Buster’s Story part 22

May, 1946

The babies had decided to show up in the middle of the night. Jelka gripped Alexander’s hand in a vice like grip. She was panting in pain. “Aleksandr, my water. It break,” she said hoarsely.

“Jelka, I must get Natalie or Dr. Abrams,” he said softly trying to untangle himself from his wife.

“Goooh,” she half growled. She knew shifting wasn’t possible, but her vocal cords shifted with the pain.

Alexander kissed her head and grabbing his trousers and shoes, he ran for Brian and Natalie’s cabin. He pounded on the door until a groggy Brian answered.


“Jelka. The babies,” panted Alexander.

Brian blinked and hollered for Natalie. “Go back to Jelka. I fetch Dr. Abrams,” said Brian.

Alexander nodded and ran home. He could hear Jelka’s cries as he reached the cabin door. He sprinted up the stairs and cradled her. “Natalie come, and Brian get Abrams. It will be okay,” he said.


Natalie arrived first and with Alexander’s help got Jelka settled in to give birth. Dr. Abrams arrived a little later with Brian. Brian took Alexander into the kitchen where they boiled water and put coffee on to brew. Brian knew the best thing he could do is keep Alexander occupied while Natalie and David helped the babies into the world.

Although it was nearly May, Alexander went out to the wood pile and began to chop wood. Mornings were cool and he didn’t want the babies or Jelka to be cold. Brian joined him in stacking the split logs. They filled the wood box.

Dawn came and went. Jenny and Marie brought food for the men and checked to see what they could do for Natalie. At one point, David Abrams came outside with a cup of coffee and a roll. He sat heavily on the porch.

“Is she okay?” asked Alexander.

“Tired. Those babies won’t make up their minds. Can’t decide which one will be born first,” said David.

Brian nodded. Twins either came quickly or took forever. He hoped that these two hurried up. He had lost count of how many babies had been born in the last year. Jenny had started the explosion with Martin late in 1945. Since then he’d married off the last of his own children, and now had so many nieces, nephews, and grandbabies that he’d lost count. He’d also run so much as a wolf lately that the grandbabies were calling him Buster. That had started the night he’d come home and woke up the war babies by jumping in the wrong window. When the children asked who the ‘big doggie’ was, Quintus had laughed and said Buster. His wartime nickname had stuck.

Natalie called down the stairs for Dr. Abrams. Both men went running upstairs. The first thing Alexander noticed was the sound of a baby crying. Jelka was still in labor. He moved to her side and held her hand as Marie cleaned up the baby. Natalie and David were busy bringing the other baby into the world.

“Push Jelka,” said Natalie. Natalie had finally had enough, and had reached in to move the babies as they had jammed up trying to be born. After pushing the one baby back, the other literally popped out. She’d handed the baby off to Marie and hollered for the men. “You’ll need to stitch her up a bit,” Natalie said quietly to David. She was holding a pad of cloth to a tear. David saw, nodded and turned to get his suture kit.

Jelka pushed and groaned. She squeezed Alexander’s hand as she brought the second baby into the world. Natalie cradled the baby while David cut the cord. He began to stitch up the tear while waiting for the afterbirth. The cries of two lusty babies filled the room. Their cries were followed by the howls of joy from the adults present.

Natalie tried to shoo Alexander out of the room so that they could finish cleaning up Jelka and the babies up, but he refused. She put him to work instead. Once the afterbirths had been delivered, and David was done stitching Jelka up, she had Alexander cradle Jelka while she and Marie stripped the bed. Twenty minutes later, Natalie closed the door on the new family. Jelka and Alexander were curled up on the bed with their twins, Ross and Rose nestled between them. Marie had cleaned up the kitchen and set the sheets to soak. Both women would check on the family later in the day.



David and Marie walked back to the cabin they shared. “When are all these births going to stop?” he wondered out loud.

“When people are too tired from all the babies,” giggled Marie. Her son Jack lived with her sister’s children most of the time and she’d been relieved when there were no babies after she started sleeping with David. “We a horny lot, and too many men gone too long. We wear out our fingers,” she laughed.

David smiled. He understood just how lusty the women were around here. When Marie had barged into his cabin a year ago, he’d tried three times to kick her out. In the end, he’d given in. When they reached the cabin, he headed straight for the bedroom. It was barely afternoon, but he was tired. He dropped his clothes on a chair and crawled under the quilt.

