If The Shoe Fits part 4

More dragons lurk here…


David ran for his car. All the way there, he’d looked for movement that would betray Eltsina or her helpers. Nothing. No squealing tires, no men carrying James, nothing. It was as if they had vanished into thin air. Once he reached his car, he called Dirk.

“Hello,” answered Dirk. “Yes. Okay. I understand. Right. I’ll put the word out. Are you sure? Fine. See you in twenty-five minutes,” Dirk grabbed a bag he kept in the back of the hall closet and ran for his car. He called Jake and repeated the instructions from David. Then he called Miller. If anyone knew who had a new Domme in town with an urge to purge, it would be him.


David’s next call was to Sally. He instructed her to not go home, but instead to spend the night with all the girls at the Marriott downtown. He’d contact her when things were finished. As he drove towards the Rosy Thorn, he tried to figure out where things had gone wrong. “Oh yeah, I didn’t double tap the bitch before I rescued James,” he thought. He hoped that James would survive and that a trip to England would not be needed.

When David arrived at the Rosy Thorn, he was met at the loading dock door by Miller. “Any luck?” he asked.

“Not yet. I’m still waiting to hear back from Fred and that thing he dates,” said Miller. Fred was the owner of the club that David had found on James’ phone.

“I hate being patient,” said David as they walked deeper into the club.

Dirk waved as David got closer. He was on the phone to their friend in the police department. He put his hand over the receiver as David walked up. “No news yet, but they’ll keep us posted,”

David nodded. He took the clothes out of the duffel he carried and stripped off. In a moment he was wearing what looked like black pajamas. The main difference was that these ‘pj’s’ had body armor inserts and a trama plate across the chest and back. He was protected, but still able to move. He stretched and then loaded up the pockets with items. When he was done, he put his street clothes back on. Once he was dressed, all anyone could see was what looked like a black teeshirt.

“You are one dangerous man,” said Jake walking up next to David.

“Yes, and one of us is in trouble and in the hands of a bitch,” said David.

“And were you going to go without me?” asked Belinda walking up on the other side of Jake.

“Yes. You don’t know how rough this may get and I won’t endanger you,” he said.

Belinda stood there with her hands on her hips. “I can’t believe you just said that,” she replied. “I survived hell and Lord Duncan. Plus, you need a Domme with you tonight.”

David looked at her. She was kitted out in her black leathers. Whip at her hip, a small knife in her cleavage and red silk gloves that stopped at her elbows. On her feet were soft leather shoes that made each footfall silent. “And why do you say that?” he asked in a voice more Boris than David.

“First, she may actually remember you. So, you can’t go in all Dom. Second, if she’s as twisted as I think, she’ll want to show off her new toy and let some other bitch whip her toy while she whispers pain in his ear. Third, I’m fast and deadly with the whip. Last of all, I was Lord Duncan’s bitch long enough that nothing shocks me,” Belinda said.

“Fine, Mistress,” said David. He slumped his normal erect posture, combed his hair to the side a bit and let his face go slack. The fierce Dom that had stood there the moment before had been replaced by a subbie waiting to be told to breathe.

“Damn! If you weren’t scary before, you just went up two notches,” said Jake who was impressed by David’s transformation. The other men in the room nodded.

Miller’s cell phone trilled. He walked away to answer it and came back a minute later.

“You were right. Both of you. She’s got him down at Fred’s. Rented the main room in the dungeon, but opened it to anyone willing to pay the entrance fee. Claimed she had a slave she wanted to show off,” said Miller.

“What time’s the show?” asked David.

“Starts at 9pm. And the price is $50 a head,” said Miller.

“Okay. Let’s eat and then head out,” said Dirk. He was angry that anyone would do this to James or anyone.

“Dirk, I need you to behave,” said David. “One wrong move and she’ll snuff him.”

“I know. Jake and I figure we’ll grab a couple of Safety teeshirts and stand off to one side. As much as I’d like to kill her, that’s yours or James’ choice,” said Dirk.

David and Belinda nodded. They headed off to the kitchen to grab sandwiches.



The Flail was a rough club. Out in the warehouse district, the parking lot was ringed by semis, conex boxes and steel buildings. They arrived in three different vehicles. Belinda and David in one, Dirk and Jake in another and Miller, Tim and Richard in a third. Richard had his medical gear in the trunk.

