Caught! part 21

Raven watched as Rachel was twirled around the dance floor by Lord Fowler. While healed enough to wed, dancing was still a bit iffy. Lord Fowler tossed Rachel into the air and made her spin as they continued down the long line of dancers. Formal court dances were boring, and the inclusion of the servants and their families had improved the tone of long lines of people facing one another and pretending to have fun.

“I haven’t had this much exercise since we rode out to your croft a few months ago,” said Lord Hawkness as he collapsed in a chair next to Raven.

“A good country dance, jig or reel is far better than the snotty twirls of court,” said Raven. He watched as Rachel was handed off to George. He watched as they skipped to one side and back, then skipped the other way and then spun around connected by their elbows. Rachel was glowing and all the women were smiling.

“I agree. Women bounce when they dance like this and I love seeing a woman move,” said Lord Hawkness. He smiled and pointed at his own wife dancing with Lord Kress. Raven nodded. The fiddlers and drummers played another dance tune. Both men were tapping their feet in time to the music.

“I think they will play a slow dance next. You might want to catch your wife for that one,” said Lord Hawkness.

“I think I will. Limber myself up for tonight,” smiled Raven. Lord Hawkness laughed. Raven stood and as the music changed to a slower beat, he swept Rachel into his arms.

“Oh Raven, I’m so glad it’s you!”

“Are you? You seemed to be having a good time dancing.”

“I am, but I want to be in your arms,” she said moving with the music.

“And soon you will be. We have a rather large party to deal with first. We haven’t even seen the cake yet, although Maggie bustled out of here a few minutes ago.”

“I noticed that Murrin finally let her go long enough to leave. Are they um…” she paused.

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t surprise me though. He’s of the right age and enough to handler her,” laughed Raven.

“Handle her?” Rachel asked as Raven twirled her in place.

“Yes. As demanding as she is in the kitchen, just think… What would she be like in bed?”

Rachel blinked as she thought of it. “Either a wildcat or a mouse.”

“Maggie is no mouse in bed,” said Raven. “I have that from my dad long ago.”

“Oh? And how would he…” she stopped mid-sentence, realizing just how Raven’s father would have known. She blushed. They danced for a few more minutes, swaying and swirling across the dance floor. Then the music stopped.

Lord Hawkness stood at the the head table and was tapping his knife against a crystal glass making it ring like a bell. “Attend! Attend! Would Lord and Lady Darkwing please come and cut this cake before Mistress Maggie has my fingers?”

“Well, if you’d keep them off the cake, that wouldn’t be a problem,” laughed Maggie. She stood next to a cake covered in sugared fruits and flowers. On a table behind her were three other cakes of equal size and beauty. Everyone laughed as they knew of Lord Hawkness’ sweet tooth.

Rachel and Raven moved up to the table and stood next to Maggie who handed them a knife to cut the caked. Rachel almost had it in her hand when Lord Roger stopped her.

“Here, use this,” he said handing her a gleaming sword.

Rachel smiled and took the heavy weapon to cut the delicate cake. She sliced it in half and then cut two small pieces of cake. She gave one to Raven and took one herself. Then they fed each other the cake.

“Oh Maggie, it is heavenly,” said Rachel around a mouthful of cake. Raven tried to stuff more cake into her mouth. She giggled and returned the favor. Maggie then cut the cake and started handing out pieces. Other servants were handing out Lord Kress’ cider, wine, and ale. When the upper table had a drink, Lord Kress stood up.

“To Raven and Rachel. May they have a wonderful life with plenty of little ones to raise hell,” he said and raised his glass.

“To Raven and Rachel” responded the crowd.

Others raised toasts and glasses were refilled as needed. Then the music started back up. This time the dancing was much more relaxed as most of the dancers were well in their cups.

Rachel and Raven were pulled into a long snaking dance that wound round the room and in and out of the hall. At one point, there was a break in the line and Raven pulled Rachel out of the dance and into his arms. “Would you like to try and sneak off?” he asked.

“Yes! I’ve had enough of this dress, and I want to see just how well you’ve healed,” she said with a smile.

“Oh yes. Let’s see if we can go up the back stairs.” Raven looked around and just as they started to move, George and Lord Dunnum saw them.

“Oh no, no sneaking off without us!” said Lord Dunnum. “Let’s sing them off to bed!”

The crowd laughed and flowed towards the pair. Raven rolled his eyes and Rachel looked puzzled as the people assembled around them. Then they started singing.

“Today they’re wed, Now they’re off to bed! Hey Nonny! Nonny!”

“She’ll slip of her dress, and then he’ll caress! Hey Nonny! Nonny!”

The lyrics got worse as the couple was lead upstairs by Lord Hawkness and Lord Plaste, followed by their ladies. Rachel blushed and Raven rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. They were led to an archway covered in roses, vines, fruit and grain. The ladies opened the door and the bed was covered in rose petals. Two servants lit candles and the room glowed. Then Raven and Rachel were brought into the room and left alone as the doors shut behind them. Raven locked the door as quickly as he could and leaned against it.