“You tired?” she asked as she crawled into bed.

“A little. Aren’t you?” he asked as she cuddled up to him.

“Non. Jus wanting to make love,” she said.

“You are the horniest woman I have ever met,” he said. “And I have met a lot.”

Marie giggled and wrapped her fingers around his cock. The first time they’d made love, she had been nervous. She hadn’t been sure if he was too old to have sex even though he didn’t look old. She had been very pleased to find out that he was very good in bed. His cock swelled as she stroked him. Bending down a little, Marie took him in her mouth and licked and sucked until he moaned.

“Mmmarie,” he gasped. She had shifted her tongue just a bit and the sensation of her mouth and tongue combined nearly undid him. He tried to touch her, but she’d moved just out of reach.

Marie would have smiled if her mouth wasn’t so full. While not as long as some, David made up for it in girth. She continued to suck and lick him until the first drop of cum slid across her tongue. Then she sat up and moved forward to kiss David.

David pulled her up on his lap and let her slide down onto his cock. It felt good and before long, they moved in a rhythm that worked for them. Marie’s muscles tightened around his cock. David cupped and squeezed her breasts as he came deep inside of her.

“Ahh…” he moaned softly.

Marie growled deep in the back of her throat, her muscles pulling his orgasm and bringing on her own. They stiffened in pleasure, David just a little ahead of Marie. When the two of them finished shuddering, they curled up and went to sleep.



“What you think them babies?” asked Brian as he cuddled Natalie in bed. They too had decided to nap. Or at least go to bed.

“They be more like that Jelka. She still so shy, like Wolf Girl and that Estelle what married Quintus. That Rose has a tail, you see?” said Natalie.

“Aye. Just a nub, but both have deep dimples on the spine. Jus glad Jelka live. I worry,” said Brian.

“You and Alexander worry. I see that. Smell that,” said Natalie hugging her mate.

“Aye,” said Brian. He pulled Natalie close to him and they were soon asleep.




The children ran around the truck as Alexander tried to pack the last of the belongings. Kent, David, Marie, and three or four others lent a hand. He’d found work in Calgary and finally convinced Jelka that they should move. Ross and Rose would start school in the autumn.

“You make sure you send us your address as soon as you’re settled,” Natalie told Jelka.

“Aye. It a bit scary, move to big city,” said Jelka softly.

“You’ll be okay. We’ll visit you and the twins will enjoy school. Most of all, Alexander needs to get back to being a silversmith,” said Natalie.

“Aye.” Jelka fingered the fine chain she wore around her neck. It was a sliding loop necklace and at the base of the loop was a rose as the catch. “Aleksandr, he a good silversmith, don’ need work with those trees no more.”

Natalie nodded. A huge timber had skittered on the saw at the mill and three men had died. Alexander had lost part of his leg. Luckily David had been able to save his life. If it had just been her, he might have died. It still took some getting use to though to see Alexander shift and run as a three legged wolf. She hugged Jelka and then helped round up the twins.

“You take care of that Jelka, those twins,” said Brian. He hugged Alexander and thumped him on the back. “I miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” said Alexander. He got into the cab of the truck carefully. His wooden leg and the ‘foot’ Kent had made him worked the clutch just fine, but it took a little finesse to get seated. He started up the truck and shifted into first gear. He and Jelka waived as they headed out of town and north to Calgary. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw that over thirty people still stood there waiving. Looking at Jelka, he saw the tears running down her face.

“It’ll be okay Jelka,” he said.

“I know. It jus’ so hard to leave Aleksandr.”

He nodded and drove on.



Brian, David and Natalie sat on the porch as Marie got beer for everyone. She handed out glasses and then sat down next to David.

“It been a long summer,” said Brian.

“Aye. So many leaving,” said Natalie.

“Too many jobs, new opportunities and money to be made,” said David. Families had been leaving the area for British Columbia, Montana and Wyoming or heading north to Alaska. Over 150 at last count, not including Alexander’s family.

“Aye. Plus, so many of the men go that Koren battle. I guess you go next?” asked Brian. He’d noticed David listening to the radio and reading the papers.

“Jus’ tell him. He no kill you for wantin’ to go,” said Marie. They’d had a long discussion about it and at 28, she was itching to travel and see a bit more of the world and recognized David’s desire to travel. “An before you ask Papa, I tell him it okay.”