Miller went first. He was followed by Belinda who had David on a leash. Dirk and Jake headed for the loading dock where they hoped to liberate a few club safety shirts from the crew. Tim and Richard walked in five minutes apart. It didn’t take any of them long to find the main room. The crowd was moving towards the center dungeon where three St. Andrew’s Crosses were set up. There were probably thirty people in the area, a mix of Doms and subs.

Belinda walked around, trailed by a submissive David. Every eye in the room turned to follow her as she passed. She looked like she’d break in half if you breathed on her, which is exactly what she wanted people to think. A former gymnast, she was dynamite in a small package. When David moved too slow, she yanked the leash. People in the crowd snickered.

“Sit,” she commanded. David sat, knees apart, hands on his thighs. His hair covered his eyes, allowing him to scan the room. Across and to one side, he saw Dirk and Jake lounge against the wall wearing ‘Flail Me!’ teeshirts. Miller was chatting with Fred, while Tim chatted up a couple of semi naked women. Richard was no where to be seen.

Fred moved towards the center of the room. “Doms, Dommes, subs and slaves! Tonight we have a treat. A Russian Domme wants to play with her slave and if any of you’d like to show off your expertise, she is open to exchanging a few strokes,” he said. That brought a quiet giggle from across the room.

From one side of the stage, a door opened and in walked Ivanka followed by two beefy men. Between them they had a third man. James. He was nude except for cuffs and a blindfold. They walked him up and placed him face to the wall on the central cross. The two beefcakes walked over to the wall and leaned against it near Dirk.

“Mistress Eva is going to demonstrate a rare form of sexual torture used by the KGB tonight. Afterwards, she will open the floor,” said Fred and then walked off to one side as well.

Eva, decked out in a severe gray suit, heels and black gloves walked out in front of her sub and gave the crowd a short bow. “Good evening,” she said with more accent that she had allowed herself earlier in the day. “I work with the KGB in the Ukraine for many years. I turn good Americans into better Russian spies. Now, I show you how we do it.”

She turned to James on the cross and ran her hand down his spine. When she got to his ass, she caressed it. Reaching between his legs, she stroked his cock and made sure it was hanging between his legs. She leaned in, whispered something to James who shook his head no. She then walked over to a table and picked up a riding crop. First she stroked him with it and then without warning, she struck. Quick wicked strokes up the inner side of his legs all the way up to his balls and back down.

James stiffened with each stroke, but said nothing. Not even when it was clear that she had landed blows directly on his balls or cock. She then walked up and began to stroke him once more. His back, ass, balls and cock were played with. It was clear to the crowd that she was trying to get him erect and he wasn’t co-operating. Eva was getting pissed. What should have been easy and a good show was going bad.


David was clenching his legs tight enough to leave marks. He wanted to grab the bitch right then and break her neck, but knew from the way the beefcakes were standing that they were armed. He’d signaled Dirk and Dirk had acknowledged. Dirk would try to talk the beefcakes into taking a walk.

Belinda was stroking her whip and tapping her foot in agitation as well. Her thoughts ran more to whipping the shit out of Eva and leaving her for the rats to eat.


Eva motioned to the beefcakes to turn James around so that he faced out. Once he was turned, she applied clips to his nipples and balls. She stroked his cock while talking to him, but still it wasn’t working as she planned. She moved back to the table and picked up a cane. She used this on his body, paying special attention to his groin. Once again, he winced, but did not cry out.

“You are seeing how recalcitrant some spies were. My sub he is very tough, but now, now I will use the secret weapon of the interrogators,” she said. Walking over to the table she picked up what looked like just another crop with a heavy handle. She flicked a switch and the hum could be heard across the room.

Damn!” David thought. She’d learned a few new tricks. He watched with barely concealed anger as Eva applied the wand to James. The clips on his body acted as conductors for the electrical charge.

“Aaaaah!” came a cry from James at last as Eva ran the wand down his cock. His body jarred with the shock.

Clapping erupted around the room as those watching figured that the Russian Domme had finally broken her sub. No one realized it had been Tim and Richard who had started it.

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    1. Thank you Panichold. If you want to catch up on earlier parts of the story, go to the Series section. I have all the various stories with multiple sections listed there.

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