Shower Magic part 2

“You look worn out,” said Dave.

“Have the dreams I’ve been having and tell me you’d be bouncing around,” said Greg.

“Well, at least you ‘saw’ your mystery woman this time. How red was her hair?”

“Deep auburn. Or, it was regular red and just wet. I don’t know,” said Greg. “I wish I understood why I was having these dreams.”

“Maybe because you’re lonely? Horny? Need to fuck?” teased Dave.

“Yeah, but three in a row? I don’t get it.”

“Well, this one goes down as the kinkiest stalker story I’ve ever heard,” said Dave.

“It isn’t like that! It’s almost like I expect her now.”

“Sir, you left your change,” said the barista. She held out a handful of coins and bills.

Greg looked up. “Oh, thanks,” he said taking the money from her.

“What’s with the puzzled look?” asked Dave.

“Her voice, it sounds familiar.”

“Greg, we’ve had morning coffee in here every day for the last year and then some. She’s always here. Of course she sounds familiar!”

“Yeah, guess so. These dreams just have me a bit rattled,” said Greg. He finished his coffee, picked up his trash and headed out. Dave trailed behind.


Greg let the water trail across his face. He’d just reached for the shampoo when the hands touched his waist.

“Bend down and close your eyes,” she whispered.

Greg did as she asked. As the blindfold slid into place, he felt her breasts touch his chest. He started to touch her and then hesitated.

“It’s okay, just don’t take off the blindfold,” she whispered. Greg nodded and then filled his hand with her breasts. Her nipples were a nice size and standing up proud on round firm breasts. He ran his hands over her body accompanied by drops of water from the shower. He explored her skin and then reached down between her legs. She gasped softly and opened her legs. Greg felt the hot wet folds of her pussy and his cock leapt up hard. Her hand wrapped around it and it was his turn to gasp. He worked on fingering her and when she began to moan, he turned her around and slid his cock into her. Grabbing both hips, he stroked in and out, building up a rhythm until his balls slapped against her ass, and the water running down their bodies added a sensual note.

“Oh… yes…” he moaned as his balls tightened and he came hard. She whimpered and he reached around, realizing she hadn’t quite got there. Holding her tight to his chest, his cock buried in her pussy, he fingered her. She came hard, her muscles clenching around his cock, milking the last bit of cum. Then she wiggled out of his grasp and moved behind him.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered still gasping.

Greg did so. Once again, he tried to catch a glimpse of her. When he opened his eyes, he was staring at his bedroom wall. “Christ! Another damn dream.” Looking at the clock, he realized it was nearly time to get up. He crawled out of bed and took a shower to wake up and rinse the cum from his thighs.


The barista watched the two men walk into the Coffee Cup and up to the counter. “The regular?”

“No, today I want hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll,” said Greg.

“Oh, okay.” She took his money and sent the order down the line. Greg walked over to a table. He didn’t even wait for his order. He was exhausted. He didn’t even try to explain to Dave. Dave would just laugh.

“Sir, you forgot your order,” said the barista as she set his order down.

“Oh. Thank you,” Greg said. He was staring off into space chewing when Dave sat down.

“Damn, you look rough.”

“I need to sleep, or figure this out,” said Greg.

“Still having sex shower dreams?”

“Yeah. Each time the sex gets better and still I don’t know who it is,” said Greg.

“Have you asked her?”

“No, I’ll try to remember to do that,” said Greg, just a tad skeptical. He finished his food and dragged himself to work.


The shower was hot and steamy. Greg hoped that the water would work on his sore muscles. Sex in the shower was good, but trying not to fall down once you’ve cum was hard. He bent down to wash his feet when he noticed a pair of feet behind his.

“You’re here,” he said.

“Yes. Close your eyes.”

Greg closed his eyes and felt the blindfold slip into place. Then she was in his arms. They kissed and touched. His hands slid over her body and the two of them moaned with the little pleasures. Her long hair was wet and stuck to her back. He realized that he knew her body by touch. Round breasts, perky nipples, soft hair covering her pussy, sweet cunt and clit, round ass. From the feel of her, maybe 150 pounds. As his fingers slid into her pussy, he made a decision.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re lonely. You need love,” she said.

“How?How are you here in my dreams?”

“Would you believe magic?” she answered.

“Maybe. Why can’t I look at you? Why the blindfold?”

“I… I needed to be sure. Sure you were the one,” she said softly.

“May I see you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Just unlock the door.”

