Buster’s Story, part 18

It had been a little embarrassing when a man had knocked on the door about five minutes after Brian showed up. Brian had his nose buried in her chest as he held her off the floor.

“Excuse me, but if you can tell me where I can sleep, I’ll get out of your way,” said the tall dark haired man.

“OH! David! I forgot all about you! Forgive me my bad manners,” said Brian.

“It’s okay. I just need to know where I can sleep,” said David Abrams.

“David, this is my wife, Natalie. Natalie, this is Dr. David Abrams, the surgeon that saved this old wolf,” said Brian.

“Brian, put me down,” said Natalie turning red. Brian blushed, realizing his nose was still in her cleavage and set her down. “It’s very nice to meet you, Dr. Abrams. Henri has told us so much about you. Sit down, and I will make tea.”

“Henri made it home?” asked Brian.

“Yes. Didn’t you know?” asked Natalie.

“Non! No communications. We couldn’t even tell you when we would be home. Letters would take too long,” said Brian as he followed Natalie around the kitchen. Brian couldn’t let go of Natalie. He held her hand as she tried to make tea. He’d held onto her while mobbed by his daughters, grandchildren and the multitudes of toddlers who seemed to pour out of every room. Natalie while hampered, felt the same way. She just wanted to hold Brian until she got tired of it.

Dr. Abrams smiled and started looking around the kitchen. Two young women, were trying to wrangle nearly twenty small children back into bed. He laughed when one of the women, the spitting image of Natalie growled at the children. They squealed and dived for bed. He was also beginning to see the extent of this family.

“If you are home, who else?” asked Natalie as her brain began to think past Brian.

“Everyone who didn’t already come home. Henry, Jacques, Petite Luc, whole family,” said Brian.

“When?” she asked.

“Tonight. Just now. A few got home sooner ’cause they shift and run,” Brian answered. “Oh and I am slow because this doctor, he no wolf. Won’ tell us what he is, but he don’ shift or run so fast. So I walk.”

“An let me guess, you tell them not to tell me so I don’ worry when you not here so fast?” asked Natalie.

“Yes,” Brian said softly and then took her in his arms again and kissed her.

“You know he do that so she won’ hit him aye?” Marie said to David as she sat down at the table.

“Figured as much. Didn’t your husband come home?” he asked.

“Non. My husband is American. In that Pacific Fleet,” she said.

“Ah, Why are there so many children?” David asked. He literally couldn’t keep count of them.

“Them war bride babies their maman’s don’ want. So, we take them. Can’t let them go home with non-shifters,” said Marie.

“Why?” asked David. He looked over to see Brian and Natalie kissing and talking quietly. Since he hadn’t been given a place to sleep, he talked to Marie.

“Cause when they get 15-16, they maybe gon’ shift. So, we keep them,” said Marie. “My Grand-mere Celia, was so not happy to see those war brides. Tell them all gotohell! My maman, Natalie, she take them in. Being the healer, she couldn’ turn them away. Stupid cause that Tilly, Petite Luc’s wife is a good woman. So is that Georgina, she Joe’s wife, another of Celia’s grandsons.”

David nodded as he sipped his tea. He was fascinated and exhausted. “Marie, where can I sleep?” he finally asked.

Marie led him down the hall to a room with three beds, two of them full and gave him a pillow. He thanked her and fell asleep moments after his head hit the pillow.

Brian and Natalie finally stopped kissing long enough to notice that no one was left in the kitchen. They walked down to the bedroom he hadn’t seen in years. Natalie shut the door and then slowly began to undress her man.

“Nat…” he started.

“Non. Let me,” she said. She unbuttoned and removed his clothes. She put them on the chair. When he was nude, she ran her hands over every inch of him.

“Nat,” he said again wanting to touch her in the same way.

She shook her head at him and undressed herself. She stood there as the last of her clothes billowed to the floor and then walked over to Brian. They kissed, touched and eventually lay down on the bed.

“It has been so long, I think my cock is afraid,” said Brian trying to make a joke of his lack of an erection.

