“We don’t have time for this Quin said as Lynne stroked his cock.

“Hey, I’m not the one who curled up around me and started pinching my nipple.”

“Well, I just wanted to cuddle for a few minutes before we had to get up. Busy day, long drive, two meetings,” he said stroking her breast.

“Oh, don’t stop,” she gasped as the pre-orgasmic feelings rippled down her body. She reached across him and stroked his cock. It bounced against her hand under the sheet. She kept stroking it, listening to Quin moan as she pulled back the covers and grasped it in her hand. Running her thumb over the slit, she felt the first drop of cum. She smeared it over the head and kept stroking. Quin gasped, and turned Lynne so that she faced him. They kissed and she moved to take him in her mouth.


Lynne would have smiled except that her mouth was full of cock. She felt Quin’s fingers begin to stroke her pussy. His fingers delving in and once wet, stroking her clit and teasing small orgasms out of her. She wiggled and moaned against his cock, which made him harder. Quin brought her to another small orgasm and she could take it no longer. Letting go of his cock, she swung her leg over his body and sank down on his hard cock. She loved riding him.

Quin grabbed her hips and thrust up hard against her. The slap of flesh on flesh was soon drown out by Lynne’s moans. She leaned forward and Quin grabbed her nipples and pinched hard. She gasped. The pain made her pussy clench around Quin’s cock. He thrust harder and increased his pace.

Cupping her breasts, she began to bounce up and down which felt so good to both of them. Quin grabbed her hips, thrust hard and came in an explosion of sensation that arched him up off of the bed. Lynne gasped and came, her pussy pulsing around Quin’s cock, milking it of every drop of cum. She collapsed to one side on the bed and the two of them lay there panting.

“Oh damn that was good,” he said. He tried to move his hands, but all he could do was twitch.

“Not like we needed that or anything,” Lynne said with a smile.

“No, didn’t need that at all,” he laughed. Rolling over, he cupped her pussy and began to finger her to another orgasm. It was her turn to arch off of the bed. Her skin flushed red as she came hard. It was her turn to lay there and gasp.

Ten minutes later, Quin rolled over and sat up. “We’ve got to get going,” he said.

“Do we have to?”

“Yes. Meetings…” he started.

“Damn. Okay. But we’re having a rematch tonight!”

“We’ll see, my little sex fiend,” Quin said as he headed to the shower.


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