If The Shoe Fits part 6


Eva was strapped to the cross and Borys, as she knew him was slowly cutting her clothes off. Every time she answered wrong, he let the knife nick her skin. He paid extra attention to her breasts. He was looking for the evidence of the gunshot wound and found nothing but a small scar.

“So, Your body armor took most of the damage all those years ago?” Boris asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“And you had yourself enhanced too,” Boris said.

“No,” Eva said.

“You lie. Although you healed well, I can see the small scars off to one side,” Boris said as he cut her bra off after tracing it with his knife. Runlets of blood were tracing down her body.

Eva hissed at Boris. He rewarded her with a slap on each nipple with his knife.

“The bigger question is if I poked your lovely breast, would it leak silicon or water?” Boris asked.

Eva said nothing. He continued to talk and cut her clothes. When she was nude, he stood up and surveyed his work. She was covered in small cuts. Nothing serious, but there would be plenty of small scars. He turned and saw that he had an audience.

“James, are you well Brat?” Boris asked.

“Yes, brother, I am okay. Do you mind if I watch?” James asked.

“Be my guest. Would you like a chair?” asked Boris.

“Yes. It’s been a long day,” replied James. He sat in a chair provided by Fred who was terrified that Boris would work him over after they dealt with the Ukrainian woman. He knew the two men were tied up and under guard in the back room.

Boris went back to Eva. He attached the same clips she’d used on James to her body. Nipples, cunt lips, and septum. Then he picked up the violet wand. He watched her eyes as he applied the wand to her body. The snap of electricity arching was entertaining. Especially when Eva’s eyes got big with shock. She was doing her best not to cry out.

“My turn!” said Belinda. She’d let Boris have his fun, but she wanted a go at Eva too. She snapped her whip back and forth like a restless snake.

“Fine,” said Boris. “I need a drink anyway.” He put down the wand and walked over to where his bag sat. He pulled a water bottle from it and drank.

Belinda stretched her arms and then began to light up Eva’s skin with her whip. She hit all of the clamps and then began to strike breasts, inner thighs and crotch. After one particularly brutal snap, Eva cried out in pain. Belinda smiled. She kept cracking the whip across her skin until there were welts. Several of the blows opened up the cuts that Boris had made earlier. After twenty minutes of intense whip work, Belinda took a break. She turned to where James sat.

“Do you want a turn?” she asked. She and Boris had talked about this on their way to the club. They knew Lord Duncan’s techniques and knew that they must offer James a chance for catharsis. James looked at Eva, slumped on the cross and then to Boris and Belinda.

“Yes, if you don’t mind,” he said and stood up. “May I have your knife Boris?”

“Yes. Just remember our appointment,” said Boris. While Belinda had whipped Eva, Boris had explained that a certain group of people would be by to pick up Eva and her henchmen when called.

“No problem. I just want to improve her looks,” said James. He walked over and studied Eva for a moment.

Eva looked at James with a mixture of fear and hatred. He took a handful of her lovely hair and cut it as close to her scalp as he could. She screamed and tried to fight him. He backhanded her and continued to cut her hair. Her moves caused him to graze her scalp from time to time, but he didn’t care. He kept cutting. In a few moments, her locks were strewn around her feet. Then he took the knife and laid it on the side and very carefully shaved off her eyebrows. “Tobi pasue” he said standing back to look at his handiwork.

Belinda looked puzzled and asked Boris why he did that and what James had said.

“Tobi pasue means ‘it suits you’. As for why he shaved her head, shame. It is what Europe has done to collaborators for centuries. He’s branded her a whore. Most fitting,” said Boris.

“Ah. Now I understand,” said Belinda. She looked at the woman who an hour ago been the queen of the room and now she was barely a thing. Fitting.

James picked up the crop that had been Eva’s favorite toy and began to strike her with it. He worked the same areas Boris and Belinda had, adding to the bruises and welts. He put the crop down and then with a swift turn punched her hard in the mouth.

Eva whimpered. Her lips split and torn over the broken teeth in her mouth. He wiped his hand on her face and walked away. “All yours Boris,” he said.

Boris, Dirk and Jake bundled the three people into Eva’s van. A tarp covered the back. All of them were nude and bound. Boris loved the heavy duty zip strips that the police used now instead of handcuffs. He waved to Dirk and Jake as he drove off.

Boris drove out to a part of the city not known for it’s savory inhabitants. He zip stripped his victims face down from the waist up and spread eagle on a series of picnic tables. Duct tape covered their mouths, but didn’t inhibit their breathing. Then Boris put the six packs of Coors and Miller beer on the table and walked away. He watched as the various hobos, homeless and gang members walked over to see what was going on. The beer went quickly. Boris watched as the victims were raped by a variety of the members at the impromptu picnic. When one man went to cut one of them loose to get a bit better angle, Boris stepped out of the van and shook his finger at him. The man stopped and went back to fucking the one beefcake.

Around midnight, the pick-up men showed up. It took a little to get the gang members to leave, especially as the one beefcake had proven very popular. One of the handlers walked over to the van and knocked on the window. Boris rolled down the window.

“Geeze Boris, did ya have to throw a party?” the agent said pointing with his thumb back where the others were taking them off of the table.

“Yes Garrett. You saw what James looked like the first time I rescued him. If the back of her van hadn’t been set up for a snuff job, I might have changed my mind. You’re lucky they’re alive,” said Boris. Dirk had found the van and realized what they had planned for James after the display at the club. He and Jake had proceeded to beat the shit out of the two beefcakes.

“Alright. I understand. We have them, and a list of others to pick up,” said Garrett.

“You’ll make sure they never see the light of day, correct?” said Boris with a look that would freeze vodka.

“Yes. Dammit Boris, yes!” said Garrett shivering under that glance.

“Good. I find out different, I come for you after they are corpses,” said Boris. He rolled up the window and started up the van.

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  1. Whoa, that’s really really good. I know a David-type here (yes, one of those with a mysterious gap of “I-can’t-discuss-that” in their life-story) whom I haven’t seen fully go into “Boris” mode yet (though I did see piercing eyes a few times), and this reminds me of him (I had an ass-hat on fet threaten to harm me) if he hadn’t been holding-the-hell-back.
    also *resists urge to correct sentence fragment.*

    1. I’m glad the story has made an impact. David/Boris is a compilation of Wolf who has many “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you” stories and another friend, Dr.P. Dr.P did ‘wet work’ and while he is a nice gentle individual, I would NEVER piss him off. 🙂

      There are more stories with Boris in them in the Vanillaverse if you haven’t already read them. 🙂

    1. Thought you might enjoy how Eva got owned. However, it isn’t finished until the 15th. You see, you need to read that last bit again… Count the bodies. Mawahahahahahaha… Boris is loose.

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