Lynne lay on the bed and let the cool air from the fan play over her skin. It had been a long hot day. She was almost asleep when Quin came into the room and dropped a shopping bag on the bed.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Toys. I went shopping at the Dom Store.”

It took her a moment to translate. “Oh, you went to the hardware store,” she said.

“Exactly. I found a lovely set of fast clip carabiners, three paint stirrers even though I only got one can of paint, and two or three other things. However, you don’t get to see them before you feel them,” teased Quin.

Lynne dropped her head into the pillows and mumbled. She totally forgot that Quin was in Dom mode, and was rather surprised when he landed a light smack on her ass. Worse yet, her body reacted in a way she didn’t expect. She moaned.

“Well, at least that was understandable.”

“What?” she asked trying to turn over.

“You mumbled and I couldn’t understand you, so I popped you on the ass. Then you moaned and I understood that. Now what were you mumbling?”

“I said, ‘oh god! More prevertables.’ and then sighed,” said Lynne.

Quin smiled. “I’ll be right back. Don’t move, don’t look in the bag. Understood?”

She nodded. Putting her head down on the bed, she just relaxed.


Quin came back in and discovered that Lynne had drifted off. “Perfect!” he thought. He picked up the bag and got out the paint stirrers. He put two aside and then got the cake server which Lynne called the Fucking Silver Cake Thingy out of the toy box as well as the glass dildo. He also removed a small adhesive sticker he’d had made by a friend of his. He took the backing off and carefully centered the sticker on the box. Then he smoothed it down and turned back to Lynne.


Lynne was dreaming about sex. She was having a great time as Quin tied her up and began to caress her whole body. He’d just reached her ass …

“Damn!” she cried out as the paint stirrer hit her ass. “You… You could have woken me up a little more gently,” she said between swats.

“I know, but I just couldn’t resist,” laughed Quin. “I could have used this instead.” He swatted her with the cake server.

“Oh damn! Ow! Ow! Oh…” she gasped. Lynne tried to flinch away from the last blow, but Quin caught her by the thigh. He ran his hand over her reddened ass.

“That reminds me. Bunny butt please.”

“Bunny what?” Lynne asked.

“Curl up on your knees like a bunny. I want your butt more up in the air.”

Lynne shook her head and moved into ‘bunny butt’ pose. She barely had time to decide whether to put her head on the bed or on her hands when the cake server and the paint stirrer got used like a set of drumsticks. She gasped. Quin changed up his rhythm and did sort of a 3-4 beat on her ass. Lynne came up off of the bed and nearly sat straight up.

“And where do you think you’re going?” he asked as he put his hand on the back of her neck.

“I… ow! Damn that stings!” she gasped between swats.

Quin smiled and dropping the paint stirrer. He caressed her ass and then ran his fingernails across her skin. Lynne moaned. Then he swatted her ass with just his hand. As he crossed over from one cheek to the other, he realized that she was getting very wet. He stroked her skin and picked up the dildo. He swatted her ass right across both cheeks and as she gasped, he rubbed the head of the dildo across her lips and let it slide into her soaked pussy.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.



Quin continued to stroke her skin as he slid the dildo in and out. “Sit up,” he said.

Lynne about asked why and stopped herself. She sat up, realizing that Quin held the dildo in place. Now it was held in place because she was sitting on it. Quin flopped to the bed beside her, his erection bobbing and swaying. Lynne smiled and turned to take him in her mouth. As she bent to take him in her mouth, his hand cupped the end of the dildo and played with it while she sucked and licked his cock.

Lynne enjoyed the feeling of the dildo and Quin’s cock. It reminded her for a moment of their weekend when Sean showed up at their house. It’d been a wonderful time, even better than her dream. She could feel her orgasm beginning to build and tasted the first bit of cum slide across her tongue. She sucked harder and wiggled her tongue across Quin’s cock.

“Oh,” Quin moaned. He pulled the dildo out of Lynne’s pussy. “Come here.”

Lynne turned and straddled Quin. She lowered herself down on his cock and shivered with pleasure as it caressed her inside. She started a slow rhythm, not knowing how long Quin would last. With one hand stroking her ass, he reached up with the other one and pinched her nipples. Lynne gasped. Quin smiled, put both hands on her tender ass and thrust up. This made Lynne sit up and drove his cock deep into her pussy.

“Ah… oh Quin,” she moaned. She rocked back and forth until his thrusts made her bounce up and down on his cock. She grabbed her breasts as he grabbed her hips and thrust harder. Lynne could feel Quin’s balls slap against her ass and then that tingle creep up her spine. Her orgasm was only seconds away.

Quin stiffened and lifted off the bed as his orgasm roared up from his toes. “Aaaaahhh,” he moaned softly. He jerked and twitched as the last of his cum raced out of his balls. He twitched again as Lynne went off, her orgasm making her collapse against his chest.

Lynne moaned and twitched as wave after wave of orgasm rolled her. It had been a long time and it felt so good. She collapsed onto his chest.


An hour later, Quin nudged Lynne. “You going to put the toys away tonight?” he asked.

Lynne blinked owlishly. “Um… okay,” she said realizing that she was laying on the FSCT and the dildo. She pulled them out from under her and after washing them off, she went to put them in the toy box. There was just enough light in the room for her to see the sticker that Quin had stuck on the box.

Toys For Twats

Lynne laughed as she put the toys away.

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