“Non, it has just been so long, it is shy. Just like I feel like some silly virgin,” said Natalie. They lay there touching and kissing. Slowly, her hand worked across the scars on his stomach. She kissed every inch of the scar. Then she kissed lower and lower until she was right above his cock. Natalie put her lips on the head of his cock and kissed, then licked him. His body twitched, showing that it wasn’t that afraid. She smiled.

Brian was nervous. It had been so long and he was afraid that if he closed his eyes, that it would be just another dream like so many before. Not even the feel of the ancient iron bed or the smell of lavender were enough to reassure him. Tentatively, he touched Natalie. She moved so that he could touch her body while she kissed him. Her mouth reached his cock and he felt the first surges of desire.

Natalie knew it would take a bit for Brian to relax. He was such a mix of emotions. So were many of the men that had come home early. She had spent lots of time handing out poppy juice like Grandma Davy had for men that cried in the night. She knew too that sometimes what they wanted most wouldn’t work. So, she wasn’t surprised when he didn’t salute her the moment the clothes came off. There was time. Lots of time. She kissed him and then pulled him into her mouth.

“Oh,” gasped Brian. All the worries, the tension, fear and panic that had been held in for the last six years began to dissolve. He shuddered. His hands on Natalie as they found soft skin, new wrinkles, and scars proved to him that he really was home in a way nothing else could have done.

Natalie stroked Brian’s balls, his thighs and torso as she licked and sucked his cock. She felt his hands caress her thighs and move up between her legs. It was her turn to moan. In answer to her passion, his cock became firmer in her mouth. Brian’s fingers moved gently between her lips and stroked deep.

“Ah,” she moaned, sitting back just a bit. “Please don’ stop.”

“Non,” said Brian. His cock felt harder than it had in months. His wet fingers traced over her clit and as she gasped again, he pulled her to him. Natalie straddled him and slowly slid her body down his cock. She felt like her heart might stop at that moment, it felt so good. So right. Slowly, she rocked back and forth.

Brian held Natalie by her hips. His brain swirled with pleasure. His hands moved up to her breasts. Softened by age, they were still beautiful. He pulled her nipples and cupped the soft flesh.

“Oh, oh my…” she gasped feeling her orgasm build.

Brian too felt his body respond, but it wasn’t… right. He pulled her up and flipped around behind her, driving in from behind. His body began to shift, and he reached down to bite her neck with desire. Natalie responded and shifted until the bed creaked from the extra weight.

Wolf’s forelegs stiffened and pinned his mate to him as his hips thrust rapidly. It felt good. His mate began to croon and shudder with pleasure. Wolf felt the knot form as he came and came. At last, he stood there panting. His mate was panting too, but couldn’t move because the knot locked them together. Wolf’s body shuddered once more and he tipped back his head and howled his pleasure.

David dreamed that in the distance, wolves howled. He partially woke, turned over and fell asleep. Hours later, he woke needing to pee. He tried to move and realized that he couldn’t. Behind his knees, across his stomach and his arms were toddlers. They were asleep. He tried to wiggle out, but it was no use. As he dropped back against his pillow, he heard laughter.

“You been puppy piled,” said a soft voice from the bed across from him.

“Puppy… Oh yes, I have,” said David trying to crane around to see who was talking to him. “Could you give me a hand? I’ve got to get up.”

“Sure,” said the voice.

David heard the creak of the bed and then felt small bodies being lifted off and shushed back to sleep. Slowly he stretched and was able to get out of the bed. “Where’s the bathroom” he asked the tall dark young man.

“Down the hall to the left,” the young man said.

David nodded and headed for the bathroom. He was grateful it wasn’t an outhouse. Coming back to the room to get his shoes, he introduced himself to the young man. “I’m David Abrams, a doctor that served with your… um. Brian,”

The young man smiled. “I’m Quintus. Brian is my Papa. That lump over there is George. We are the two youngest sons. These babies, they are war babies.” Quintus pointed to the still sleeping children. “That one is Bertie. Henry’s son.”

David nodded, remembering some of the family history Brian had shared with him on the long trip.

“You weren’t here last night when I came to bed,” said David.

“Non, I was out helping people find their families. Maggie was out in the woods and so were others. It has been hard here without men, husbands, family,” said Quintus. “So, some people shift and run in the night.”

“I see,” said David. “Is there any chance for some tea?”

