Clouded Issues part 2

The words echoed in her head… “At five you are mine.” It was 4:15pm and the meeting had just broken up. She had packed up her bag and was waiting for him to finish talking to a board member. They shook hands and then he walked up to her.

“Dinner?” he asked.

“Well, um,” she started.

“Since you probably didn’t eat lunch, we are eating dinner,” he said. They walked out of the conference hotel and over to the truck. “Where is that brew pub they mentioned?”

“Turn right and take the frontage road. I think it’s about a mile down on the right,” she said.

“Good. I take it you drove around a bit?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. They drove down through the hotels and little tourist shops until they found the pub. They got a table outside once he discovered that the chairs inside were the high ones which left her swinging her feet if she could even climb into the chair.

After looking through the menu, she ordered salmon and chips and he got a pepperoni pizza. Both of them got a pint of the house ale. The food was great and the beer even better. Once they finished it was time to head back to the hotel.

“Shower or bath?” he asked.

“Shower and then playtime?” she replied. Please! It’s been so long!”

“Of course,” he said with a smile.


Music streamed from her computer. She was stretched out on the bed waiting for him to finish showering. She heard him walk into the room, but before she could roll over, he landed a series of quick blows.

“Ow!” she said.

“Yes,” he replied and continued to spank her.

“Ow! What in the…” she started to ask trying to figure out what was pummeling her ass.

“Well, a number of things,” he said switching yet again. “Oh, nice swirl pattern.”

She tried to twist to see what it was he was using. No luck. He switched again and she curled to get away from whatever had just plowed across her ass. Cold, hard and metal? “Are you using my water bottle?”

“Yes, and it dented. Damn hard ass you got there,” he said with a giggle. He changed up again.

“OH! Owww!” she cried. Stiff, pokey, scratchy! “What the hell?”

He smiled and held up the bath brush. She rolled her eyes and buried her head in the pillow as the new assault began. This time it was even more unsettling.

“Waaahat?” she cried out.

“Shoe shine brush,” he answered and ran the bristles over her tender skin.

She was crying into the pillow and trying to catch her breath as he spanked her with his hand for an uncounted amount of spankings.

“Now, why are we here?” he asked softly in her ear as he caressed her ass.

“For a conference?” she said. She knew it wasn’t the answer he wanted, but she couldn’t think at the moment.

“No,” he said quietly and spanked her again. “Think.”

“Cccause I got stressed out,” she hiccupped.

“Yes,” he replied. “And why the stress?”

She thought. He kept rubbing her ass. When she was quiet for too long, he spanked her again to bring her focus back to him and out of subspace.

“Because I… life… isn’t dependable,” she cried.

“Explain,” he asked.


For the next twenty minutes they talked. Both of their schedules were off, which upset her since she was a creature of habit. Her ex had never been on time in his life and she liked life to be on time. They talked about a remedy and then he worked his hand between her legs. He could tell she was still stressed, because normally the kind of spanking she’d had would have her soaked. She wasn’t.

“Come here,” he whispered and pulled her to him. “My turn.”

She rolled over and gasped as her ass hit the bed. His erection bobbed up and down against his stomach. She smiled slightly and then took him in her mouth. It was his turn to moan and beg. She ran her tongue around the head until he thought he would burst. He fingered her and found her wetter. When he could take it no more, he pulled her up on top of him. She moaned and rocked back and forth. He cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. It didn’t take much for the two of them to explode.

“Ahh,” he gasped as her muscles clenched around him. She sighed and crumpled to his side on the bed.

“Shall we go soak in the hot tub?” he asked as he tried to get his brain back in it’s slot.

“Ummm,” she started.

“I know you want another orgasm, but if we do, we’ll miss the hot tub,” he said pointing to the clock. “We can play again when we get back.”

“Oh… okay,” she said sort of unenthusiastically. She crawled out of bed to find the shoe brush, her tooth brush holder, a water bottle, the scrub brush and a washrag on the floor. All of his pervertables.


They got up, put on their suits and headed down to the pool. The lights were off, but there was enough side light that they didn’t mind. He got into the hot tub first and then held out his hand to her. He watched her face as the warm water hit her ass. He smiled when she gingerly sat down.

“Damn!” she gasped.

He laughed and splashed water on her.


An hour later, they were back in their hotel room and in the shower. She got out and dried off her tender bottom. When she got into the bed, she found his cock standing at attention.

“More?” she asked hoping.

“Why yes,” he said with a smile. “I promised you more orgasms, and I keep my promises.”

It was her turn to smile. Kissing her way to his cock, she started by teasing the tip of his cock and then slowly slid him into her mouth. He obliged her by fingering her clit and teasing her with his fingers until she couldn’t hold still.

“Mmmpph!” she moaned as she came up off of his cock.

He smiled and pulled her on top of him and nestled his cock at her opening. She smiled, rocked back and let him inside. “Hot! Omy he feels so good,” she thought as she rocked back and forth. He pulled her towards him, nipping and sucking at her chest just between her breasts. She loved it when he bit her and she arched forward.

“Ahhh,” he gasped as she moved up and down his cock. He tried to hold her in place as he was so close… He wanted to last just a bit longer. “Uhhhh!” he cried out as his orgasm boiled up his spine and ripped away his senses.

She came with him as he stiffened under her. She had known he was close, he always grabbed her hips and tried to hold her still just before he came. Her muscles contracted around his cock as she came with him. It felt so good. As he tried to relax, she shuddered and came again. Finally, she melted off to one side.

“I… I don’t have a brain,” he gasped. His hands were just curled up on his chest and he lay there with a silly grin on his face.

“Well, when you find your fingers,” she teased softly.

He nodded and drifted off.


Twenty minutes later, he woke with a start. She was asleep next to him. He moved his hand down to her clit and finding her soaked from their play, quickly began to stroke her to orgasm. She woke with a start and a moan as the orgasm ripped through her. Instead of letting up, he brought her again and again until she cried out and passed out. He smiled and curled her up against him and went back to sleep.


The next morning, they finished up the conference by noon. They said their goodbyes and headed home. When she climbed into the truck, she sat gingerly. Her ass was still tender from the pervertables.

He laughed, and they headed home.

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  1. Well, at least the issues were cleared up, they both had their stresses relieved, and they went home together, sounds like what more couples need everywhere. Good story. Tip

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