Flash Fiction Friday Wedding Belles!

After the wedding and the reception, Betsy wanted a few more photos. They’d taken all the traditional wedding photos. Gwen in her corset style dress with scads of silk tulle frothing over the satin underskirt with Dee in her tux.

“Do you trust me?” Betsy asked.

Dee and Gwen nodded. Betsy explained what she wanted to photograph. Dee smiled and stripped off her tux. Kneeling before Gwen, she dived under the dress and began to kiss her way up. Tongue and fingers caressed Gwen. Dee and Gwen collapsed to the painters drop cloth stained rust brown. Dee laved Gwen’s clit and fingered her. Gwen threw back her head in orgasmic delight as Dee licked and sucked. Clutching her hands to Dee’s head, she groaned in pleasure.

Betsy waited until Gwen arched back in orgasm, her nipples peaking out and Dee’s ass was pinned by Gwen’s foot. Both women looked beautiful.

“Glorious! I’ll call this one a belated wedding gift,”

Bryan Adam’s “Everything I do, I do it for you” was playing in the background as I wrote this. I love the look of absolute joy that permeates this picture. Even better that it is two women. First I though… maid of honor? Then no… Bride and Bride!

Thank you for the delightful Flash Fiction Friday! Our challenge was 187 or less and the phrase belated. Our host this time was Ram, the Sunlover!

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Wedding Belles!

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  1. I agree with SS on the picture. Looks like the ladies make a perfect couple. Hopefully, Maine will get the vote right this year on allowing anyone who wants to get married with out gender rules, then the ladies can come on up. Tip

    1. 🙂 Pleased you liked the story. I have to admit I do not get the whole “marriage can only be between a man and a woman” thing. Never have, never will. Then again, I don’t “get” monogamy either.

  2. OH, love this story…and the pic was intriguing enough that I did it too, on my nillaswirled blog! Thanks for a great FFF!


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