“Aye! Come, I cook. Maman and Papa, they go running last night. I don’ know when they come home. So, I am in charge with that Marie,” said Quintus.

David smiled and followed Quintus to the kitchen.

Marie had been up before everyone and had fresh bread baking. Tea was in the pot and waiting when David and Quintus came into the kitchen. Alexander and Jelka were also at the table.

“Good morning,” Alexander said greeting the two men.

“Alexander!” Quintus cried softly as he rushed into the man’s arms. “I have missed you!”

“And I have missed you. Damn, you’ve grown. This is Jelka, my um… friend,” said Alexander. “Jelka, this is Quintus.”

Quintus held out his hand to Jelka who looked at him wide eyed for a moment and then slowly shook his hand. He looked at Alexander. “Shifter, but not this family. Where you find her?” he asked as they sat back around the table.

“Croatian concentration camp. She doesn’t speak much English,” said Alexander.

Quintus nodded. He looked at Jelka. Then he got up and grabbed something out of a jar. It looked like a cookie of sorts. He handed it to Jelka. She eyed him suspiciously. She sniffed it and then licked it. A grin broke out on her face and she smiled.

“Ta,” she said in almost a whisper. Then she took a bite of the cookie.

David watched this exchange. He’d been fascinated by Jelka, not having seen someone so wolf-like in human shape even in comparison to Brian or his sons. He realized that the whole room was silent. Expectant. “Quintus, what did you give her?” he asked softly.

“Pemmican cookie. Elk jerky, berries, oats all ground up and mixed with elk fat. My Grand-mere Celia she make them. Indian food, wolf food. You want one?” Quintus asked.

“No, I was just curious. Why did you give her that and not one of those rolls that Marie had made?” David asked pointing to the counter where the rolls smelling of cinnamon and dried fruit sat.

“Easy. She remind me of my mother. She scared of something, like my mother was all the time. Wild Girl, she love those cookies. Mebby it help.” said Quintus.

David blinked. “But I thought Natalie was your mother,” he said puzzled.

“Non. Natalie is my maman and Brian my papa. Wild Girl, she give birth to me. More wolf than person. My father, that Bizzet, he a little crazy after the Great War. Loves Wild Girl. They have lots of babies, but give them to families that will love them, or need them. They give me to Brian and Natalie. This Jelka, she is like Wild Girl,” said Quintus.

Jelka had watched and listened to the exchange, and as she ate the cookie, she sighed and rested against Alexander’s shoulder.

Alexander looked at Quintus. “Thank you,” he said. He then told Quintus and Marie how he’d found Jelka and their trip home. The conversation was interrupted by small voices asking for sweet rolls, tea or milk as the various toddlers woke up and came into the kitchen.

“How do you cope?” Alexander asked Marie.

“Barely. Had to get a new cow. And I think in the spring we have a whole bunch more,” she said with a smile as Jenny and Henri walked in. Jenny’s belly was just beginning to round out.

“Dr Abrams? What you do here?” asked Henri as he hugged the man.

“I came home with your father. Long story,” said David.

Alexander hugged Henri and Jenny and introduced Jelka to them. Jelka smiled, but held close to Alexander.

“Jelka, you want come with me to get eggs?” asked Marie. She pantomimed getting eggs.

Jelka looked from Marie to Alexander. “Aleksandr?” she said.

“It’s okay Jelka. Marie is family,” He said and put her hands in Marie’s. The two women slowly edged out the door and headed for the barn.

David watched Alexander watch them. “You going to marry that girl? Or just let her fall through the cracks?” he asked.

“I like her. I really do, but I won’t take advantage of her. She’ll have to come to me in that way,” said Alexander.

“I don’ think you wait long,” said Jenny as she sat down and pulled a toddler into her lap.

“Oh? Why? Asked Alexander.

“She come into heat soon,” she said tapping the side of her nose.

Alexander looked at Jenny, blinked and blushed.

6 thoughts on “Buster’s Story, part 18

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The story it spawned from is called More Than Just A Fairy Tale. You might enjoy that one as it involves the great and great-great grandchildren of some of these characters.

      Twisted Tails is also related. It takes place at the same time as MTJAFT. Andrew is Alexander and Jelka’s gggrandson.

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