Twisted Tails part 13

Kevin and Cal helped Andrew move Vivien into his house. Not that she had a lot of furniture, but the extra hands helped with the awkward pieces like her bed and mattresses.

“You know, it’d be a lot easier if I could just shift,” said Cal.

“Yeah, and last time you did that, Angie got a new box spring,” laughed Kevin.

“Oh just shut up!” said Cal from the other side of the mattress. It didn’t take them much longer to move the bed upstairs. Vivien and Becky had assembled the bedframe and were waiting for the guys. Cal and Kevin lowered the mattress into place and went to get the pillow top. Vivien looked around for the box that held her sheets while Becky looked out the window.

“You going to be okay with this?” Becky asked.

“I think so. Better than living on the street or moving back with my parents,” said Vivien.

“Oh damn! I couldn’t cope with my parents now,” said Becky.

“Neither could I. Hell, I still haven’t told them about Andrew.”

Becky nodded. “I understand.” They’d talked earlier about dating shifters and the odd bits like explaining to family why chocolate cake or chocolate syrup wasn’t a good idea.

“I think that someone should write a dating guide,” said Vivien.

“Oh yeah! No rollerskating dates!” laughed Becky.


“Yeah. Penny, That’s Bitty’s mom wanted to have a rollerskating party. They rented the rink for the evening and everyone came. Shifters and nonshifters. It was great right until one of the little ones fell and hurt themselves. A few of the moms were shifters and went into sort of ‘protect’ mode because of the crying. Next thing we knew, there must have been four or five wolves with skates on and shredded clothes. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” said Becky.

Vivien thought about this and then started to giggle. “Did… did someone take care of the security tapes?”

“Yeah, Luc did once he untangled himself from his skates and the shreds of his jeans. It was so funny. After that though, we stuck to more wolf-proof parties.”

“Okay. That would also explain the parties out at Dr. Jeff’s too,” said Vivien.


Their conversation came to a halt while Kevin and Cal dropped the pillow top mattress on the bed. The two women made up the bed and then headed downstairs. Becky had brought chile and they were going to have nachos with it. Vivien heated up the cheese sauce and got a bowl for the chips. The men brought the last of the stuff up from the truck and then cleaned up to eat.

Cal leaned against the counter while Andrew handed out Fat Tire Ale. Everyone helped themselves to the chile, chips and nacho cheese. They sat down and Andrew put a DVD in and they sat and watched Wolf with Jack Nicholson. The guys were laughing and making bad jokes about various bits of the movie.

“I can’t believe you are watching this,” Vivien said to Andrew.

“Well, it’s funny. Especially when they get something wrong,” said Andrew. “It also helps to ‘know thy enemy’ in a weird way.”

“How?” she asked.

“Well, we know all the things we ‘think’ we are by literature, films and TV. It’s all observation. Just like in the Middle Ages, we always had a family member or two high in local governments if we could. Often in the church or the aristocracy. It helped us keep a pulse on things.”

“Okay, so how many writers are shifters?” she asked.

“I honestly don’t know. Plus in some families it might not be the sifter, but the spouse that writes,” said Andrew.

Vivien nodded and went back to watching Jack run around biting his co-workers.


“Care to um… fool around?” a slightly drunk Andrew asked Vivien.

“You think you can get it up?” she teased as she stroked his crotch.

“I can try. You’re bed or mine?”

“Yours. That way if you pass out, I can go ‘home’,” she said.

“Oh, that wouldn’t be very friendly,” he said as he stripped off his clothes. While he was tipsy, he wasn’t half as drunk as Vivien thought he was. His metabolism was burning the alcohol off quickly.

“Well, I may not want you snoring in my ear.”

“I… can see that,” he hiccuped.

“Maybe we should shower first,” said Vivien. She realized that she was a bit sweaty as she undressed.

Andrew sniffed her at the neck and just grabbed her around the waist. “Youh schmell jus fin toh meh,” he said his jaw shifting ever so slightly. He pulled her to the bed and began kissing and licking her all over.

“Oh! Andrew, stop! That tickles,” she squealed.

“Noh, youh tahst goohhd,” he said.

Vivien tried to escape his tongue, but he pinned her to the bed and licked and kissed her until her body surrendered to his attacks. After licking and sucking her nipples, he slid his fingers deep inside. Vivien arched in response, bringing her mound and clit closer to his tongue. He licked and sucked her clit until she came in a shuddering orgasm. Andrew stroked her skin as she lay there catching her breath.

Vivien rolled over and before Andrew could catch her hips and pull her to him, she pivoted and took his erection in her mouth. She loved the feel of his cock, but she didn’t always have a chance to give him a blow job. Sex was still a very heady lustful thing between the two of them.

It was Andrew’s turn to gasp. He loved the feel of her mouth on him. He loved the feel of her whole body to be honest, but that hot little mouth with a tongue that twisted and licked him, was heaven. He could feel himself beginning to shift and tried to hold back.

Vivien felt Andrew grow larger and hairier. Rather than risk another broken condom, she just kept sucking and licking. She knew he was close to coming and added her fingers around his cock to stroke him as she licked. It didn’t take much longer for him to begin to stiffen and arch up off the bed, thrusting faster into her mouth as he came. She swallowed as best she could, but still had cum running down her hand. She licked him as clean as she could and then went for a towel.

When she came back, he’d shifted fully and she had a large reddish wolf in her bed. Wiping her hand, she curled up on the bed with him and went to sleep.



Two days later, she was making lunch when Andrew walked up behind her and gave her a hug.

“Andrew, be careful,” she said.

“I am. Just wanted to give you a hug. I know we were a bit nervous over that condom break, but I’m glad everything didn’t happen,” he said.


“Your cycle started, so you aren’t pregnant,” he said.

“I haven’t…” she stopped mid sentence. Then she dropped the spoon on the counter and ran for the bathroom.

She was back in about five minutes. “How did you know?” she asked.

“I have a nose. Same way I will know when you are fertile or pregnant,” he said touching his nose.

“Oh. Okay, because that was just damn freaky. Literally a second after you said I wasn’t pregnant, I could feel my cycle start.”

“You were spotting this morning, but it wasn’t much. I figured you’d notice it soon enough,” he said a little apologetic.

“Okay. Oh. I got an email from my parents. They said they’d be in the area and wondered if they could come visit.”

“Fine by me. Am I a lover or just your eccentric landlord?” he asked.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Would you be offended if I didn’t introduce you as a boyfriend?”

“And why, if you don’t mind me asking?” Andrew asked.

Vivien looked at Andrew. “It isn’t that I’m ashamed of you or anything like that. It’s more that my parents over react at times. They were so enthusiastic with one boyfriend that he dropped me like a hot rock. Another one was derided as an ass ten seconds after they met him. And then there was my marriage. I just don’t want things to go wrong. I’m thirty years old, but sometimes my parents treat me like I’m thirteen.”

Andrew wrapped his arms around her again and kissed the top of her head. “It’s okay. I understand. I’ve had to help some of the others deal with their non-shifter inlaws. I will be a gentleman and as absent as you need me to be while they are here.”

“Thank you for understanding,” she said with a hug.

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  1. hurrah for Andrew and Vivien! Her folks sound psychotic lol maybe she should let Andrew bite them, though they might be the type to totally go around the bend.

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