“What?” he said confused. Greg went to take off the blindfold and realized his head was wrapped in the sheet. “Oh fucking hell! What a place to wake up!” He sat up and realized his cock was hard, aching and dripping with pre-cum. He went to the bathroom, wiped off and then crawled back into bed. He lay awake for a long time before sleep claimed him.


Greg was getting ready for bed and went to lock the doors when he remembered the dream. He left the kitchen door unlocked and went upstairs. He’d worked out at the gym with Dave and headed for the shower. He’d stood under the running water for nearly five minutes and decided he was being a fool. “It was a fucking dream,” he said to the shower head. He grabbed the shampoo and began to lather up his hair.

“Yes, it was a dream,” said a voice as two very real arms wrapped around his waist.

“Jesus!” he cried out.

“Sorry to startle you.”

“Will you let me see you?” he said trying to catch his breath. His heart beat louder than the shower.

“Of course.” The hands let go of him and a woman who looked so familiar to him stood there naked. He recognized the breasts he’d touched, the body he’d held. Her hair was dark red, even with the water striking it. “Do I know you?”

“Yes, and no. You see me every day, and yet never see me,” she said walking into his arms.

It was all so weird and normal at the same time that Greg wrapped his arms around the woman of his dreams. His cock responded to her and bobbed against her stomach. She knelt and took him in her mouth.

“Oh… oh god,” he gasped. It was her mouth he’d felt in his dreams. “How? How is this possible?”

She let go of his cock and stood up. “Do you really want to know?”


“Then you need to answer a question for me,” she said.

“Alright,” he said wondering what she’d ask. Fleeting thoughts of stalkers flitted through his mind, but he ignored that. If she was going to hurt him, she would have done so by now.

“What are your feelings towards me?”

He thought for a moment. “Um… I know this sounds stupid, but you’re the woman of my dreams in more ways than one.”

“Do you really want to know me?”

“Yes. When you’re not in my dreams, you occupy my thoughts,” he admitted. “Hell, if you can get into my dreams, you ought to be able to read my thoughts.”

“With your permission,” she said. “Shall we get out of the shower?”

“Yes.” They dried off and she walked over to his bed. He sat down on the side and took her hand. She moved between his legs.

“Do you recognize me yet?” she asked.

“No, it’s like I know you, and not just from my dreams, but I can’t figure it out.

She pulled her hair back and wrapped it in a tight bun. “Would you like the regular?” she said.

Greg’s mouth dropped open. “Oh… my… god! You? I’ve… I’ve seen you every day, and yet never seen you. Oh…” he said pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her.

“Yes Greg, you have. And I’ve watched you. I held off until I overheard one day that your wife had left you.”

“How? How did you get into my dreams?”

“Magic. A piece of hair from your jacket, a coin you gave willingly. It was enough for a link and it just took a little spell. Plus, you were searching for love. I had it to give,” she said.

Greg blinked and that was when he noticed that around her neck was a fine chain with a leaf entwined pentacle. “You’re a witch?”

“That’s one name for me. Do you honestly still want me?” she asked again.

“Yes.” Greg pulled her onto the bed. They kissed and touched until his fingers slid into her pussy. She arched in pleasure and tried to touch him.

“No, it’s my turn,” said Greg as he continued to play with her. She gasped, wiggled and came again and again as he fingered and licked her to orgasm. His cock strained towards her until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up until he could slide in. Their hips met and the heat of her pussy wrapped around him.

“Ahhh,” he gasped. They moved together in a slowly increasing rhythm until he moved fast enough to make his balls slap lightly against her ass. Her fingers grasped his forearms and held on tight as her orgasm ripped though her. Her muscles held Greg tight and it didn’t take much longer for him to cum deep inside of her.

A few minutes later, cuddled in each other’s arms, Greg moved a wisp of her hair away from her face. “I don’t even know your name.”


“Hi Ruth. Want to be lovers?” he asked with a silly grin.


14 thoughts on “Shower Magic part 2

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  1. That was great! Loved the pagan woman, loved how she slid from dreams to reality…an awesome tale!

    And now, for a shower…(thinking…can I get Master to give me a coin, willingly? mwhahaha)…


  2. I now know that I have to change places to get my coffee, or they are going to have to change their help. No one looks like Ruth from what I have seen. Tip

  3. I don’t think it was my Barrista that tried to grab me in the shower the other day, but they gym is still a nice place to visit.

    I’ve enjoyed re-reading these again today. Makes me smile from ear to ear and everywhere in between

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