Twisted Tails

Here is another interlinking story to More Than Just A Fairy Tail. Hope you enjoy it.


Vivien sat across from the store watching the stream of people move in and out. She made marks on a checklist. Six months had passed since the debacle at the courthouse where reporters and newspapers alike had been fined for slander, trespassing, vandalism and other charges. As a junior reporter for one of the papers, she had been spared the charges, and told to hand in all of her notes and photographs. Vivien had done so, but failed to mention the backup copy she had at home. There was more to this whole story and she intended to prove it. She wanted to find out what was really going on and she had no intention of giving up.

Now, in her free time, she had started to keep tabs on the businesses that had been part of the lawsuit. Four or five of them she had scratched off for being mundane boring businesses. She stayed clear of the big name businesses like Alpha Wolf Technologies in part because of the nature of their business didn’t lead to easy observation and partially because of the two guard dogs. The Silver Lode on the other hand was an easy target. Especially as the mall traffic kept things mixed up and it didn’t hurt that there was an ice cream shop across from it as well.

Vivien ate a bit of her ice cream sundae inbetween taking notes. She made it a habit to be here at least once a week. No one noticed a person eating ice cream. She had a list of coded entries for the people who were repeat customers and staff. SF was shifter friendly. S for suspected shifter, H for human and O for other. She didn’t log everyone either, just those that she had seen more than once or twice in the store. She looked at her ‘most likely suspects’ list.

Silversmith, SF H

Goth chick, clerk SF or S

Baldy, owner SF H

Tall Dark & Dangerous S!

Bitchy-Poo, S (mate of TD&D?)

AWT S! (Alpha?)

Classy SF (Alpha’s mate) H

Mountain! S

Midget SF (Mountain’s mate?)

Swish S

Cowboy S

Cowboy 2 S

Wolf girl S!!! (Cowboy 2’s mate)

Lanky S?

Son of Lanky ??

Bitch 2 S

Bitch 3 S


Some of them were just numbered as she hadn’t had time to figure out names, but if they came in with one of the regulars, she noted them. Bitchy-Poo and TD&D had just walked in. They were off to the left side of the counter, talking to Goth Chick. Vivien wondered what they were looking at. She knew that the store sold all kinds of jewelry. Maybe she’d check it out later.

Ten minutes passed and she’d finished her sundae. Dropping the dish in the trash, she walked over to the story. The two shifters had just left, so she took her time walking around the story. As she walked around she noted what kind of jewelry was in each of the displays. They had changed things around a bit since the last time she’d been in, so it took a moment to figure out what was in each case.

“May I help you?” a deep voice asked.

Vivien looked up to see the Silversmith standing there. “Damn, he’s sexy!” she thought. “Um… I was just looking. Do you have any sinuous bracelets? Sort of Hindu styled?” she asked.

“Well, we have these rope bracelets and then there are the more standard chains,” he said. He pulled out a couple of trays and showed her some of them.

She looked them over, noticing his hands were strong and showed that he worked with them instead of just sitting at a computer or counter all day. “No, nothing here really sparks my fancy,” she said. “Except you! You smell like chai tea. Hmmm…” she thought as he leaned over to point out more bracelets.

“We occasionally do custom work for a price,” he said.

“Oh, what kind of stuff?” Vivien asked.

“Special requests, bear claws, wedding sets, that kind of thing,” he said as he pointed to various pieces of jewelry in the case. One tray held turquoise animal charms, bear claws, wolf prints and eagles. Another held necklaces.

“Ah, okay. Nothing in gold or platinum?” she asked.

“A few bits, but most people come here for the silver. I’m the silversmith and I make sure the metal is good quality,” he said.

“Cool,” Vivien replied. “I can understand that. “I think I’ll keep looking for now. Appreciate you showing me the bracelets.”

“You’re welcome. I’m Andrew Davis,” he said and held out his hand.

“Vivien, Vivien Sopris” she said and shook his hand. It was strong and warm. “Nice to meet you.” With that, she walked over to another display and then headed out the door.

Andrew moved back to his work area. As he did, he sniffed his hand. Her scent was familiar under the sticky sweet smell of ice cream and chocolate syrup. He’d remember her now. What are you up to Vivien Sopris?” he wondered.


Vivien sat in her car and wrote a quick note next to her list.


Silversmith SH H Andrew Davis. Sandy hair. Smells like chai.


“Well, at least I know he isn’t a werewolf,” she said to no one as she put her notebook away. She drove out of the mall parking lot and headed home. Once she got home, there’d be entries to make in her data base. Data would be the way this story would play out, not just idle speculation or chance sightings in the middle of the night or the rantings of some paramedic. She’d work this out like a science project. Observation, data and hard cold facts.

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  1. Better late than never…
    I kept up with Buster’s Story but didn’t realize there was another story unfolding. Sweet! I enjoy ‘watching’ these shifters and I’ve missed Luc and the rest of the scruffy mutts.
    Thanks for giving us more!

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