Caught part 16

Okay, I was going to schedule this for Saturday… Life interrupted my writing schedule, so you get another chapter of Caught. Fair Warnings… Dragons lurk!

Raven woke to Kress trying to feed him a cup of water. It dribbled down the side of his mouth. He coughed, and the pain wrenched him back to reality.

“Damn,” he hissed.

“At least you’re alive with all your parts,” said Kress.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I left most of my back in that cell,” said Raven.

Kress looked around and seeing that the guards were not in front of the cell leaned closer to Raven. “They were talking about castration earlier. Said how fun it would be to send you back to your slave girl minus the only part of you that was any good. Luckily, one of them mentioned that they’d all die if that happened and we ever escaped.”

“Gods,” winced Raven. “Castration? That is a fate I’d wish on no man.”

“Nor I. If he doesn’t plan to sell us, what will he do?” asked Kress.

“I’m not sure. Ransom? He hinted at it when he whipped me.”

“Maybe Raven. I don’t know. I simply don’t know,” said Kress.

Both men sat in the dank cell and waited. Food was brought, and the guards left again. The sun moved across the cell.

“This waiting is almost as bad as the whipping,” hissed Raven as he tried to limber up his back.

“Just sit man, you’re making yourself bleed,” said Kress.

“I’ve got to do something otherwise I’ll be crippled.” Raven stretched again and popped numerous scabs. He pulled his shirt away from his back as well. As it grew dark, the two men curled up and went to sleep.

Dawn came and so did the guards. They hauled Kress off and it wasn’t long before the sound of the whip echoed up the hall to where Raven sat. He knew it was his turn next. It wasn’t long before they dragged a naked bleeding Kress back into the cell. As Raven was grabbed, he checked two things. First that Kress was breathing and second to see if he still had his cock and balls. Everything was still there and the man was breathing. Just.

Raven was dragged into the cell and chained to the wall again. This time face out. Then one of the men cut his remaining clothes off of his body. Before he could worry too long as to whether he’d be castrated, the whip began to strike his body. Nothing was immune from it’s kiss. His ear took a strike that rendered him deaf. Another cut his cheek and then the pain that nearly cut him in half as his balls took a strike. He promised himself it they made it out alive, that he’d make sure that Horace paid for every stroke of the whip.

When he was about to pass out, they threw salt water on him. As he gasped to catch his breath, they turned him and started on the other side. Raven did his best to hold his legs together after one lash of the whip caught him up between the legs and cut across his cock and balls. Just when he thought he was going to die, more water was thrown over him and then he was dragged back to his cell.

Kress had finally managed to sit up just as Raven was thrown back into the cell. He crawled over to the bloody man and checked to see if he was intact. Relief flooded Kress and then he tried to figure which way to roll Raven that would hurt the least. He settled for rolling him on one side.

The guards came in with food and water a few hours later. Kress again dribbled water into Raven’s mouth. Raven came to with a cough and a grown.

“Thanks,” he gasped. Raven’s hand went to his balls which were swelling and then gently sat up. “Oh Damn. I didn’t think I could hurt this much and still live.”

“I passed that point the third or fourth time the lash struck my cock. I swear the bastard knew how to curl it around it and then pull,” said Kress.

Raven looked over and saw that Kress’ cock was nearly as swollen as his balls. He looked down at himself and realized that while his balls had taken a fair amount of punishment, his cock had only gotten one bad lash. “He better have a nub of a cock when we get out of here. I’m for flaying him until it falls off,” whispered Raven.

Kress nodded. “Oh, and don’t forget to roll him in a barrel of salt.”

That made Raven laugh and then gasp. “Damn that hurts.” Kress smiled. They ate the food and drank as much of the stale water as they could.

“This is where I would normally say I’d give anything for a good beer or goblet of wine. However, after that, I will leave out having my balls whipped,” said Kress. Raven nodded, trying not to laugh. As it got dark, they curled up together for warmth and tried to sleep.

As dawn came, the two men wondered if they’d be tortured or left alone. The guards came with food and water and left them alone.

“Thank whatever gods look after such retches as us,” said Kress.

“Agreed. Hopefully though not the same that protect our hosts,” said Raven.

It was Kress’ turn to nod. They ate and dozed fitfully. Raven didn’t stretch out as he had the day before. He was simply too sore. Even pissing hurt. They were sitting with their backs to the wall with a bit of sun on it when they heard a noise. It sounded like a thud.

“Did you hear that?” Raven asked. He tried to stand up.

“Yes. Not sure what that was,” said Kress. He got up and helped Raven. The two men cautiously moved towards the cell door. There were more thuds and then the cries of men. “Move back Raven,” he hissed and turned to get as far from the door as possible. Raven followed and the two men listened as hell broke loose outside their cell.

