Reconciliation part 4

At 1pm, Lord Duncan returned. He looked fresh and crisp and the scent of Victorian Lime, his signature scent followed him as he entered the room. On the table were fresh cups and another pot of tea. Duncan poured tea for each of them and gestured for Boris to sit.

“Now, why did you feel you had to lie to me Boris?” Duncan asked.

Boris looked at him, formulating an answer. “I corrected an issue and yet it was not the most appropriate manner in which to do so. It was a correction of a previous failure. One I realize now that I had no control over. Had I been more trusting, I would have turned Ivanka over to Garrett. That I didn’t caused issues,” said Boris. “I could not admit that things were not perfect. I could not admit that I didn’t trust the agency to fail again. Therefore, I lied.”

“Ah, yes. However, let me point out a few minor details. First off, you are right. Knowing our dear Ivanka, she would eventually talk her way out of prison. She was very well trained. You understood that on a gut level and alleviated the possibility of a repeat attack. Next, you disposed of Ivanka in a cold but efficient manner. You neither tortured nor brutalized her in any way. That speaks well for you all considered. Then, you covered your tracks as you’ve been trained,” said Duncan.


“Now for the faults. First off, never lie to me again. I always find out. Second, you left people you care for without information. Your wife is frantic. She has neither the intelligence training or the understanding necessary to deal with this. Third, you have neglected your duties as a Dom. No, before you protest, I will have my say,” Duncan said raising his hand as Boris sat forward to complain. “You started down that road and we both know that even casual play will form certain dependencies. In that she is your wife, they are already there. Last, pull your head out of your sulking ass and get over yourself,” said Duncan.

“But…” Boris started.

“Listen. You did the right thing. Plans fail. Situations happen. Life is not perfect. What went on was not good or correct, but you did the right thing. You rescued your friend and this time you killed the enemy. Now. Reconcile who you are with what you did and get back to living. You are a decent person and if you give yourself even half a chance, you will be a good Dom and a better husband,” said Duncan.

Boris stood there blinking. Shivers ran down his spine in spite of the fact that he’d soaked his shirt with sweat. “I…” he started.

“I expect for you to stabilize those log deadfalls, clean and tidy this cabin and then clean yourself up. Then, by 8pm tonight I would hope that you would be back in town and with your friends and family. I would think it only correct for you at some point to let James know the full extent of what happened. I also expect you to enjoy your life. You are a well trained Dom, and deserve the title of Lord, even if you won’t take it. Enjoy your friends and your club. It never hurts to let the dark side out to play as long as you know who is in control,” said Duncan. “It helps us all from time to time.”

“Yes Sir,” said Boris.

Duncan stood and extended his hand. “I hope that next time I see you it is on a more happy occasion my son,” he said taking Boris’ hand in his. He shook Boris’ hand briefly with his left clasping over the top of the two entwined hands. Then he picked up his notebook and left.

Boris watched Lord Duncan leave and then began to work to secure the deadfalls he had begun to set up. They would make a fine fence in years to come. Then he cleaned the cabin once more, setting things to rights for storage. After there was nothing left to do, he ran down to the lake to swim.

Boris swam out to the rock and the first thing he did was reach into the niche. He found his gun there in it’s plastic bag. Shaking his head, he swam back to shore, dried off and got dressed. He carried the gun in it’s plastic bag back with him. Once at the cabin, he loaded his gear, secured the gun and then headed down the mountain. It was 6pm.

14 thoughts on “Reconciliation part 4

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  1. You know, if I’d had a Lord Duncan instead of my therapist, I might not have felt the whole thing was a waste of time. Of course, I wasn’t half-terrified of my therapist so maybe that had a lot to do with it 🙂

    I want Duncan’s story next, please! *begs*

    1. I think if more therapists were as observant as Lord Duncan is, the world would be a better place. And yes, I think he would scare the shit out of most people.

      A Lord Duncan story eh? Hmmm….

  2. Lord Duncan over any therapist any day, hands down!

    Talk about being picked up by the boot straps, way to go Lord D.

    I too hope this isn’t the end of the story and more of Lord Duncan in the future.


    1. 🙂 I thought you’d like him. 🙂 There is one more piece to the story. And… I guess I better start writing about Lord Duncan if this demand keeps up.

      1. Really? I’d love a sniff of it on a man. I like that detail you included. It just made me “see” Duncan even better.

        1. I mean it made me want to know more about this man who wears Victorian Lime cologne. For some reason that detail just got me. 🙂

          1. I understand. 🙂 You aren’t the only one who wants to know more about Lord Duncan. 🙂 That’s why I try and include real details like the cologne. We’ve all had instances of scents that remind us of things.

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