Twisted Tails part 11

Sorry this took so long. It’s been a busy week and life over-ran my writing time! Hope you enjoy!


Vivien woke up and realized she couldn’t move. Her hair was pinned to the bed by the wolf’s back feet. Her body was pinned by the wolf’s head across her hip. He’d curled around her like a shawl.

“Andrew, I need to get up,” she said softly. “Andrew.” She shook his head and he rolled over on his back. Once again she recognized the blaze of hair that showed up on his human body displayed on the wolf’s belly. She disentangled her hair from his feet, got up and headed to the bathroom. She wondered if she should take a shower or wait for Andrew to shift back. She chose to shower. Vivien had just put shampoo in her hair when she felt the shower curtain move.


“Morning Andrew.”

“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked.

“Content. Wet, and just a tiny bit sore.”

Andrew nodded, grabbed the body wash and after squirting some in his hand, he began to wash Vivien. He smiled as he ran his hands over her body. Her nipples perked up as he ran his hands over her breasts. Then his hands went lower. Vivien moaned as his hand gently washed between her legs.

“Oh, you keep that up and we will be back in bed,” she gasped.

“I wouldn’t mind.”

Vivien looked down and saw that his cock was bobbing against her leg. “I guess you wouldn’t. Do you have to be to work today?” she asked as she rinsed off.

“No, it’s Sunday. I switch off with Becky.”

“Oh, then let’s rinse off.” Vivien made sure all the soap was rinsed off and then grabbed a towel for each of them. Andrew looked impish with his hair ruffled from the towel. She just squeezed the water out of hers and didn’t try to do anything with it. They threw off some of the pillows and collapsed to the bed. Before Vivien could move farther up the bed, Andrew moved between her legs and began to lick and nibble his way to her center. While he wanted to let his tongue shift, he held back. He slid his fingers in to tickle her g-spot.

“Vivien, would you mind if I shifted my tongue just a little?” he asked.

“Uh, mmmm, what you’re doing feels good,” she moaned.

“The tongue will feel better,” he said.

“Oh, umm… okay,” Vivien said trying to figure out how anything could feel better. Three boyfriends in ten years hadn’t felt this good.

Andrew smiled, lowered his head to her opening and let his tongue explore her inner folds. Her reaction was almost instantaneous.

“OH! Oh my!” she cried out as she grasped the bedding, her thighs, Andrew’s head, anywhere, trying to cope with the overload of sensations. “Aaaahh!” she cried out as she orgasmed.

Andrew let her relax just a bit and then licked her again. He would have smiled if he could at her reaction. Instead, he enjoyed how she twitched, gasped and clawed the bedding as he continued to play with her. He glanced over to where the condoms were sitting. He also knew that much more of this would have him on such a short fuse that it wouldn’t be much fun.

“Aaanddrew, hhold on,” she gasped at last.

Andrew stopped and sat up. “Yesh?”

“I… I want a brain cell or two left and it isn’t fair to you,”

“Whatchs noht fair?”

“No one is playing with you,” she said and roled over to wrap her hand around his cock. It was Andrew’s turn to gasp as she stroked him and then lowered her mouth onto his cock. Vivien’s mouth was warm, wet and her tongue was delightful. It flicked the tip of his cock and then somehow she was sucking the underside of it and yet never taking her mouth completely off of him. He felt that first hint of an orgasm begin to bubble up.

“Vivien, please, unless you want me to come in your mouth, let… let me,” was as far as he got. His orgasm almost took him by surprise. Vivien was still laving him with her tongue, and hadn’t stopped when he asked. He grabbed the mop of curls and held her head in place while he came and came.

Vivien had heard him ask to stop, but wanted to have him come in her mouth. After that tongue of his nearly tickled her tonsils, she wanted to make him happy. What she didn’t expect was the volume. She swallowed twice and still felt like there was cum dripping everywhere. She licked him as clean as possible and then went to get a towel as Andrew lay there boneless. She wiped her face and then him clean.

“That was umm… a lot,” she said with a bit of a giggle.

“Yes, oh my. Do you know where my bones went?” he said half giggling.

“Of course. I sucked them right out of your cock and they are making my stomach gurgle,” she laughed.

Andrew laughed too and pulled her to him. They cuddled for a while and snoozed for a little bit. Andrew felt himself growing hard again and began to play with Vivien until she was very wet. He grabbed a condom, slid it on and moved between her legs. While she was tight, Vivien coped with his length just fine. He stroked in and out as he held her knees.