Shouts and cries followed a loud boom. Small pebbles and shards of rock blew into the cell with the blast. The men covered themselves to protect against the rubble. Another blast rocked the building. Then there was smoke and the smell of fire. Raven and Kress crawled as close to the window as they dared. Neither was tall enough to see out the window. Nor were their voices loud enough to be heard over the din of fighting men. As the smoke got worse, the two men scraped as much of the foul straw away from them and the door. Neither wanted to burn alive. They could hear more shouting and the sound of cell doors being opened.

“Well, if this is the end, it’s been knowing you,” said Kress.

“Same here. You’ve always been a fair man,” said Raven. Both men were coughing from the smoke and were crouching close to the floor. Kress slumped and passed out. Raven checked his pulse, but knew there was nothing to do. He tried to breathe and watch the door. His vision swam and He swore he saw a bright flash of color just before he too passed out.

“M’Lord! I’ve found them!” hollered Lord Fowler’s oldest son, Lars. His bright blue cloak swirled around as he headed back to the cell door he’d just bashed down with the help of two men. “They’re alive, just! Bring litters!” He turned back to the two men and tried to fan some of the smoke away from them with his cloak. He was amazed to see the two filth and blood covered men in a cleared spot of dirt. If they hadn’t shoved the straw away, they would have burned. He checked their pulses and tried to move them.

Dav, one of his men came over to help as a three other men came in with litters to carry the two men out. They lifted Lord Darkwing first. Lars looked at the man and took off his cloak to cover him. Next was Lord Kress. Dav covered Kress with his cloak. Then the men carried the two litters out of Horace’s dungeon, and over to where Lord Fowler stood next to Horace. Horace was chained to a wagon wheel. The two litters were put down and Lord Fowler checked on both men.

“Wine! Where is that wineskin?” he yelled. A young boy ran up to him with a kidney shaped leather bottle. He uncapped it and after lifting Raven’s head, dribbled a bit of wine into Raven’s mouth. Raven coughed, wretched and then drew a deep breath. He blinked as Fowler dribbled more wine into his mouth.

“Thank you,” Raven gasped hoarsely.

Lord Fowler nodded and moved to Lord Kress. It took a bit more to bring Kress about. Once he got a good swig down without coughing, he turned to Raven. “Remember when I said I’d do just about anything for a bit of wine?” he said.

“Yes,” Raven said.

“I’m taking choking near to death by smoke off that list too,” Kress said weakly.

Lord Fowler looked puzzled as the two men gasped, wheezed and laughed. “You two amaze me. You nearly die and yet you laugh?”

Raven took another swig and then explained. Lord Fowler laughed. Then he moved so that the men could see who was chained to the tire.

“Ah, the situation is upside down now Horace. Hopefully, we can find our men before too long and bring about a little justice,” said Raven.

Horace spit at the men. Lord Fowler backhanded the man and left him with a bloody nose. “Enough of you, you pile of shit,” said Fowler.

“Would you do us a favor?” asked Kress weakly.

“Yes,” said Lord Fowler.

“Would you strip him? We have a bet of sorts,” said Kress softly.

“Oh?” asked Lord Fowler puzzled.

Raven who was sitting up moved aside the cloak so that Fowler could see the state of his body, including his swollen balls.

“Ah,” nodded Lord Fowler. “Dav! Haul this piece of shit to his feet. I think that we need to make sure there isn’t any hidden treachery.”

Dav and Lars pulled Horace to his fit and held him tight. Lord Fowler sliced off the man’s leather waistcoat first and then his shirt. Once those were on the ground, he neatly slit the man’s belt and trousers. In a moment, the only thing Horace was wearing were a pair of filthy boots. Horace’s belly hung over a cock that would have done well for a wee boy of five. His balls were covered by coarse hair and nearly invisible. A few strides away, Lord Kress and Lord Darkwing laughed and then shook hands. Lord Fowler tried not to laugh, but in the end gave in. His belly roar of a laugh brough more men over to see what was so funny. The more the men laughed, the smaller Horace’s ‘equipment’ became until he looked more like a flat chested hairy woman that a fearsome slaver.

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  1. “Even pissing hurt.”
    Now, that was pain.

    I’m glad this story resulted in laughter. That was funny, indeed. 🙂

  2. I’m voting for much more, than a bit of vengeance. I believe you would want to find a large wagon wheel, and tie him to it spread eagle and take a long ride, just to start. Tip

  3. If it makes me bloodthirsty then so be it as I look forward to Kress and Raven getting their vengeance as well.

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