A Little Bit Of Life

It has been a crazy busy week here and as usual, that has meant very little time to write. I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of Caught! There will be more, but it might have to wait until I return home as Wolf and I are going on a…gasp…. trip.Ā  It is much needed for both of us.Ā  I don’t have stories waiting in the wings for once and for that I apologize. However, as with most vacations, they generate a bunch of new story ideas.


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  1. you both go enjoy the little time away from us nutty demanding readers šŸ˜‰ you’ll come back all refreshed and hopefully with a thing or two you could make us smile about.

      1. i like the sound of that, got room in that backpack? hubbie on vacation here and he’s not fun to be around when bored out of his mind and whiny kids lol. i got them 24/7 whole year around!!

        1. LOL! Ah that it was camping. We’ve gone on a little trip to see two of the grandbabies… Granted, we could put you in the back of the pickup truck.

          Maybe you should send hubbie and the kids on a museum trip or something. Or, run away for a day yourself.

    1. We intend to relax. Just checked into the hotel and are mellowing out before we go explore the big city. Wheee… LOL..

      And I’m sure that there will be inspiration. šŸ™‚ I have ideas already.

  2. Have tons of fun! We shall await your return with as much patience as we can muster. Might not be much, but we’ll muster it all the same šŸ˜€

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