Caught part 11

Supper was on a small table by the fireplace. Two settings and a jug of apple cider were there as well. Raven smiled and grabbing his robe, wrapped up in it and sat down. Rachel had followed him quickly, as the only item she had on was the length of chain. She entered the room and shut the door.

“Rachel, come to the table,” he said.

She walked over and stood next to him. There was an air of petulance about her which made him smile.

“I take it you are peeved that I made you walk naked through the halls?” he asked.

“Yes! Why couldn’t you get another bath sheet?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you remember to bring fresh clothing for either of us?” he asked.

“I’m not your manservant!” she said.

“No, but you are my slave and my concubine at the moment,” he said softly.

“I’m… um. Oh,” she said suddenly realizing that he could have demanded her to do those things and she hadn’t thought past her own discomfort.

“While I may not ask things of you, I expect civility, politeness, and consideration. In return, I will be lenient and reward good behavior,” he said. “Now, sit down so that we may eat.”

“May I get dressed?” she asked.

“No, we are in private, and I see no reason to have you dress,” he said.

“Oh,” she replied and sat in the chair opposite of Raven.

Raven uncovered the various dishes and served both himself and Rachel. She started to protest that he was putting too much food on her plate. He stopped her with a look. They ate in relative quiet, with only the odd request for more cider or dessert interrupting the silence. When they were done, he rose and held out his hand to her.

Rachel looked at him and placed her hand in his. She was uncertain of what was next. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. She stood between his legs and stared at his chest.

“Rachel, as my concubine, I will continue your education on what pleases me, and then I will show you what may please women,” he said. He stood up and took off his robe, standing naked before her. “Look at my body. Touch me. Anywhere. If you have questions, ask.”

“Haven’t you already done so?” she asked.

“In part. However, this time we will move slowly. You’ve played, but not thought. Reacted, but not understood,” he said.

Rachel took her time. She realized he was right. Before, there had been nothing but sensations and no time to think. Her eyes moved across his body. Chest, face, cock, arms, hair, cock, hips, cock. It stood up and bounced as he laughed. She watched how his balls tightened as he laughed. Memories of how it felt to have him inside of her coursed through her mind. She knew he liked to have his cock buried in her cleft and mouth. This time though she looked carefully at how he reacted when she touched the head, or the ridge of skin that traced down the underside of his cock. Sliding her fingertips up and down that slight ridge made him sigh. It also made a drop of cum pearl at the end of his cock.

Slowly, she licked it off and once more watched his reaction to her tongue. Stroking his balls as she continued to lick just the tip made everything quiver. She moved her hands up towards his chest and touched his nipples. Once again, his cock bounced in appreciation of her touch. Then she leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked.

“Ahh,” Raven gasped. He held her mouth to his chest, encouraging her to suckle. “Now, move your mouth off and blow air across the nipple.”

Rachel did so and watched as the nipple crinkled up tight. She smiled and moved to the other one. It too reacted. Then she brought her mouth up to his and kissed him. He returned her kiss. His tongue explored her mouth, and after a moment, Rachel reciprocated. Her arms wrapped around his neck and the two of them kissed and nipped each others mouth, jaw and neck. Rachel had half straddled him in order to reach his ears, which made him almost squeal with delight as she tongued and kissed them. She felt his cock bump against her thighs and cleft and realized how much she ached to have him inside.

“Sir, please?” she asked softly as she touched his cock.

“Not yet.” he said into the curve of her throat. He kissed her and slid his hand up her thigh, stopping just before he reached her cleft. He stroked her thigh lightly and moved from front to back. It was Rachel’s turn to moan.

“Sir…” she pleaded.

“Wait,” Raven said as he turned them so that she lay on the bed. He moved between her thighs and kissed his way to her cleft and back up once more to the other knee. He repeated this and then stopped just at the apex of her cleft. Gently, he began to kiss, lick and stroke her cleft. As she opened up like a flower, he kissed deeper and deeper, pulling on the nub until she almost came.

“Oh! Oh Raven!” she moaned. “Please…”

Raven didn’t relent, but continued to stroke and kiss her for a few moments more. When she was writhing on the bed with the urge to orgasm he moved up on the bed and slid into her hot moist body.

“Uhhuu,” she groaned. Her legs wrapped around Raven as he slowly moved in and out of her, savoring every stroke. Rachel’s muscles gripped him tightly as her body finally found it’s release. She came hard, and felt as if she would never stop. Each orgasm a new wave of pleasure.

Raven couldn’t hold off any longer. His hips thrust deep, burying him in Rachel as his orgasm rode his body. He froze in that moment of pleasure and then collapsed to the bed. He rolled so as not to crush Rachel. He pulled her into his arms and they drifted off to sleep.

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