Beethoven Video

Now, I don’t post links to videos very often. However, this one is an exception to the rule. It’s classy, appropriate for a blog such as this and…. I dare you not to laugh. The link will take you to the video.

Beethoven Video
P.S. My mother sent me this.

10 thoughts on “Beethoven Video

  1. TemptingSweets99 says:

    LOL! This is a good one! Love how she was turning the music pages so seriously as well. Very funny. Umm.. how in the heck did your momma find this!? LOL!

  2. Mazuri says:

    What I want to know is just how does one discover that one HAS this type of “talent”? I mean, seriously. Do you sit in front of a pair of mirrors to see if you can twitch your rear to Beethoven?! *giggles* Does make a great party trick, I suppose lol

    Too funny. Kudos to your mom for finding it and you for sharing!

    • Wordwytch says:

      I don’t know! Wondered the same thing. Wolf wondered how sore she was after that, or how long she practiced.

      I will let my mom know she was appreciated for her warped sense of humor.

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