Flash Fiction Friday… Cowboy and the Harlot (pt 4)

This is a new idea. A serial offering. One photo, a word limit of 49 words or less and four writers. Hope you like it.

She could hear him from the other room. He always masturbated late at night. Always wearing his cowboy boots. After listening to him several nights in a row, she could no longer contain herself.

Tonight, she had a little surprise for him.
( Lola)

She donned a black camisole, a matching garter belt, and stockings.  Once he had commenced his regular nighttime routine she slipped on a pair of high heels and stepped outside.

She sauntered to his bedroom door and turned the knob.  As expected, it was unlocked.

“What took you so long?” he asked, tipping his hat down, hiding his eyes.  He held out his shaft expecting service without another word.  She dropped her head and began moving forward, feeling her body ripen and spread.  The sheriff had given her this task, and now it was time to prove her worth. (Advizor)

“When you’re done with me, you can do my deputies,” he said.

Startled, she looked left and saw two other deputies. They were sitting there wearing nothing but cowboy boots and hats. Low laughter filled the room. She felt the first trickle of juice leak from her pussy.


I love the pic, and the startled look on her face just begged for two more cowboys to be there watching her. Waiting for her. 🙂 Thank you Ram for the picture and idea.

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