Reconciliation Finale

Kerri was asleep. She had gone to bed early, and was dreaming of rain. Part of her brain thought about the open windows and she woke up. It wasn’t raining, but she heard water. “The shower?” she wondered. Grabbing her robe, she walked towards the bathroom wondering if Belinda was taking a late night shower. Belinda had been staying with her while David was gone. Kerri was so afraid that David might never return. She walked into the bathroom. “Belinda?” she called out.

The shower curtain opened. “No, David,” he said with a tired smile on his face.

Kerri screamed and launched herself into David’s arms. She didn’t care that the shower was soaking her, her robe or the floor. David was home. She held on as tight as she could.

“Kerri, let me go and I’ll finish showering,” he whispered in her ear. “Then we can talk.”

“Oh… okay,” she said. She changed out of her soaking robe and then mopped up the water off of the floor. She had just walked back into the bathroom from dumping the wet things in the laundry room when David stepped out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and began to dry off. Kerri realized he was muscled up and tan from the waist up. She smiled at the tan line that just caressed his ass.

David wrapped the towel around his waist and they headed back into the master bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap. “Kerri, I owe you an apology. I let my self control slip. I ran away from my family and myself and I am sorry for the worry I’ve caused you and everyone else,”

“Oh David, I’m just so glad you’re home. I was worried and I panicked. James and Sally were gone. Hell, they’re still gone. I didn’t know who to turn to. I asked Miller and Dirk and they just said you’d be fine. But that didn’t help, so I called Belinda,” she said in a tumble of words.

“I know. She was here when I walked in. I’ve apologized to her and thanked her,” said David.

“She…she called someone. Um… Lord Duncan? And she said he’d find you. He must have, because your home. Oh David, I’m so glad you’re home,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him and cried.

David just held her. When her tears subsided, he picked her up and carried her over to the love seat on the far side of their bedroom. He explained where he had gone and why. When he explained the death of Ivanka, he expected Kerri to shrink away from him.

“Good! I just hope she didn’t give the pigs a belly ache!” Kerri said.

David blinked. “I’m… surprised you took that stance,” he said.

“Why? She’s like the ultimate stalker. She about killed James twice. As far as I’m concerned, she didn’t get half of what she deserved,” said Kerri. “And I’m sorry you felt so guilty for killing her. It needed done.”

“Kerri, you amaze me. I thought you would have been horrified that I killed Ivanka,”

“No, she needed killing. Belinda and I have had some very good girl talks while you were gone, and I understand you a bit more. I realize that Boris isn’t so much a totally different person in your head, but the darker meaner side of you that copes with all the hells in life. He’s also the side of you that can make people shiver at the club or in our bedroom. So while life is calm, I know that you will be there in your loving manner. If life gets rough, or we want to play rough, you’re still there, but you go by the name of Boris,” said Kerri.

“Where were you when I needed my head screwed on ten years ago?” he asked kissing her neck.

“I was in school?” she said only half joking. “Okay, Maybe college.”

That made David smile. There were times he forgot the age difference between them.

“The military sure screws you guys up when they give you all that spy guy training. Too bad they don’t help you fix yourselves. Too bad you have to figure it out yourself or have others around to help,” she said.

“There is that. And this time it took a big helping of ‘get over yourself’ to put me back on track,” David said.

“Oh! Before I forget!” Kerri said getting down off of David’s lap.

She walked out of the bedroom and from the sounds of it out to David’s office. She came back in a moment, and the scent of Victorian lime wafted in with her. David felt his heartbeat increase for a brief moment before she handed him a bulky envelope. “Lord Duncan’s equerry came by with this. A real sweet little man,” said Kerri.

“Was Belinda here when he came by?” asked David before opening the envelope.

“No, she’d gone out to get dinner. I can’t think of what he said his name was. You should know it David. He’s about 5’5”, white hair? Wears this loden green tweed jacket? He brought me two dozen roses from Lord Duncan and then later he brought this by and said to give it to David. ” she said. “So, I’m giving it to you. Are you going to open it up?”

David looked at the envelope. In Lord Duncan’s copperplate script was his name. David B. Howard. He turned it over in his hands and found the tape tab and pulled. He emptied the contents out onto the love seat. There was a letter, a large old fashioned key and an insignia pin. The insignia pin had a winged Excalibur on it with the words “Who Dares Wins” across the bottom. David sat this and the key to one side. He opened the letter.

“Dear David,

It is my fondest hope that you have found your way home quickly. In all honesty, I hope that next time we meet is is for a joyful occasion. Your wife is a charming young thing and holds great potential. You would be wise to listen to her and rely on her support.