“Oh, those songs!” laughed Rachel.

“They’ll get worse.”

“What do you mean?”

“They will continue to sing until they can’t stand. If we are lucky, someone will pass out and have to be carried downstairs. Or, Maggie may bring them more drink and they will just pass out drunk.”

“Oh no. How… how do real newly weds deal with all of this?” Rachel asked as a chorus of “We love it when you drop your gown” was being sung on the other side of the door.

“Most don’t. Or, they make love so quickly that there is no pleasure just so that the bride’s virginity can be proven,” said Raven.

“Well, that isn’t going to happen here,” said Rachel with a laugh.

“No, I stole that fair and square a while back,” said Raven.

“Oh slide that sword into her baldric!” came through the door this time.

“Good grief! Don’t they have anything better to do?” asked Rachel giggling.

“Not tonight. So, how about you show me where I start to unwrap you?” Raven said walking over to Rachel. He lifted her headpiece off and set it and the veil on a chair. Rachel turned and showed him the lacings. He undid the knot and began to unlace her.

“Oh thank you! I swear Rosie had me laced in so tight I was going to faint.”

“High class women’s clothing has always been a feat of engineering as far as I was concerned,” said Raven.

Bury your ‘nose’ deep and inhale her scent! Hey Nonny! Nonney!

“Didn’t your mother wear clothes like this?”

“No memories. Maggie raised me. Hold still while I take this off.” Raven pulled the bodice piece loose from Rachel. “A second corset? Good grief!”

“You’re not wearing it!”

Raven quickly unlaced the over skirt and then the under corset. Rachel was soon left in just a chemise. She turned around and began to undress Raven.

My love is hairy, My love is bold! My love kisses me till I blush like a scold!”

“You realize of course that we haven’t made love in over a month. I may go off like a cannon.”

“Raven, if you do, I don’t care. I simply want to touch you and be touched,” she said as she undid the last of the buttons on his trousers. They dropped to the floor along with his stockings. He started to pull off his shirt which had to go over his head and he gasps.

“Here let me do that,” she said.

“I hope that some day I will be able to move more easily,” said Raven. His skin was pink and covered in tiny healing scars. His skin smelled of the beeswax salve he used every day to keep his skin soft.

“She gasped and moaned like a cat in heat, For it was even better on her feet!”

Rachel giggled at the song and then looked at Raven standing there naked. She quickly pulled off her chemise and the two of them went to turn down the bed. Rose petals flew everywhere, perfuming the room with their fragrance. Three tiny bells chimed as the covers moved. The crowd outside heard.

“He rang her bell, and all was well! Hey, Nonny! Nonny!

She lay on her back, to show him her knack, Hey Nonny! Nonny!”

Rachel and Raven laughed as they crawled under the sheets. Raven pulled Rachel to him and kissed her. His hands ran down her body, touching and reacquainting himself with every inch of her. Rachel stroked and touched his body, and when she came to his cock, she found him hard.

“Cccareful my love,” he gasped at the touch.

“I want you,” she said.

“As I want you.” Raven ran his hands down her body and traced between her thighs. Her cleft was damp, and it didn’t take much to make her juices flow. He fingered her and sucked a nipple into his mouth.

“Her well was wet, the bush grew green in the valley O!”

“Green grows the roses O! Down in the valley O!”

“Oh, Raven. Not so gentle, please,” she moaned.

Raven sucked hard on her nipple and took his hand soaked with her juices and first grabbed and then squeezed her ass. Rachel moaned. Raven then spanked her ass and felt her intake of breath next to his head as he switched nipples. He ran his fingers back across her cleft and found her wetter.

“Oh yes,” said Rachel.

“Ride that pony, ride it well, for to do aught else is to go straight to hell!”

Raven pulled her to him and moved between her legs. He nudged his cock to her opening and slid in. He gasped as he entered. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her just a bit and then slowly slid in and out. “Oh Rachel,” he whispered.

Rachel nodded as the feeling of being filled by Raven took her thoughts away. She grabbed his forearms and tried to move her hips in time with his. Raven’s balls slapped against her and the feel of it all was almost too much after so long.

“Oh Rrrr-achel,” he groaned as his orgasm tore up his body from his toes, up his spine and played crack the whip with his body. He felt like he poured everything into Rachel.

“Ahh, ahh, oh,” Rachel cried as she felt him go and her body follow. Her muscles clenched around him and she shattered in an orgasm far too long held off. The two of them froze for what seemed like forever. Then they melted to the bed.

“Cry your passion to the moon! Sing a song of cumming like a loon!”

When he falls down in a puddle, apply your lips and blow him up like a balloon!”

“You’ll never know how good this feels until you doooooo-n”

Rachel began to giggle. Then Raven. The two of them laughed as the singing got rowdier. Raven grabbed the bedding and pulled it over them and they cuddled together to sleep.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too. I thought I’d lost you. Love you so much,” said Rachel. She snuggled close so that his arms could wrap around her as they spooned in the bed.

“When all is done and love is spent, send her out to earn the rent!”

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