If The Shoe Fits part 5

Yeah, more dragons… and don’t tell me you’re surprised.

“Domme Eva,” said Belinda as she walked towards the center of the room. “Would you let me work my whip on your sub?”

Eva turned to see a woman barely five foot tall and looking like a caricature of a Domme. She looked her up and down, half laughed and nodded. “Of course, but know that my sub is made of sterner stuff than you malenkaya devotshka. I doubt you could pull even a twitch from him. But please, be my guest,” she said her scorn of the tiny woman barely concealed.

Belinda smiled, and walked over to James on the cross. She removed the clips on his body and set them aside. Then in what looked like an assessment of his body, she cupped his balls, stroked his cock and ‘pinched’ his nipples. Then she did a graceful back bend which turned into a walkover and came up facing the sub with whip uncoiling.

The crowd giggled nervously. They looked at the small woman, her sub kneeling on the floor and then back to the naked sub on the cross. They also looked at the whip which seemed too long for the small woman to handle.

Belinda swung the whip and while it looked casual and almost sloppy, it traveled out and smacked at the base of the cross next to James’ foot. In a series of strokes, she maneuvered the whip up one side of James and down the other. The crowd couldn’t tell if she was hitting the cross or James side. Either way, the strikes were loud and rapid. The giggling stopped and Eva who had been talking with her beefcakes had turned around to watch what was going on.

Belinda walked up to the cross again and with the whip loose in her hand, caressed James’ body. She trailed the length of it over his body and much to the amusement of the crown, his nipples hardened and his cock grew stiff. With this accomplished, Belinda did another series of back flips to position herself back to a distance where she could use the whip.

To the amazement of the crowd, she began to leave red marks across his body, almost as if she were drawing arrows to his groin. Ohs and ahs issued from those watching. Eva stepped away from her beefcakes and took a better look at the malenkaya devotshka she had underestimated.

Belinda saw Eva out of the corner of her eye. She stepped up the marking of James, and while it looked all the world like she was whipping his cock, she in fact was hitting just to the side. Eva was getting red in the face as she watched James’ cock respond to the whip.

“I am thinking that you have shown us enough malenkaya dvotshka,” said Eva. “I don’t want my sub too worn out to please me this evening. He looks about to burst, and I haven’t given him permission.”

Belinda smiled and let her whip fall in a pool at her feet. “Of course not Domme Eva. I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive you of your sport this evening,” she replied. “Thank you for your permission to play and thank you dear crowd for your attention.”

The crowd began to disperse as Belinda knew it would. She had seen Dirk and Jake walk off with the beefcakes when Eva had stalked towards her. Fred herded the crowd out and closed the doors, making it look as if this was the normal way to end a scene.

“So malenkaya dvotshka, where did you learn the whip?” asked Eva.

“Lord Duncan,” said Belinda. “I was his star female pupil and no one has yet bested my record.” Belinda played with her whip as if she was coiling it up.

“From the way your toy over there is so quiet, I take it that you practice on him regularly?” asked Eva. She hadn’t recognized the name, so changed the subject.

“Oh yes. He thought he could survive me, but I showed him his place,” said Belinda. “I can’t believe this bitch! She wants to compare notes!”

“I usually don’t use whips. I like the crop. More personal,” said Eva trying to make Belinda feel inferior by inferring that Belinda used a whip to compensate for her small size.

Belinda looked at her and past her to see that the room was nearly empty. “My favorite tool is my brain. I’ve been known to break a sub with just a whisper, or a swift stroke of my hand,” she said.

Eva smiled. “This little bitch is too cocky. Maybe I take James and her sub home to play with after I break her,” she thought. “May I talk to your sub and see what he thinks of his mistress?”

“Of course,” said Belinda. She watched the woman walk over to where David knelt. She checked the room once more and saw that the only other people to be seen were Tim, Richard, and Fred. She let the whip snake to the floor behind Eva.

Eva put her hand under the chin of the sub to bring his eyes up to her face. His hair was shaggy and his eyes dull. “So, is your mistress good to you?” she asked the dullard.

“Yes Domme,” said David in a soft effeminate voice. He only made eye contact with her for a second and then looked down. He’d seen Belinda take her place behind Eva.

“Would you want to come play with me? I have this room for another hour and there is a cross up there just waiting to be used,” Eva purred. She loved beating effeminate men, and this one was just perfect.

“I would have to ask my mistress,” he said even softer.

“I think it would be alright,” Eva said turning to Belinda. “Wouldn’t it malenkaya dvotshka?”

Behind Eva, Boris rose silently to his feet, straightening his body, pushing back his hair and standing ready for Belinda’s move. He knew that Eva’s nickname ‘little girl’ had been the exact wrong thing to call Belinda.

“No, I don’t think so. First off, I don’t play well with others. Especially those that call me little girl or baby. Most of all though, I don’t like people who kidnap and torture my friends,” Belinda said at the same time the whip flew out and wrapped around Eva’s neck.

Eva’s eyes bulged as the whip threatened to cut off her air. She tried to turn to unwrap the whip, but Belinda held tight in spite of her size and with a jerk pulled Eva off of her feet. Eva crashed to the ground and found the sub standing over her with a cold hard gleam in his yes.

“Borys,” Eva gasped.

Tak! Davno ne bačiliś,” he said with a growl. Definitely long time no see, and far too soon,” he thought.

Nee!” Eva cried as she saw the knife in Borys’ hand.

“Don’t worry,” Borys said in heavily accented English. “I will not spill your blood. Much. I leave that for others” With that, he hauled her to her feet by the coils of the whip. He frog marched her over to the cross so recently occupied by James.

James had been taken off the cross by Tim and Richard the second that Belinda had wrapped her whip around Eva’s throat. Richard checked him over and while there were bruises and marks on his skin that would heal, he waited to hear James speak to see what damage had been done mentally.

“Thank you,” said James after a sip of water. “I was never so glad to hear Belinda’s voice in my life.”

“Are you okay?” Tim asked.

“Yes. I’m sore, pissed off and I could really use some clothes,” said James.

Miller walked over and handed James a bag of clothes. James dressed quickly. He then took a drink and painkillers from Richard.

“Before you ask, I’m alright. Headache from the knock out drug they used and I’ll be sore for a few days, but no need for rubber rooms, psychs or treating me like I’m fragile,” he said looking at his friends.

“Belinda and Boris have Eva in there. Dirk and Jake have the two beefcakes. Do you want to see any of them?” asked Miller.

James thought for a moment. “Yes, I’d like to see Boris and Belinda take that bitch apart. That would do more for me than a week of time with Lord Duncan,” he said.

The men nodded and walked back to the scene room.

8 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits part 5

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  1. Coffee and dragons, what a great way to start the day 🙂
    Good to see James has been rescued, now as for Eva…I surely hope we will she her gets her just rewards.

  2. I’m thinking Eva is going to have a terrible next hour, very sure I wouldn’t want to be in her place. Tip

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