Remember too, to trust yourself, your judgment and to remember that life isn’t perfect. In fact, it is the imperfections that make life wonderful.

Now, before your curiosity gets the best of you. The pin is from my uniform I wore during the war in the Middle East. I suspect you will understand what it means to me. And the key… It is the key to my castle. As my heir, you should have it in your possession. I have no intentions of shuffling off this mortal coil any time soon, but one never knows.

As always, I do in my own way love you son.

Best Regards,

The Rt. Hon. Lord James Howard Duncan,

David sat there so quiet that Kerri wondered what was wrong. “David?” she started.

He looked up at Kerri and handed her the letter. Time for secrets was gone. She sat and read it.

“David, um… that little man, was Lord Duncan?”

“Yes,” answered David.

“He’s your father?” asked Kerri.

“Adopted. And before you ask, he’s a Baron. Awarded for services rendered that are still on the black list,” said David.

“But I thought he was just a…a Dom with that courtesy title,” Kerry said.

“Oh, he’s that too. First and foremost though he’s a retired SAS officer and a landed, titled Baron, and my adopted father.”

“So this really is a key to a real castle?” asked Kerri picking up the heavy key.

“A manor house more than a castle, but it has a dungeon,” said David smiling for the first time in about twenty minutes.

“The kind with torture devices and prison bars or whipping horses, St. Andy crosses and playrooms?” asked Kerri.

“Yes,” said David with a smile. He stood up, took the letter and key from Kerri’s hand and took her to bed.

David stood in the dining room looking at the roses Duncan had brought for Kerri. They were double blooms and deep red. The scent of them wafted across the room almost hiding the scent of Victorian Lime. He realized that’s why he hadn’t smelled it when he came home last night. He found one of the smallest roses and pulled it free of the vase. Walking back into the bedroom, he traced the petals of the rose up Kerri’s leg to her ass. Then he trailed it up the crack of her ass and back down between her outstretched legs.

Kerri moaned, woke and opened her eyes. “Hi,”

“Good morning beautiful,” he said trailing the rose over her hip and up to her breasts. “What do you want to do today?”

“Umm… make love with my dear crazy husband,” she said with a smile.

“That my dear can be done.” David continued to stroke her with the rose until her nipples stood up from all the attention. Then he set it aside as he moved up the bed and between her legs. Starting at her knees, he kissed his way down to the junction of her thighs.

Kerri moaned and let her legs drop sideways so David could continue his kisses. He moved to her mound and then down to her clit. He sucked, kissed and nipped at her sensitive button. When she moaned and began to grind her hips up against his chin, he slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh,” she gasped. Her hands grabbed the back of his head and tried to hold it tighter to her clit. David increased his attentions and when he’d licked her almost to orgasm, he stopped.

“Dddavid, that’s not fair,” she gasped.

“No, but someone else wants your attention,” he said as his cock bounced against her opening.

Kerri smiled. She rolled partially on her side as David straddled one leg and lifted the other. The sidesaddle position was one of their favorites. He slid in deep and grabbed her ass and upper thigh to help steady himself as he began to stroke in and out. It tickled all the right spots for Kerri. As she gasped in pleasure, her hand came down on the rose releasing the scent.

David smelled the rose, took it from her hand and pulled the petals off the stem. He held the petals in one hand as he increased his pace. Kerri moaned, twitched and started to come under him. He loved the feelings of her body clenching around his.

Mid-stroke, he split the petals between both hands. He crushed the rose petals to her ass and then cupped her breast in his other hand. The movement of his hands rubbed the petals across her skin, releasing the fragrance. The combination of stimuli was enough to bring Kerri to a deep aching orgasm.

“Oh…” was all she could moan as she came.

David thrust harder and harder and a moment or so later, he too tipped over that emotional edge and came hard. The rose petals crushed in his fingers. He shuddered in spasms of pleasure and then slowly melted to the bed by Kerri’s side. As he stretched to take he in his arms, the petals floated down around them.

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  1. Beautiful! Though I hope we haven’t seen the absolute last of Boris. He’s yummy. And then, of course, there’s Lord Duncan. Can we learn about him? I confess he intrigues me to no end 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed this little foray into Boris’ mind. This isn’t the last of him. As for Lord Duncan… We shall see if the Muse will tell his story. 🙂

    1. LOL! Okay, okay, I get the hint! LOLOLOL… {see wordwytch. see wordwytch ask the Muse to please supply the truth that is Lord Duncan. see wordwytch write long into the night… and put forth the story that is Lord Duncan…}

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