Awe-some Sex

Moonlight curled in the windows. Strong hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her tight against his cock and stomach. Lynne wiggled her ass against his cock, trying to move it between her legs to quench that ache. His knee moved between her legs and with a thrust, his cock was working in and out of her pussy. Kneeling between her legs, Quin began a slow rhythm.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. It felt so good. His hands tight on her waist, holding her in place as the motion increased. She lowered her head to the bed to steady herself against his thrusts. Quin’s cock and hips moved faster and faster as the tension built. Lynne felt him tense with the sensations of orgasm. He bucked hard against her as he came, taking her over the edge as well.

As they lay there catching their breath, Quin’s hand traced over her hip and began to tickle her clit. Lynne wiggled, not sure if she wanted another orgasm, or to catch her breath first. He didn’t give her a choice. His fingers strummed her clit and as she arched up off the bed in pleasure, hands caught her and held her tight.

“Quin?” she asked trying to puzzle it out. Quin was behind her. The hands were next to her.

“No, not Quin. It’s Sean,” said a tenor voice.

“Sean? What? How?” she asked as his hands explored her skin.

“Quin called and we decided to treat you to a little two on one like you do to all those men in your stories,” said Sean. “Plus, I had work about seventy-five miles away. It worked out,” Sean said.

“Oooh,” she answered, the attention of the two men making it difficult to talk. Sean’s fingers moved up her thighs and began to teas her clit and pussy while Quin wrapped his arms around her and played with her breasts. Quin held her tight, and Sean took advantage of her immobility. His fingers delved deep into her pussy while his tongue licked her clit.

“Oh! Oh my! Ooooh,” Lynne gasped. She tried to move, wiggle, anything. No luck. Quin grabbed her nipples and squeezed them gently as Sean’s attention to her clit increased. She was bound by the best restraints… human arms and legs. She arched and came with a shuddering orgasm. Her sigh tapered out to nothing.

“Breathe Lynne, not nice to scare Sean,” whispered Quin.

“Oh,” Lynne said coming back from orgasmic bliss and took a deep breath.

“She always do that?” asked Sean.

“Often enough. First time she passed out on my, I just about panicked,” said Quin.

“Hey, I can’t help it I really relax!” said Lynne.

“Well, since you are so relaxed, how about helping me?” said Sean. He moved up between Lynne’s legs and nudged her opening with his cock.

“Oh, oh yes,” said Lynne. She wiggled and Sean lifted her hips and slid in deep. Pulling her knees up, he started a slow rhythm.

“Hold on,” said Quin. He moved so that he cradled her back a bit better which also let him hold her hands.

“Oh, I wanted to touch,” she said.

“Not yet. We get to play with you,” said Sean. He nodded to Quin and the two of them rotated Lynne to the right. This let her put her legs out a bit. Sean straddled one leg and kept the other pulled up towards her chest. Quin took advantage of the change of position and rubbed his cock against Lynne’s lips until she opened her mouth. He put a pillow under her head to help.

“So full! OMG! Oh yes!” thought Lynne. Hands on her breasts and ass, cocks in her pussy and mouth. “Heaven! Orgasmic heaven!”

Sean increased his pace, and slammed harder against Lynne. This made her moan, which vibrated Quin’s cock and balls. Each was building to orgasm.

“Oh yessss,” moaned Sean as he let loose in an orgasm that seemed to come up from his toes. His hands gripped Lynne tight as he shuddered time and again with aftershocks.

Lynne loved the feeling of her cervix being thumped. The pleasure of two men holding, touching, loving her was almost too much. She felt her orgasm rise and begin to crest.

Quin didn’t think he’d go off again so quickly, but Lynne’s moans and mouth had undone him. He felt his orgasm boil up from his balls and he came in throbbing pulses. He shot deep into Lynne’s throat and felt her close her lips around him, sucking the last of the juices from him.

Quin going off in her mouth was the last stimuli needed. Sucking the last drop, she let go of his cock and let herself go as well. It didn’t hurt that Sean was playing with her clit as he caught his breath. She arched and gasped, coming hard.

The next thing she heard was Sean’s voice. “You’re right, she does sort of stop breathing. Damn, Scoot over and we’ll spoon her inbetween us,”

“Fine by me,” said Quin moving over a bit. “Mind the puddle, oh did she come.”

Lynne tried to move, but her body was still melted in orgasmic pleasure. She moaned when they scooted her over too close to the wet spot. “Oh, not the wet spot,” she said softly.

“You made it,” teased Quin.

Lynne stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry. The men laughed and Sean popped her on the ass once. She gasped and then stopped. “You two… are dangerous,” she said.

They laughed at her and snuggled her tight.

Lynne woke up with a start. She looked around and there was no one there but Quin. Her gasp woke him up.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” he said.

“I just had the most orgasmic dream.”

“Oh?” he said.

“Yeah, I dreamed that my friend Sean joined us in a threesome,”

“Doesn’t he live about fifteen hours away?” asked Quin.

“Yeah, that’s what was sort of weird about it. At the same time, it was it was awesome sex,” she said as she rolled over to stroke Quin’s erection that was bobbing up and down against her thigh.

“Well, come here and show me what we did in the dream,” he said with a smile. She straddled him and began one of her favorite rides. It didn’t take long for them both to come and they collapsed in sticky splendor.

About an hour later, they then got up to make breakfast. Lynne was getting dressed when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” hollered Quin. He walked over to answer the door.

Lynne heard voices and laughter. She heard the words ‘sex’ and ‘dream’ and wondered who in the world that Quin was talking to. She finished dressing and walked out to the living room. When she got close to the door, she came to a skidding halt.

“Whoa!” she said.

There in the doorway stood Sean.

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