Caught! part 9

Rachel woke in Raven’s arms. Her cleft was sore, as was her ass. However, she felt better than she had in a long time. She went to move off of the bed and realized that she was still tethered to it by the small chain and cuff on her ankle. She used the chamberpot and was trying to figure out if she could pick the lock.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” Raven asked from his vantage point on the bed. He’d woken when she got off the bed and had been watching her from beneath his long dark lashes.

Rachel squeaked, dropped the chain and turned to face Raven. “I…. um…” she started.

“Don’t lie. Don’t you ever lie to me,” he growled.

“I was tttrying to pick the lock. Why am I still chained?” she asked.

“Because you tried to destroy yourself. For the next few months you are still my property, although I’d love to make you my partner, my lady. If not, my trollop, my playful bedmate and perhaps lover,” he said slowly reeling in the chain.

“I… I won’t run away again,” she said trying not to be pulled back to bed.

“There are other bad habits you were indulging in and I will not tolerate,” he said pulling faster, so that the only recourse Rachel had was to return to the bed. “You will eat. You will be present in mind body and spirit and you will live.”

“Alright. I will,” she said realizing that he was serious. “I was just so upset that my family was gone and I thought I was all alone.”

“You had the right to be upset, but not to kill yourself. Do you understand?” he asked with her face scant inches from his own.

“Yes,” she said.

“Good. Now, what shall we do with you,” Raven said softly.

“What do you mean sir?” Rachel asked.

“Well, shall we get you dressed? Put you back to work? Leave you tethered to my bed like a pleasure slave? Or,…” he left the last question hanging in the air.

Rachel looked at him and realized that under the covers his cock was erect. Part of her wanted to touch it while the other wanted to be dressed and free of this room. “Um… I’d like to get back to work. The stable will need cleaned and I should ride…” was as far as she got.

“What you will ride is me,” he said. “First though, show me what you’ve learned about pleasing a man with your mouth.”

Rachel pulled the covers back and looked at his cock bouncing against his stomach. She knelt between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. It felt too large and awkward until it was wet enough to slide in and out of her mouth easily. Eventually, she got a slow rhythm going. Raven put his hand on the back of her head and pressed down a little till his cock bounced against the back of her throat.

“Yes,” he said softly enjoying the feel of her mouth. He was close, but didn’t want to come yet. Slowly, he pulled her up until she could look him in the eyes. “My turn to feast,” he said.

Rachel was pushed back onto the bed and her hands wrapped in a section of her chain, holding her in place. Raven knelt between her open thighs and began to lick and suck her cleft and her clit. She moaned and wriggled, trying to escape. Raven stopped and laughed. He undid the loops of chain around her wrists and stood her up and placed her on the end of the bed. Then he used the chain to tie her in place with the aid of his belt. She was spread wide, her arms and legs now secure.

“Now let’s see if you can wriggle away from me,” he said and went back to licking and sucking her soft flesh.

Rachel tried to wiggle. It was no use. She was tied up tight. She hadn’t thought that the long length of chain could be used against her like this. Raven’s tongue pulled moans of pleasure from her lips. Just when she thought she couldn’t take one more touch, he changed things.

“Oh!” Rachel gasped as his hands came down sharply on her inner thighs. Raven smacked her thighs from knees up to her swollen and needy cleft. Then he worked his way back down, leaving her to ache with need. Then he licked her again and stopped just before she came. He repeated the smacks and tonguing until Rachel was panting with need. Her hips bucked trying to relieve the ache, and her juices soaked the bedding beneath her. “Please. Let me come,” she moaned.

“Not yet little one,” Raven said. His own body ached for release, but he wanted to touch and play with Rachel. She was so responsive and beautiful to touch. He let his fingers trail along her soaked cleft and as she tried to rub against his fingers, he thrust them deep inside of her.

“Oh, ohohoh,” she moaned as she writhed on his fingers. He watched as her skin flushed with heat and need. He pulled his fingers from her and thrust his aching cock deep inside. He grabbed her hips and thrust deep, knowing she was held open by the chains wrapped around her. With one hand on her hip, he reached up with the other one and pinched her cherry red nipples.

Rachel gasped as her nipples were pinched and she felt herself grow wetter. It all felt so good. She felt the intense emotions roll over her and she cried her orgasm against Raven’s chest. Raven felt her muscles clamp around his cock, and it didn’t take much longer for him to join her in the sublime pleasure of orgasm.

He pulled from her and then unbound the chains that held her in place. He pulled her into his arms and they slept.


Rachel woke again, only to find herself alone. At the food of the bed were clothes. On the wash basin was a pitcher of water. She got up slowly as she was sore and walked over to clean up. She sponge bathed and then looked at the clothes. They were hers. Trews, shirt and vest. No under garments. She was contemplating how she was going to dress with her chain when Raven walked into the room.

“Ah, glad to see you awake,” he said. “Let’s get you untethered.” He unlocked the chain from the bed, but not the cuff on her ankle. He swiftly measured it up her leg and then wound it around her waist. When he had wrapped the whole length, he locked it in place. She looked so desirable with that chain around her waist, he almost bent her over and took her again right there. He took a deep breath and then started to toss her clothing.

“Am I to wear this chain like this and work?” she asked.

“Yes. It is light and not bulky. It isn’t any thicker all wrapped than your belt,” Raven said.

“And no undergarments?” she asked.

“You’ve earned clothing. I’ll decide how you’ll dress. Be glad you work out in the barn. Otherwise you’d only merit a shift. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she said meekly. She dressed in her trousers and shirt. Pulling the vest on, she had to adjust her breasts to fit it right. Raven walked up behind her and pulled the back lacings tight. It actually fit better without the undergarments that she had become use to.

“Now, we have work to do. There is a horse you have sadly neglected. Oh, and Maggie sent you this to drink,” he said and handed her a cup.

“What is this?” she asked.

“Herbs. You don’t want to be carrying a child so soon do you?” he asked.

“Nno,” Rachel answered. She drank the herbal tea and realized she’d been drinking it for the last few days, ever since Raven had… She finished it and then followed him to the stables.

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