Clouded Issues

She sat in the back of the conference room watching the council vote on minutes. new members, officers and other bits of general business. For once, she wasn’t part of the meeting, which was a boon. Life had been so stressful that she was ready to collapse. This conference was suppose to be more of a vacation for her this time, rather than work.

After breakfast, she’d dropped him off at the meeting. She then drove around the resort town to ‘see the sights’. The town had been built around a series of hot springs. Victorian hotels lined the river along which the hot springs had bubbled up from the depths of the earth. She parked the car and took a walk along the river.

The first thing that hit her nose was the sulfurous smell of the springs. “Ugggh!” she thought. “I’m so glad that our hotel is miles away from here!” She knew that was heresy, but she couldn’t help the fact that the smell of sulfur turned her stomach. She took some pictures and then walked back to the car. None of the touristy shops caught her eye, so she headed for the cafe she had seen closer to her hotel.

She missed the first turn, but was able to turn around fairly easily. The cafe was small, clean and smelled good. She ordered a chai tea and a cinnamon roll. Sitting down in a corner, she booted up her computer and linked into the free wi-fi. An hour later, she packed up and headed off towards the shopping center she’d spied earlier. She got some water and then headed for a park to read her book for a short while.

As she headed for the conference, she saw smoke from a fire off in the distance. It cast a low haze across the horizon. It had been a dry spring and the summer was getting smokier as two fires burned uncontrolled. Yeah, uncontrolled. Sort of how I feel,” she thought. She parked and moved easily into the hotel where the conference was being held.


He watched her enter the conference room and wondered if she had eaten lunch. He hoped so. She’d been so stressed out lately that he’d let discipline slip a bit. Not that he was overly strict. He preferred the company of equals, which meant that their D/s relationship was more bedroom centered than lifestyle. He headed over to where she sat down.

“Hello, how was your morning?” he asked.

“Pretty nice, I found an Internet cafe and caught up on my email, blogs and such,” she said.

“Good. The meeting shouldn’t last more than two hours. At five, you are mine,” he said with a smile.

She smiled and a small shiver ran down her spine.


The day before had been comprised of a long drive, and a short meeting. Dinner afterwards had been nice. Granted, the gin and tonic was more like a triple and her head had been swimming by the time that they got back to the hotel room.

“I’m going to take a bath,” he said as he stripped off.

“Okay, I’ll take a shower once you’re done. I’m going to catch up on my blogs for a few minutes,” she said. “More like crash on the bed before it starts spinning!”

“Come talk to me while I soak,” he said.

“Oooooohkay,” she said and grabbed the Xoom and headed to the bathroom. She’d just started to read a friend’s blog. The topic for the last week or so had been about pushing a sub into subspace where they can grow and change.

“Whatcha reading?” he asked.

“A sub friend’s blog. They’re still talking about pushing a sub past her comfort zone. Oh, and one gal is talking about how her Dom wants to totally break her to change her personality,” she said.

“You can’t change a personality. Behaviors yes, but not personality,” he growled.

“I know, but some subs and even some Doms don’t get it,” she said. “Some Doms should have their heads examined for what they do to their subs!” she thought.

“BDSM is psychi hacking. It’s about knowing the human mind and how to work with it to help your sub to be a better person. Whether that is changing eating habits, posture, physical condition, correcting bad habits or teaching them a new sexual technique,” he said.

“Yes, and not everyone has gone through the Dom training like you did or have a degree in psychology,” she added.

“No, but there are days I wish that Doms were tested and licensed just like drivers. Some of us are very conscientious, while others are cack-handed idiots. Furthermore, some watch two porn videos and ‘know‘ that they are Doms,” he said with a sigh.

She nodded. This wasn’t the first time they’d had this discussion. It had started when she first wanted to understand why her friend was getting into BDSM. That had been a long conversation which had made her realize that he’d been using various techniques on her for some time. However, they had not started to play in that realm, until she asked.

“Did you take any aspirin?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m already getting a hangover,” she said.

“Sorry, the barkeeper was making them rather strong and I should have said something,” He said.

“Oh,” she answered as she handed him his towel. She loved the way the water sheeted off of his body. She was tired and a little drunk, but hoped that they’d have sex before they went to sleep.


She got out of the shower and toweled off. Braiding her hair, she got ready for bed. She crawled into bed and snuggled up to him after he turned off the lights. He kissed her and then they chatted about the day for a little bit. She started dozing off.

“So, roll over and I’ll cuddle up behind you,” he said.

“No playtime?” she asked sleepily.

“No, we are both too tired and it wouldn’t be fair. Tomorrow after the meeting, you are all mine. So, I want you well rested. Good night sweetie,” He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

She snuggled up to him, a bit disappointed, but he’d been talking in that Dom voice of his and she knew that arguing would do no good. She was asleep in moments.

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  1. WW, this is a great piece of writing. Wolf hit the nail on the head, there should be some kind of Dom training. There are to many Doms out there that do more harm then good. It is more then how many orgasms and pushing a sub sexually. With great power comes great responsibility.

    1. Thank you SSir. He’s groused about it often enough. His biggest frustration is that his ex lost his 3 ring binder full of Dom training info. (along with 90% of his papers…)
      And power and responsibility are very much a part of the balance. BTW, there will be a book review tonight. Fifty Shades of Grey.

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