Flash Fiction Friday, Reflections

Yes, two posts in one day!

She rubbed the glass against her hip as she looked out across the beach. It felt cool on her skin. The tequila felt good as it slid down her throat. She had tossed back the fourth shot, and stood there waiting for it to kick in. Liquid courage they called it. What she needed was liquid libido. To her chagrin, she wasn’t horny. It was like someone had flipped a switch. I know what I need to flip my switch,” she thought.

It was the last big beach party of the season. They’d played on the beach, swum in the ocean and feasted like kings on crabs, shellfish and salads. Mid-afternoon, the poker game began. The four of them played hand after hand. She didn’t even mind that she’d lost all of her clothing faster than any other player. Sitting naked usually turned her on. She felt more relaxed nude than dressed. The next round was winner fuck all. Literally. She was pretty sure that she’d be the loser.

She just couldn’t concentrate on the game. “Snap! Crack! The slithering noise of the recoil.”

Her mind was elsewhere. The warm caress of leather, combined with that feeling of utter surrender.”

Normally, she’d be vying for Tom, the dealer. Sitting there in his cargo pants, he stroked his cock as he dealt the cards. He might as well be a cardboard cutout. Searing pain, soothing pleasure. No choice but to submit.”

The guys got the next round of drinks and cards set up and called the girls back to the table.

“Well, maybe they’ll be too drunk to notice me faking an orgasm.” she thought. The weekend at the BDSM retreat had been so much better. She never thought that the vanilla world could be so boring.



Our challenge this week was 301 words or less, and the word chagrin. This picture spoke such disappointment. Here was this woman standing there drinking when there was such potential for fun, pleasure and general happiness. I tried to figure out why, and then thought about some of my friends and their weekend. Then it hit me. Subdrop. Here is someone who plays in two worlds. One pulling her farther and farther in, while leaving the other behind. Hence my little twist at the end.

Thank you Ram for hosting Flash Fiction Friday. If you’d like to play, visit his blog and give it a try.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday, Reflections

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  1. Nice premise and twist WW, and also seems to cry out for another chapter or a prequel!
    P.S. – thinkin about setting up to do a chain story, where each writer contributes, say, a paragraph and then hands off to the next writer, and I would choose the order at random from those regulars who write for FFF. Sound worth the effort? Please be frank because it would be somewhat more complicated to arrange so I don’t want to undertake it unless there is true enthusiasm.

    1. LOL… Ah, chapters, sequels… I have a lot of people asking for those lately. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my offering.

      As for the chain story. I like the idea. We could set it up on Google Docs, or just post it to the next person. Perhaps we could have the last Friday of the month be a chain story? I would certainly play.

  2. Great story and a fantastic use of the prompt. I hadn’t considered the disappointment you saw in the photo but now that you’ve mentioned it it’s definitely there. I love the ending. We often find that when we attend a party, have a threesome, or do something else of that nature we can’t easily settle back into real life the next day.

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