Caught! part 8

“I am going to show you what it is like to feel pleasure. If you wish me to stop at any point, you must say so. Otherwise, I will take you. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yyes,” she said nervously.

“Relax,” he said. He was having to use the same techniques on her that she had use on that stallion. Slowly he ran his fingers across her skin as he kissed her. As he pulled her into his arms, she flinched as his cock bobbed against her. Raven took her hand and placed it on his cock.

Rachel was amazed at how soft yet hard his cock was to the touch. It throbbed like it had a life of its own. Then he pulled her hand lower until she cupped his balls which were pulled tight against his body. They were soft and yet not as nice to touch as his cock. She hesitantly put her hand on his waist. He was muscled and the odd scar marred his skin. She traced one that ran from his hip up to his ribs. Another ran from his nipple to his shoulder.

Raven touched her breasts and then let his hand trail across her back to her ass. As he stroked the tender skin, he felt her tremble. Unsure, he stopped kissing her for a moment and trailed his fingers across her ass again. She gasped.

“Does this hurt?” he asked.

“Yes, and no,” she said.

“What does it do to you when I move my hand across your skin?” he asked.

“It… it makes me tingle. Butterflies,” she said.

“And if I rub a little harder?” he asked as he increased the pressure of his hand.

Rachel moaned. “It makes me want… want to be touched,” she said.

“Where?” he asked keeping up the touch on her ass.

“Be… between my thighs,” she said blushing.

Raven pulled her to her knees. He had one hand on her thigh, but not between her legs. With his other hand, he reached around her and rubbed her ass. He started off lightly and watched her reaction. He increased the pressure and watched as her skin began to flush and her breathing became more ragged. He watched her struggle to figure out what to do with her hands. She placed them on his shoulders. Then Raven took a chance. He lifted his hand and spanked her ass twice in a swift motion.

“Oh!” gasped Rachel. She fell forward onto Raven. His hand rested on the inside of her thigh at this point. He spanked her again and felt the moisture began to trail down her thighs. He moved his hand up until it almost touched her cleft. He stroked her ass and listened to her moan with pleasure. Then he kissed her and spanked her swiftly a number of times.

“Oh! Raven!” she gasped as she arched forward. She felt his hand move up touching her cleft and she rubbed against it trying to assuage the ache that filled her. His fingers stroked her cleft from clit to opening. She was soaked.

Rachel was overwhelmed with the sensations. She rubbed against his hand, trying to find relief from the ache that grew between her legs. His fingers slid into her cleft as his other hand came down on her ass. There was a heady mix of pleasure and pain as he did so. Then his fingers were rubbing her cleft and her body felt as if it were on fire. She stiffened as sensations rolled through her.

Raven’s fingers were soaked with her juices. His fingers slid up into her and stroked her maidenhead, stretching it. He wanted her open and desirous. He kept his fingers inside of her and thumbed her clit. His other hand stroked her reddened ass. She stiffened and then came undone in his arms.

“Oooooh!” she cried out as she orgasmed. Her body shuddered and then collapsed in his arms. Raven’s fingers were still deep in her opening. He stroked slowly in and out, stretching and opening her up. She responded with moans of pleasure that were making it hard to concentrate. Raven brought her to another orgasm, and as he did so, he spanked her ass. Her reaction was amazing. She gushed juices and bucked against his hand hard enough he wondered if she’d rent her maidenhead on his fingers.

Raven held her and kissed her as she came down from the intense orgasm. He went to move his fingers out of her cleft and she stopped him.

“No, please. Keep touching me,” she asked.

“Are you begging me little one?” he asked.

“Yes, I… I love what you are doing to me. I don’t understand it, but it feels so good,” she said.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

“Yes. Please,” she said.

“Even if it is a little painful?” he asked.

“Yes! You spank me and it hurts and feels good at the same time. Yes,” she said squirming against his fingers.

He let go of her for a moment to reposition himself. Raven moved onto the bed, and leaned back against the pillows. He motioned for her to come to him. Rachel moved up next to Raven on the bed.

“Straddle me,” he said.

Rachel straddled his legs with his cock in front of her.

“No, come forward,” he said. She moved until his cock was snugged against the crack of her ass. He reached between her legs and moved her so that his cock was right at her opening. He wiggled it back and forth to wet the head and then set it so that he was just waiting for her to lean back.

“When you are ready, rock back. It will only hurt for a moment. Take your time,” said Raven, although what he wanted to do was drive her down on his cock right that second.

Rachel nodded. She felt the head of his cock touching her and it felt good. Felt fuller than his fingers, but good. She rocked back and forth, her juices running down his cock as she did so. Each time a little more slid inside her. Raven reached one hand up to her breast and pinched her nipple. She gasped and sat back a bit more on his cock. She felt it bump her maidenhead.

“Ssspank me,” she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. His own control was slipping.

“Yes! Spank me!” she cried.

Raven stretched forward and with both hands spanked her tender ass. Rachel gasped, rocked up and then down hard on his cock.

“Oh!” she cried out as her maidenhead shattered. She froze momentarily. Raven stroked her ass, which made her move up and then he put his hands on her hips and slowly began to pump in and out of her. She shuddered as the pain subsided and the pleasure grew. Raven pressed his thumb against her clit while his other hand held her hip. Rachel began to move faster and faster as the pain disappeared and the pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

Raven could feel his orgasm build as her tight muscles clamped around his cock. He grabbed her hips and thrust harder and harder. Then his world exploded as he came deep inside Rachel. Rachel cried out in pleasure as she came hard seconds after Raven. She collapsed to his chest.

A few minutes later, he lifted Rachel off of his lap. She curled up against his side as his hands touched and explored her body. His fingers dipped deep inside her cleft, lubricated by their mingled juices. It didn’t take much to bring Rachel to orgasm once more.

“Oh! Oh!” she cried into his chest as he stroked her. She shuddered once more and then curled up with her eyes closing. He held her close and they slept.

Twice more Raven took Rachel. Each time he made her ache for his touch before he’d enter her. He played with her cleft and fingered her clit until she mewed with need. After a short nap, he then showed her different positions and how to suck his cock. She was hesitant at first. Once she understood how to hold him in her mouth without choking, she sucked and licked him until he exploded deep in her throat. Then it was her turn to experience his tongue on her cleft. Nothing though matched the explosions of pleasure that occurred when Raven mixed pain with pleasure.

He had Rachel on her knees and buried his cock deep in her cleft. He had sped up his rhythm and was nearly there, when he realized she was not. He stroked her ass which elicited moans from her. Slowing down his strokes, he proceeded to spank her as with each thrust. She cried out, thrust back against him and came hard. Her muscles clenched his cock and milked his orgasm from his body. With the final thrills of orgasm, the two of them collapsed to the bed.

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  1. Nothing like a good education, right from the start, and if you really enjoy it, all the better. Rachel is getting a very good education. Wonderful story for sure. Tip

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