The Charioteer part 2

“Charioteers! Horses! This time, it is around the same course, only in reverse. And no, before you ask, that does NOT mean you run backwards! Line up!” called Baron Dietz.

Liz and Leanor lined up their chariots and horses. Baron Dietz raised the head scarf and then dropped it. They were off!

“Come on horses! Run faster!” called Leanor off to one side.

“You heard her! Run!” cried Liz.

Both chariots were running neck and neck. Then the hard part of the course. When the direction was changed, it meant that the finish line was uphill. Liz and Leanor held on for dear life as the horses pulled.

“Come on!” cried Liz as she realized her two horses were pulling ahead. They picked up the pace and as the finish line appeared, they moved far enough ahead that they finished by a full length.

“And the winner is Mistress Liz and her magnificent matched pair!” cried Baron Dietz. The crowd around them clapped, huzzahed and the next thing Liz knew, her horses had picked her up and were carrying her around on their shoulders.


A few minutes later, wrapped in her cloak, Liz and her two horses walked back to Sir Donal’s pavilion style tent. Inside, she was amazed to find a huge soft bed.

“How on earth?” she started.

“I fight all day. At night, I want my comfort. I found a pattern for a Viking bed, and I’ve been comfortable ever since,” said Donal.


“Now, we promised Mistress Liz a ride,” said Alefirth. “First though, I think we need to warm her up. The three of them kicked off their boots and dropped the belts. Donal threw back the quilt and the three of them crawled into the bed. Liz felt rather small compared to her two horses. Donal began kissing her while Alefirth started stroking her shoulders and back. Their hands were rough, but warm. Liz sighed as Donal’s kisses left her lips and started down her neck. His hands were on her breasts, stroking and teasing her nipples. Alefirth had worked his hands down to her ass and was kissing her between the shoulder blades.

“Oh,” Liz moaned as first Alefirth’s hand and then Donal’s began to play between her legs. She was wet in moments as their fingers worked in tandem to stroke her clit or pussy.

Donal and Alefirth looked at each other over Liz’s shoulder. Donal nodded to Alefirth. Alefirth grabbed Liz by her hips and pulled her up on her knees. Liz dropped her hands to the bed to support herself and found Donal’s cock nearly bumping her nose. She smiled and took him in her mouth just as Alefirth nudged his cock into her pussy. Slowly, the three of them increased their three way rhythm. As Donal neared orgasm, he nodded at Alefirth. Alefirth held tight to Liz’s hips and increased his pace.

Liz was enjoying the feeling of having her pussy and mouth full of cock. The tang of pre-cum on her tongue let her know that Donal was near and sucked as best she could.

“Ahhh,” cried Alefirth as he came hard, thrusting deep. Liz felt herself almost crest as Donal grabbed her head and came in her mouth. She swallowed as best she could, but drips of it escaped the corners of her mouth. Alefirth reached around and found her clit, bringing Liz to orgasm as the two men held her. The three of them collapsed in a sticky heap on the bed.

“Oh. My. God that was a lovely ride,” gasped Liz.

“Just… just wait for a few minutes and we’ll go again. Only this time it’s my turn to give you a ride,” gasped Donal. Alefirth just nodded. Each man kept teasing Liz’s nipples or clit, never letting her get all the way relaxed. They teased her and kept her right on the edge of orgasm while they recovered.

“You two are… are… ohmygod! Teases!” she gasped as they took her almost to the brink and stopped. They’d been at it for over twenty minutes.

“Yes, we are. We practice,” said Donal. “And you a a lovely wench.”

“We like our wenches horny, wet and responsive,” added Alefirth. He fingered her clit and noted the way she responded to the long strokes from clit to pussy.

“You… you make… itttt… difficult to talk,” said Liz.

“Agreed. Nor will this help,” said Alefirth. His cock was arching up proudly.

Liz smiled, and slowly took him in her mouth. He tasted of her and his cum. She licked and sucked and wasn’t surprised when Donal took the opportunity to slid into her pussy. She was glad that there was a lot of padding on the bed for her knees. Donal worked his cock in and out slowly. Alefirth was enjoying Liz’s tongue and mouth. It didn’t take long for him to feel his orgasm start.

“Cccuming,” he moaned.

Liz swallowed and sucked while Donal continued to stroke slowly. She wanted him to speed up, but every time she tried to move faster, he stopped. Alefirth gasped and settled back on his knees. Liz wiped the cum off of her chin and wondered what the two men were up to. It didn’t take long to find out. Donal slid out and sat back on his heels.

“Turn around and mount me,” he said.

Liz turned and straddled Donal. His cock slid in deeper than before, making her gasp. As she tried to steady herself, Alefirth came up behind her and held her to his chest as he stroked her breasts. She was a knight sandwich.

“Now just relax and let us hold you,” Donal said as he began to increase his pace. He and Alefirth had done this before. Donal wasn’t as quick the second time, and it allowed both men to play with the woman. Liz reclined slightly in Alefirth’s arms as Donal held her hips. Alefirth took his time and stroked her nipples, breasts and then clit.

“Oh!” gasped Liz. She felt like she had when they were teasing her earlier. Just as she’d almost orgasm, the two men would slow down. “Oh let me cum you two!” she gasped after the third time.

“Nearly,” gasped Donal who had begun to increase his thrusts. He enjoyed sharing women with Alefirth. It was one of their favorite games.

Alefirth snuggled up close behind Liz. His cock was semi-flacid, and he knew he couldn’t cum again soon, but it felt so good to rub against her ass. She was soaked from all their attentions.

Liz felt like she was flying. Both men playing, touching, fucking her. All of a sudden, her body gave in to all the stimulation. “Oh! Oh my!” she gasped as she felt her body orgasm. Donal thrust harder and as she thought she couldn’t orgasm any more, she came again as he did. Alefirth reached down and stroked her clit in light rapid strokes, bringing her to orgasm three more times before all of them collapsed to the bed.


Liz woke to the sound of someone thumping on her tent. “How the hell did I get back here?” she wondered. “Who’s there?” she called out.

“It’s me, Leanor! We’re due to attend the Queen in twenty minutes!” she said in a quiet voice.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” Liz said crawling out of bed and trying to find her clothes. She had to grab a different chemise as she couldn’t find the one she wore last night. After dressing, she grabbed a basket with a water bottle and granola bars. As she headed towards the Royal enclosure at the Tournament Field, she heard giggling and saw people pointing at something flying from the top flag pole. It was her chemise.

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