Flash Fiction Friday! Triptych of Lust

Monique loved the thought of Ricky fucking her while Jorge fucked him. The intimacy, the orgasms…so intense. Monique knew Ricky wanted Jorge to fuck him. Rick admitted that he masturbated while watching Jorge in the shower. Monique was Jorge’s lover and knew he’d love to fuck Ricky.

She wanted to fuck Ricky too. He’d walked out of the bathroom and she’d nearly orgasmed right there. His cock was a nice length, but the thickness, the head just made her swoon with untold desire. She dared him to fuck her. Ricky was nervous at first, but Monique walked around naked until he couldn’t think anything else.

Monique then dared Jorge to walk in on her and Ricky. She told him of Ricky’s obsession. Jorge smiled. He enjoyed women, but a nice man’s ass…

She’d dropped to her knees in front of Ricky and began to suck that beautiful cock. When he could take no more, he rocked her back and slid into her tight pussy. They were engrossed in pleasure when Jorge put his hand on Ricky’s shoulder. His cock, lubed with spit worked into Ricky’s tight ass. The three rocked slowly, locked in fucking passion.


“So good!

Sooo. hot..”

The muliple orgasms rolled.


I really like this picture. Sculpted bodies, multiple bodies so wrapped up in pleasure. It was difficult to keep this one down to our word limit. Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Passionate Kisses” was playing in the background. 🙂 Granted, I think my computer was possessed. It continued on with a bunch of ‘Lust’ songs… Pretty Woman, Come a little Closer, I’d do anything for love, That kiss… 🙂


Our dear Ram gave us a word limit of 209 or less, and the phrase engrossed to use with this lovely triptych of lust. Hope you enjoyed!

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday! Triptych of Lust

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    1. There are two people who run FFF at this point. Insatiabear/Panser started it. Or at least that’s where I started. His blog is at http://insatiabear.blogspot.com/

      Then there is Ram. 🙂 He has been pitch hitting for Panser. His blog is http://ramthesunlover.com/blog-2/

      Check on Mondays and see if there is a prompt and pic. Then write your story, following the ‘rules’ and post so that your pic and story are on Friday. 🙂 It’s a lot of fun.

  1. A great picture and even better words to caption it. Looks and sounds like fun for all involved.

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