Temple Maid part 2

Inanna was getting hungry as the sun moved across the sky. If no one chose her by nightfall, she would eat and then return in the morning. While many had walked by her, none had dropped so much as a brass coin. She was afraid that she would be forced to move closer to the gate.

The sun was close to the western wall. When it dipped down below it, the gate would be shut for the night. She was the only woman left in the courtyard of those that had offered themselves that day. Inanna was about to cry when a shadow crossed her. As she tried to look up and see who stood before her, a stream of gold coins dropped in her lap. The man stood in shadows. Taking a deep breath, Inanna gathered the coins and stood up. She was unsteady on her feet and he steadied her.

“Come with me,” she said and headed towards the inner rooms. Behind one curtain, there were giggles. Behind another, snores. Inanna headed for the room farthest away from the snoring couple. She stepped through and after the man had entered the room, she closed the curtain tightly and took a look at the man for the first time. It was the strangely dressed man she’d seen before.

“I’m… I’m not use to your customs, but told that it is an honor for a man to take a woman in this fashion,” he said in a deep voice. His accent was strange.

“Yes, it is our custom that a woman honor the Goddess by giving her virginity before marriage. The monies given go to the dowry of the woman if needed or to the temple. I am Inanna.”

“I am not of this land. My name is Dagvidr.”

Inanna took a good look at the man and realized that he was not that much older than she was. He was very tall. Looking at his clothes, she had no idea of how to undress him. “I… we need to undress,” she started.

“Oh, yes. That would help,” he said. He unwound the scarf from his head and neck. He had brown curling hair, a beard streaked with red-gold hair and gray eyes. Then he took off his sash and began to unbutton tiny bone buttons. Inanna realized what he was doing and began to help. He looked down at her and watched. Boots, scarf, sash, coat and then tunic.

“How, how do you not melt?” Inanna asked looking at the clothing.

“I do not go out much in your mid-day heat. Where I come from is much colder.”

Inanna nodded and hesitated when it came to undoing his trousers.

“May I remove some of your clothing?” Dagvidr asked.

“Yes, but I do not have as much as you.”

It was Dagvidr’s turn to nod. He took off her shawl and unpinned the shoulder of her gown. It fell like a whisper to the floor and she was left in her breast binder and loincloth. His breath caught in his throat and he tried to take a deep breath.

Inanna worked up her courage and undid the leather thong that held up Dagvidr’s trousers. They fell to the floor and he stood there naked. While she’d seen naked men before in temple classes, it was different now. His cock twitched with the cool air. She was nervous and yet reached behind her and undid the breast binder and let it drop to the ground. It was followed by her loincloth.

“You are beautiful,” Dagvidr said.

“You are um… big,” said Inanna with a giggle as his cock grew and bounced.

“I’m big in comparison to many here,” he said. “And not just my cock.”

“Come lay on the bed. We may kiss and touch to start.”

“Do… do they honestly teach you everything?” he asked as they lay down on the soft bedding.

“Yes. We see people make love in many ways and then study books with information on sex,” said Inanna. “Isn’t that how your people do it?”

“No, no it isn’t. Nor do our women have temples like this. We don’t do things like this. Women aren’t touched until their wedding nights.”

“Here that would be terribly rude. To not learn what sex is would be horrid.”

“Don’t women ever get hurt? Raped? Forced?” Dagvidr asked.

“Sometimes, but the men are punished and the women treasured in the temples until they heal.”

“Oh. This is all very odd to me.”

“Then why did you do this if it isn’t your custom?” Inanna asked.

“It is the custom of your kingdom and if I wish to marry, I must follow your customs.”

“Oh,” said Inanna. “Have you ever had a woman?”




She leaned forward and kissed Dagvidr. His beard tickled and she giggled. He reached forward and caressed her hair. They kissed and his hands traced down her body, eliciting little gasps and moans. She was soft and smelled of flowers. Her breasts were firm and the nipples crinkled up as he touched her. His cock bounced between their bodies and he had to think of cold winters to keep under control.

Inanna reached out and touched his cock. It was his turn to moan. She touched him as she’d been taught by the priestess. When she lowered her mouth onto it, he startled. Sitting back up, she looked at him. “Don’t your women worship cocks with their mouths?”

“Not any that I know. It feels good though.” Dagvidr collected his senses and moved his hand along her thighs and up between her legs as they were in front of his face. It was Inanna’s turn to be startled. She was wet, and he rubbed his fingers between her lips until he found her opening. Sliding his fingers into her opening made her gasp which was muffled by his cock in her mouth.

Dagvidr rubbed his fingers in and out of Inanna, stretching and opening her up. He stroked across her clit and enjoyed how her hips wriggled. It was getting harder for Inanna to concentrate on sucking and licking his cock.

“Innnanna, you need to slow down. I don’t want to come yet.”

She took her mouth off of his cock. “Do you wish to enter me? Your fingers feel so good,” she said softy.


“Lay back and let me slide down on your cock. This way I can take a bit of you in at a time,” said Inanna.

Dagvidr smiled and settled onto the pillows. He helped Inanna straddle him and position herself over his cock. She rubbed the head against her opening and then slowly sat back. Dagvidr felt his cock slip into her just a little and then she raised up. Each time she sat and raised, he went a little farther. She was getting wetter and more excited as was he. His cock ached to bury itself deep inside her. Inanna raised and lowered herself a little more quickly.

“Dagvidr, you… you are so big,” she said.

“I… I wouldn’t know. I just want to be inside you,” he said.

Inanna nodded and increased her pace. Dagvidr realized she was hesitating and wrapped his hands around her waist and with the next rocking up, pulled her down swiftly. He felt his cock push past her barrier and bury himself deep inside of her.

“Oh! Ah,” she cried.

“Hold still for a moment and the pain will go away,” he said holding her close.

“It… it hurt,” she gasped.

“Yes, it always hurts a little. Hold still a moment and then we will move slowly. It will feel better,” he said.

Inanna relaxed and then began to move slowly. It didn’t hurt in the same way. It actually began to feel good again. Dagvidr reached between their bodies and found her clit and stroked it. She began to squirm with pleasure.

“Oh! Oh yes,” she whispered softly against his neck.

Dagvidr moved his hands back to her hips and began to stroke in and out. He knew if he didn’t move, he’d go soft. Now that he was inside, that was the last thing he wanted to happen. Inanna’s breasts swayed above him and he liked how they looked. His cock grew harder until he felt his balls tingle. Inanna was moaning with pleasure. He thrust up as hard as he could and let his orgasm race through his body.

Inanna felt him come and her body reacted to him. She felt the heat deep inside as her flow out as she orgasmed. “Oh! Oh!” she cried softly into his chest. Dagvidr thrust until there was nothing left. The two of them rolled until Inanna was on the bed. They lay there touching and relaxing for a little while.

“I must go,” Inanna said. “You mustn’t spend the night. Thank you for being gentle, Dagvidr.”

“Thank you, Inanna. I will never forget this.”

Inanna kissed him and then gathered her clothing and slipped out to the baths.

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  1. SS, I know where it is, its in northern Maine. Pick up some old Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, and if we leave in the next hour, we can make it before dark

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