,” Rose moaned against Nell’s pussy as James brought her close to orgasm. His hands gripped her hips and he drove in hard as he came. The attentions of the two of them being too much.

“Aaahhh!,” James cried out. He froze, driven deep into Rose. Rose bucked and came moment’s later. They moved and James brought his tongue and fingers into play to bring Nell to sweet release. They sank to the sand and sat there catching their breath.

“Shall we rinse off?” asked Nell. The other two nodded. A quick dip in the ocean and then they dressed and headed back to the hotel room.

4 thoughts on “Gulf of Happenstance part 6

  1. Those mouse ears get around don’t they. Good thing I didn’t have my coffee when I read that I laughed so hard. I will never look at a set of mouse ears the same way again…..LOL


    1. ROFLOL!!!!!! And now you know why I had Wolf in stitches too! I just couldn’t resist doing that scene. 🙂 Glad though that you didn’t do a spit take. 🙂

  2. That does it, I ‘m on my way to Florida, think I know where they are staying. Love the story and now I have one hell of an appetite. Tip

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