David looked at Marie and then back at Brian. He took a deep breath. “Yes, I was considering enlisting. I’d need some papers though, and hadn’t figured out how to get them. Last time it wasn’t an issue. I just enlisted as David Abrams Jr. and changed a few dates.”

“You wan’ be my nephew? That fool Andre get himself killed that sawmill. He 30, been to University that Toronto, learn some medicine. Natalie, she no file death papers. Din’ see no reason as there were no family,” said Brian.

Natalie nodded. “I have his papers. Birth certificate, all that stuff he leave his cabin.”

David blinked. He never thought that it would be this easy. Modern society was making it more difficult for him to change identities. “Really? You’d do this for me?”

“He don’ tell you, but we talk about this since Quintus and George leave with their cousins. He wan’ ask you go take care of them dumb wolves never been no war, but din’ want get cross of you or Marie,” admitted Natalie with a smile. “An at 56, he too damn old go that war. I won’ let him.”

Brian smiled sheepishly and nodded. “She is ver’ persuasive. You go look after those boys mine? Keep them safe?”

“Aye Brian,” said David. The four of them sat on the porch and finished their beer.



David became Andre Paquet, 32 years old. Everyone around him started calling him Andre which helped him slip into character. Marie drilled him in his new life details as she cut his hair.

“My grand-mere, she Celia. My papa, he Joaquin, die that Great War. Maman she Yvonne. Die in 1938 that flu. I stay home WWII an help raise my sisters Rose and Rachel,” he recited. It was difficult to speak Metis all the time, but he heard it every day.

“Better,” said Marie. You get this. Good thing that Andre such a fool never go to that WWII. Otherwise, this be much more trouble.” She finished dusting the hair off of ‘Andre’, and ran the bath. When it was full, they both climbed in to soak. They talked and washed.

“You know, come twenty years from now, you can be that David Abrams III. Son of Marie Davy and David Abrams Jr.,” she said as she stroked his legs.

“You trying to tell me something?” he asked looking at her with a little more intently.

“Non, All this time, we fuck like crazy and never no baby. But, in twenty years, you need a new identity. New life. Easy say I had baby. Easy say what his name is. Natalie, she make them certificates all time. Canada no care,” she said. “Sides, If I was gonna have a baby, you think I let you leave?”

David smiled, and reached out to caress her face. “No, you’d tell me. And if you did, it would be the first baby of mine in over a 100 years. I wouldn’t leave.” He stood up out of the bath and after wrapping a towel around his waist, helped Marie out of the tub. They went to their room to snuggle and make love.

Marie took David’s cock in her hand and stroked him until he was hard. David caressed Marie and pulled her up to him so that he could finger her. As his fingers stroked her clit, she turned and wrapped her lips around his cock. When he couldn’t take it any more without exploding, he tickled her ribs and she pulled off.

“You… brat,” she laughed.

David smiled and pulled her to her knees. He moved between her legs and slid his cock inside. Hands on hips, he started a slow stroke that increased as the pleasure deepened. It wasn’t long before they moved at a ball slapping pace that had Marie moaning and growling. David gripped harder and in a gasping moan, came hard and deep. Marie came seconds later. Half shifted, Marie wiggled until she sent aftershocks up his spine. Her muscles gripped and pulled until he thought he’d pass out. Finally, she let go of him and the two of them curled up on the bed.

“What you miss most?” she asked quietly as they lay in bed recovering.

“Oh, the way you curl up nose to tail when you shift, or maybe the way you snore,” he teased.

“Snore! You bastard! I don’ snore!” she said thumping him on the chest.

“Alright! Alright! You don’t snore. I will miss the wild crazy sex. I’ll miss the sight of you running in the moonlight and I’ll miss our easy going relationship,” David said kissing her. He held her tight and could feel her shudder as she cried. Tears hit his chest.

“I’ll miss you. Jus’ don’ you die that war. Come back, see me,” she said.

“I will. I will,” he said as they drifted off to sleep.

Two weeks later, Marie drove him and some of the other young men from the town to the train in Lethbridge. Everyone promised to help Andre keep in character. As they boarded the train, Andre gave his cousin one last kiss goodbye and promised to write as the train pulled out of the station.

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