Flash Fiction Friday Dinnertime!

Gretchen and the other subs were amazed when the photographer explained the shoot.

“I didn’t insinuate that they’d be eating you,” he said. You’re the plate, not the main course.

Gretchen sighed and crawled up on the table. He arranged her hair and then stood back to take a look. The lighting wasn’t right. He had the girls oil each other and then sit back down.


Their nipples weren’t perky enough. He went out and pinched each set, until they were just right. Then he adjusted their postures. His hands were all over them, and the scent of aroused female wafted across the room under the lights. He gave special attention to Gretchen, trying her in various postures until she was worked up just right.

His light crew were enjoying the view. To them, he had insinuated that they’d fuck the subs after the shoot.


You know, this isn’t what you insinuated when you invited me for dinner,” bitched Gretchen looking at the naked women, unable to move off of the table.

“No, but we did say you were delectable,” said the first bride.

“Yes, so plump, so full of blood,” said the second.

“Master gets the first bite,” said the third.

“And she has such a succulent looking pussy,” said the fourth.

“I still don’t want to be one of you,” said Gretchen.

“Why not? Perfect bodies for eternity. All the fucking you want and no problems or disease. You don’t like a man or woman, just drain him of blood,” said the first. “Oh, and you can sleep all day!”

“I don’t want to be a vampire!” cried Gretchen as she felt the first bite. After the first orgasm, she changed her mind.


I think this is the stupidest sorority prank I’ve ever heard of,” said Gretchen.

The ΚΛΙΤ* Sorority has a long tradition of initiating their new members in just this way,” insinuated Katy.

“Yes, besides, you said you’d do anything to get into Kappa Lambda Iota Tau!” said Cindy

“Why the knives and forks though?” asked Gretchen.

“The better to fork with you,” said Amy.

Gretchen rolled her eyes. “What next?” she wondered.

“And once we’ve licked, fingered and sucked your pussy, comes the big surprise,” said Patty.

“Oh?” asked Gretchen wondering if she could get free of the clear packing tape that held her down.

“Oh yes! The foot ball team and the Lacrose team comes over and we have a really big party,” said Katy.

“And they all get to fuck you first!” giggled Cindy.


Okay, I had WAY too much fun with this one. First off, the acronym… *KLIT,…. ie CLIT. I just couldn’t resist. And then, just how many ways were there to play with this. I’ve written before about people being used as platters and plates for a diner and this headed my warped thoughts off in that direction. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crazy dinner plans.

Thank you Ram for your fine prompt and beautiful picture! Our challenge this time was to use the word insinuated and keep to a word count of between 145-149 words. Check out Ram’s blog for updates on FFF.

17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Dinnertime!

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  1. I said I’d try this prompt, but didn’t manage to get around to it. You were definitely inspired here. Lol to your acronym.

  2. We loved your crazy dinner plans! The manipulations of the photographer in the first story are quite memorable, and yet so mean. Very sexy. The second story might single-handedly make vampires awesome again. Sorry, Twilight kinda killed them for me. My own story is a bit like this one, though there is no insinuation of vampirism. And as for the third, how can we not want to pledge KLIT? Poor Gretchen will be sore tomorrow.

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun with these. I had to write more than one story. I have a penchant for nasty photographers…. Read The Fine Print.

      Never have seen/read anything to do with Twilight and sparkly vampires… So, I’m glad my story was enjoyable.

      And for the sorority piece… I just could not resist. 🙂

  3. LOL! Yes, you DID have fun with the photo prompt. I definitely had fun reading your THREE stories! Awesome job on all three. 😉

  4. What a delight to inspire the prolific WW to, ummm, erupt with several stories! Maybe the boys from the Kappa Omega Kappa fraternity will drop by when the third story continues…?
    Which reminds me that I have been thinking that a chain story might be amusing, where a writer creates one or two paragraphs, then the second writer continues on with two more, etc.

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