For the Record…

There are certain people who think I should be publishing… They ‘poke’, ‘prod’, and ‘nudge’ me on occasion, and it is amazing how they all seem to do it in concert… without talking to one another. And I swear that Wolf and Southern Sir must have back channel communications going considering how they orchestrate things some days.

So, I look forward to seeing what Rob has to talk about. And… Yes, I’m looking into publishing. Probably via Smashwords. The reason for that is because too many of the ‘publishers’ want exclusive rights for 5 years and other things that I just can’t work with at this point.


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  1. Smashwords is imo an easy way to start with ebooks, you have the most control over everything. you can also go for paperback via it’s owned by amazon and it’s print on order, youu don’t pay up front, you just get your cut after each order, so total price minus print costs and a fee, it looks like you don’t get much but on the other hand you don’t pay X amount for X copies while you may only sell 10, so to speak.
    i have a short story up on smashwords and only just put the same one one create space, to get the feel of things. now i know what to do when i redo SIW.
    if you want to know more just poke, there are things that are handy to know and such πŸ™‚
    good luck!!

    1. Thank you dear! I’ve been looking into it because I’m not happy with some of the fuss and mess with the various erotic publishing houses.

      I may well pick your brain at some point. It also means I have to clean up the one story I am thinking of publishing.

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