Flash Fiction Friday… Judgemental Proceedings

“Objection you honor!” cried the D.A.

“Objection denied,” said the judge. He thought of his meeting with Mrs. Winslow in his chamber not more than an hour ago.

She’d sat demurely in the chair, legs crossed.

“Your honor, I throw myself on the mercy of the court. My husband’s death was self defense.”

“Oh? What evidence can you show me in my chambers that you couldn’t in court?” he asked.

She removed her hat and showed him the bruises in her hairline. “His two-fisted grab made these while he was choking me.”


She knelt before the judge and placed his hands on her head.

“I’m still not seeing it,” said the judge. He knew what he wanted, but didn’t dare touch her more.

“May I show you?”


She unzipped his trousers, fished out his cock and took it in her mouth. “I was doing this, when he grabbed me.” She began sucking fervently. The judge stifled a moan. His two-fisted grip held her as he came with a shuddering orgasm.

She wiped her mouth, zipped him up and stood. “He choked me and that’s when I pushed him away and he fell,” she said.

“Did he hurt you anywhere else?”

“Yes your honor,” she unbuttoned her coat dress to show the black lace French undies. She placed his hand on her damp panties. “But we don’t have time right now.”

“I’ll take care of that.”


“Objection your honor!” cried the defense.

“Objection denied. Your client is in contempt of court for lewd behavior. Mrs. Winslow, cover yourself!” yelled the judge. “I will see you in my chambers in five minutes.

The judge’s chambers were dark when she walked in.

“Come here.”

She walked towards the judge standing next to his desk. She dropped her coat dress on the floor and knelt in front of the judge. He parted his robes and she took his rigid cock in her mouth in a two fisted grip. She sucked and tongued him for a few minutes. Then he pulled out of her mouth, put her face down across his desk and took her from behind. He fucked her hard and fast, shooting deep in her cunt. She came moaning into his desk blotter.

“Lick me clean,” he said.

She dropped to her knees and licked his cock clean and then stood up. He kissed her while fingering her to another orgasm. She squirted juices all over his desk. He made her lick his fingers clean and then he bit and sucked her nipples until they were rigid and pink.

“Get dressed. You will have other fines to pay,” said the judge. “However, this was by far the best romp yet.”

“Thank you. Just wait until next month,” she said smiling as she walked out of his chambers.


I had two stories running in my head. Rather than trim one, I gave you two. Nickleback’s Money Bought was playing in the background as well as Should have listened and Feeling too damn good.

I hope you liked todays Flash Fiction Friday brought to us by our host Ram! Thank you for a lovely sexy picture and great prompt. Our challenge was 255 or less, words and the phrase two-fisted.

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  1. These were terrific! Hard to say which one I liked better…the first one made me grin, and the second one made me moan.



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