Berries in Bed


She woke to the sound of things clanking and crashing in the kitchen. Rubbing her eyes, she realized that Rob wasn’t in bed. “Must be Rob in the kitchen,” she thought. She stretched, and got ready to get up.

“Hey beautiful!” Rob said popping his head into their bedroom.

“Morning. What’s with all the noise?” she asked.

“I’m making you breakfast. Don’t get up,” he said.

“But…” she said pointing to the bathroom.

“Okay, but get right back in bed,” Rob asked.

She got out of bed, relieved herself, thought about a quick shower and then decided against it. She crawled back in bed just in time for Rob to come into the room with a large tray.

“What’s the occasion?” she asked.

“Three months in our new apartment, three years with my beautiful lover and because I could,” Rob said. He sat down the tray which was loaded with fresh berries, sliced peaches and pears, angel food cake and whipped cream. On one side were two small cups of coffee.

“Rob honey, you forgot plates and spoons,” she said.

“No, I didn’t. Lay down Betsy,” he said.

Betsy lay on her back and then watched Rob build a ‘sundae’ on her mound. A thin piece of angel food cake, then berries and sliced fruit topped by whipped cream. She tried very hard not to giggle as tiny rivulets of juice began to trickle down her hips and upper thighs.

Rob smiled. He liked his creation. Then he began to eat his breakfast. As he ate his way down, his lips and tongue caressed Betsy. A berry rolled between her thighs and he caught it with his tongue. He gave her an extra lick to make sure he got it all.

“Oh, Rob,” she moaned.

“Like that?” he asked.

“Yes, but don’t I get to eat?” Betsy asked.

“In a minute,” he said. He daubed a bit more whipped cream on the bits left and proceeded to lick her clean. She was moaning and squirming by the time he was done.

“Rob!” she gasped.

He looked up at her, smiled and moved to one side. He laid down and handed her the whipped cream. Betsy smiled. She daubed whipped cream on his nipples, and then stuck a strawberry in his navel. After that, she started putting whipped cream on his cock. It wiggled, bounced and grew.

“That’s not fair!” she said.

Rob laughed. “I can’t help it.”

She smiled, placed some fruit and a few pieces of angel food cake around his cock and then began to eat. She started with his nipples and worked her way down.

“Oh, Betsy,” he moaned as she licked his navel.

Betsy blew on his skin and watched his reaction. Then she started licking his cock and eating the bits from around the base. She licked him up and down until his cock throbbed.

“Oh honey, there seems to be a bit of cream left,” she said as she watched the pre-cum pearl at the top of his cock.

“Llick it off,” he gasped as she ran her tongue around him.

Betsy obliged him and sucked him all the way into her mouth. Rob groaned with pleasure. She stopped for a moment, put some blueberries in her mouth and then slid his cock back into her mouth. The sensation of cool round berries and her tongue were almost too much for Rom.

“Hon, Bbbbetsy, Please honey,” he begged as he tried to get her to stop sucking his cock. She smiled as she looked at him after she released his cock. Rob pulled her to him and as she straddled him, he sank into her pussy.

Betsy smiled and bent down to kiss Rob as they began to rock back and forth. “You taste like sex and berries,” she said.

“So do you,” he said as his orgasm began to roll his senses. “Oh… oh god!”

Betsy rocked faster and and faster, sitting up to have more control as Rob came hard, gripping her hips. She felt herself coming too, and reached down to touch herself as Rob lifted the two of them off the bed as his orgasm rolled him.

“Oh,” she moaned as her own orgasm began to flow through her body. As Rob collapsed, he reached forward to help Betsy. His fingers moved faster, letting her relax and come hard. Her muscles clenched around his cock, sending little aftershocks up his spine. Betsy shuddered and collapsed on his chest.

After they’d caught their breath, Rob reached over for the tray with the remains of breakfast. He popped a blueberry into her mouth. She grabbed a raspberry and fed it to Rob. The two of them laid there on the bed feeding each other bites of cake and berries. It was a lovely way to celebrate.

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