“Ouch!” she cried. That last smack had sent the air out of her lungs so fast there wasn’t a sound. Not that anyone would have heard. The music played in the background. She worried it wouldn’t be loud enough. They had neighbors next door and the windows were open.

“Geeze! Ow!” she cried again as the paddle came down on her ass. She flinched away and the next blow landed a little high. “Aaaaagh!”

“If you’d hold still, that wouldn’t happen,” he said. Dropping the paddle, he picked up the cake server. He spanked her ass in time with the music.

“Mmmmmph!” she cried into the pillow. Her breath came in short gasps.

“Next time you might remember to be ready when I come to bed,” he said. He had told her to be ready, but she’d been on her computer when he came upstairs.

“But you’ve been late a lot and I was almost ready!” she gasped as his hand came down in rapid fire on her ass. She cried out into her pillow.

“Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades,” he laughed as he spanked her again. “Catharsis or just till you’ve had enough?” he asked. He rubbed her skin, knowing she was tender. The big paddle gave no quarter.

She tried to talk, but the blows on her ass were raining down faster than she could breathe. “Oooohh!” she finally gasped. She still couldn’t answer him.

He looked at her, realized that she wasn’t answering. Considering her week, he knew it should be catharsis and kept it up, spanking her in a steady pattern until he felt her shudder and shake. He’d stroke her skin gently and when she relaxed, he’d start spanking her once more. She’d finally hit tears. He stroked her back and cuddled her close while she cried. He’d put the various tools down off the bed and grabbed her favorite dildo. Reaching between her legs, he found her wet. He smiled.

“So, in spite of your protests about the pain, you are so very wet,” he teased.

“Yyyes,” she said between sobs. Her ass did hurt, but there was part of her that liked the pain. She liked how it let her embrace the endorphins that made her feel good. It let her slam the door on all the other worries that tied her up in knots. It melted away the pains as well.

He rubbed his fingertips from clit to opening and as she arched with the beginnings of an orgasm, he slid the dildo in.

“Ooh,” she shuddered and sniffed at the same time, the pain wiping away her tears faster than a tissue. She loved the feeling of the ribs on the glass as he twisted and turned it. As her orgasm built, she tried not to bury her face in the pillows as she had moments before. “Almost there,” she thought, and then she felt the dildo slide all the way out.

“Oh,” she moaned in disappointment. Empty and an orgasm just hanging made her writhe.

“Just wait,” he said. He smiled again, knowing that she hadn’t heard him open the lube, nor apply it to his fingers. He slid two fingers in and in rapid succession added two more.

“Ahhhh,” she gasped, realizing what he was doing. It had been sooooo long since they’d played this way. Opening her legs wider and turning partially on her side she tried to accommodate his movements.

“Thought you might like a bit of deep play,” he said softly. He worked his hand until it slid in to her pussy. Slowly he moved it in and out until everything was slick. Then he increased his pace.

“Ah… ah…. ohgod!” she cried into her pillow. It took a moment to adjust to feeling so full. She felt her body fight as she tried to relax and then the waves of feeling hit as he slid in deeper, caressing her cervix and g-spot as only it can feel. Fisting… Her muscles clenched as the orgasms began to roll.

He moved his hand as quickly as he dared, not wanting the experience to roll too far into pain, but just hold that edge. As he felt her clench his hand hard, he pulled out stroking her clit at the same time.

Her orgasm bloomed in fast Technicolor across her brain. “OH! Ohhhhggggrrr” she cried out into her pillow. Not one, but two…three…four…five hard orgasms one after another. She felt her body react, shuddering from head to toe. Bliss.

He smiled as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy. The bed was soaked. His hand dripped. Laughing, he found a towel in the basket she kept by the bed. He lay down beside her on the bed.

Moaning and twitching, she came back to consciousness. “Oh,” was all she could say.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Uhuh,” she said softly.

“Good. Thought you needed that. Next time though, I want you to ‘bunny butt’ so that I hit more of your ass and less of your hips,” he said.

Her brain tried to wrap around his words and failed miserably. “Gleep?”


A few minutes passed as she collected herself. Her hand trailed down his stomach and hit a sticky patch. Pre-cum. She smiled and stroked his semi-erect cock.

“Guess I wasn’t the only one who was messy,” she said in a voice barely audible.

“No, you share, and who am I to deny my body?” he said.

“Well, maybe I can help,” she said getting on her knees and taking him in her mouth. His cock tasted of cum and of her. “Must have splashed…”

He moaned. Her tongue and mouth felt so good. His hand went to her head to guide and hold it as his hips took over for his brain. His other hand fingered her pussy and clit. He loved it when she started to orgasm and moaned against his cock. It didn’t take long for her to do just that.

“Mmmoophhh,” she moaned. She wiggled to try and get a better position. It didn’t work. Between his hand on her head and his fingers deep inside her, she was loosing her mind. Orgasms began to distract her from sucking on his cock. “Oh!” she groaned as she sat up, shuddering with orgasms.

“Come here,” he said.

She turned, straddled him and let him sink deep into her throbbing pussy. She orgasmed before she even got half way down his shaft.

He smiled up at her and let his hips pump up and down. He grabbed her hips and the two of them started to bounce on the bed. It drove her down deep on his cock. He felt her come and come, squeezing his cock. “Oh…yes… oh… oh…” he thought as the corner of his tongue peaked out of his mouth as he did when he concentrated hard. He was trying hard to last, knowing that she was testing his resolve.

She saw his tongue peek out and smiled. “So close!” She knew him so well. Flexing her legs and grabbing her breasts, she started bouncing harder, slamming down on his cock as rapidly as she could. It was like she’d moved from a trot to a canter and was heading for a gallop as she rode him.

“Oh! Oh god! Oh!” he cried out through clenched teeth. His orgasm ripped through him and stole all of his bones. “Oh,..”

She felt his orgasm well up and fill her as her own whipped down her spine and filled her with twitching bliss. He’d arched up hard off of the bed, her knees not touching the bed. Then the two of them collapsed in post orgasmic delight.


When he caught his breath, he looked over at her and saw the smile on her face in the candlelight. “Feel better?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, inspite of my ass still being on fire,” she said softly.

“Well, there are consequences for certain behaviors,” he said knowing that he had been late on occasion which hadn’t helped.

“I know, but…” she trailed off as an aftershock ripped through her.

“But…” he teased.

“But you should have some too,” she finally said.

“Like?” he asked.

“Being tickled when you’re helpless!” she said with a grin as she began tickling him knowing at that moment that he was helpless in post-coital bliss.

“Nnnno! Nooo! Awwwgh!” he cried trying to evade her tickling fingers. He literally could do nothing but flap at her with his arms which felt like wet noodles.

She delighted in tickling him like this. It was the only time she ever had the upper hand. Then she realized she’d made a mistake. He’d wrapped his arms around her and was rolling towards the edge of the bed.

“Ooof!” she cried out as the two of them hit the cold hard floor.

“See, there are consequences for everything,” he said laughing.

She joined him in laughing as they lay there on the floor.

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  1. I would like to be the spanker, but wouldn’t turn down being the spankee, if it would get someone’s juices flowing. Maybe I will try the tickles to see if that works. Tip

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