Delegating Pleasure

A little silliness for the 4th of July!

He laughed as she tried to evade him by running around the table. He lunged to one side and then quickly doubled back. She ran right into his arms.

“Oh Sir! Really, I must get back downstairs!” whispered the maid.

“Oh heavens! Just one little squeeze?” he asked as he fondled her bottom.

“I shouldn’t!” she said.

“Shouldn’t or wouldn’t?” he asked. “If you didn’t have to go down and fix what was it? Lamb stew? Would you stay upstairs with me and have a little fun?”

She thought about it for a moment. She’d walked in and the gentleman had been sitting by the window taking what he called an ‘air bath’. While a little portly, his upstanding member was very nice. “Um..” she started.

“Right. Then let me provide you with a little bit of freedom,” he said as he unlaced the top of her corset and pulled her breasts free of confinement.

“Oh! Sir,” she gasped as he did this and began to cover them with kisses. She blushed.

“See, your color is better already. Never did like these things,” he said. Then he reached under her skirts and found the slit in her underwear. It had always befuddled him as a younger man how women coped with all the layers until he discovered that their undergarments had very accommodating slits. The slit accommodated his fingers very nicely. He slid his fingers into her cleft.

“Oh!” the chambermaid squeaked. “Ooooh,”

“Ah, as I suspected. Congestment complicated by unrelieved tensions. Only one cure,” he said.

“And that is?” asked the chambermaid.

“A quick deep massage,” he said as he bent her over the bed, tossed up her skirts and slid home into her very wet cleft.

“Sir! Please!” she cried.

“I am pleasing you. It’s the only cure for your ailment,” he said.

“But sir, I just said I was a bit tired and wasn’t sleeping well,” she said.

“And after at least one if not more applications of this massage, you will sleep much better,” he said. He grabbed her hips and began to tup her at a rapid pace. Her breasts rubbed against the bed she was suppose to be making.

“Oh sir! Oh! Oh my!” she gasped as she began to come. “Ohhhh!” she cried into the pillows as the portly gentleman grasped her hips tight and slammed home as he came.

“Oh yes. Oh.., my,” he gasped. Shuddering the last of his release, he reached forward and diddled her button until she squealed in delight. Then he pulled out and walked over to the wash basin and began to clean up.

“Oh my sir!” she said blushing and trying to straighten her clothing.

“Now, proper application of that massage over say the next fortnight will make sleep much easier for you as the tensions lessen,” he said as he dried off.

“But sir!” she protested.

“No buts. Be here every morning at 6am and I will administer the massage,” he said with a smile.

“Yyes sir,” said the chamber maid with a grin and a bobbing curtsy. She made the bed and headed out of the room. She ran right into another gentleman. “Sorry Sir”

The redheaded gentlemen nodded and walked into the room. “You ready Ben? John, Caesar and Edward are waiting on you,” said Tom.

“Alright Tom, keep your pants on. Wasn’t it you last week that had Martha up here and kept us waiting for days while you…” Ben teased.

“Oh be quiet! Next thing we know Abigail will be here and then John will be useless for a fortnight! We’ve got things to do. Papers to sign,” said Tom.

“And independence to declare!” said Ben as they walked out into the hot Philadelphia sunshine.

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