“Can we change positions?”

“Of course,” he said slowing down. “Which way?”

“Promise not to laugh?”

“Maybe.” he said with a smile.

“On our knees?” she asked.

“Oh, Wolfy style?” he said with a smile as he rolled her over.

“Wwolfy style?” Vivien asked as Andrew slid in from behind, grabbing her hips and thrusting slowly at first.

“Yes. It’s the classier version of doggy style. And you can only do it with wolves or shifters,” he said.

“Oh… you… are tterrible,” she gasped as he increased his pace. Her gasps and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass sounded loud in the quiet room. Her nipples glanced against the sheets as Andrew’s rhythm increased. His fingers tightened on her hips and it almost felt as if his nails had grown as the pace increased.

Andrew felt himself shift ever so slightly. He tried to hold back, and knew his control was slipping. It just felt so good. “Our mate,” the wolf said deep in the back of his mind. “Ours.” Andrew wanted to agree, but sometimes the wolf understood things at a level the humans never figured out. He felt his balls tighten and Vivien cried out as her orgasm poured through her body. Andrew gave in as her muscles squeezed his cock. He felt that knot grow, the condom constrict around his cock and then came hard. He seemed to come forever. Gasping, he grabbed Vivien around the waist and then rolled to one side, so that both of them were on the bed.

“Andrew, are… are you going to pull out?” she gasped, feeling her body clench and shudder around his cock.

“Noh, Cahn’t.”

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Knohht forrmmed. Sorrhy.”

“Knot? Oh. Like a dog?” she asked.

“Uhuh. Sorrhy,”

“Why are you sorry? You’ve said it twice,” asked Vivien.

“Loscht controhl. Shhifted a bit. Should havh shtopped. Felht so gooh.”

“That still doesn’t explain the apology. It did feel good and I don’t mind, I just don’t understand.” she said.

“Chon-dum. Noht mehnt for shhifters. Hit brroke an I cahn’t pulhh out,” he said.

“Oh. Oh no,” Vivien said as she realized exactly what had happened.

“Sho sorrhy,” he said holding her close.

“Andrew, it’s okay. My period is due in a few days. I should be okay,” she said.


After an hour or so, the knot relaxed and Andrew pulled out. As he suspected, the condom was broken. They showered and Vivien cleaned up as best she could. While she was bathing, she thought about it. She could go get one of those morning after pills. Then again, she figured that if she was pregnant, it wasn’t that big a deal. When she was out of the shower, they’d talk.

When she walked into the kitchen, Andrew had made tea and scrambled them some eggs. He was just setting toast on the table. Vivien sat down and he put their plates on the table. The eggs had bits of meat and cheese in them from the night before.

“This looks good. I don’t know why I thought you wouldn’t know how to cook,” said Vivien.

Andrew smiled. “It is a survival mechanism when you live alone for a long time. Or, you get very good at eating out. I like to cook.”

Vivien smiled and dug into the food. They ate and when the last scrap was gone, Vivien saw Andrew watching her intently as if trying to decide if she was upset. “Andrew, it’s okay. I’m either going to get pregnant or I won’t.”

“What about one of those pills? The morning after or whatever they call it?” he asked.

“I… I wouldn’t want to do that. What if this was the only baby I might ever have?” she said. “I’d rather take the chance.”

“It… it isn’t a good way to start a relationship though, with you getting pregnant,” he said.

“Okay, let me ask you… In your family. In most of the shifters families, are the women pregnant before they marry?” she asked.

Andrew started to speak and then stopped. He started again and stopped. “Um… I think most of them are pregnant when they have a formal mating ceremony,” he said at long last.

“I thought so from what some of the women at the picnic were saying. Now, this is what I propose. Let’s keep dating. Let’s keep having sex, with condoms. If in a week, I don’t have my cycle, we’ll talk more. If I do, we just have a slightly different discussion and I’ll get on birth control if that’s what we decide. In the meantime, let’s try not to worry and see how our relationship developes,” she said.

Andrew looked at her, smiled and then stood up and pulled her into his arms. They kissed and stood there for a moment. Then he ruffled her curls. “Movie?” he asked.

“Yes!” answered Vivien and they went out to the living room to find a DVD they both wanted to watch.

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  1. I like that as well. Wolfstyle.
    Have to admit I like the touch of the knot, l suppose it is the thought of being joined in such a close way.

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