Twisted Tails part 17

“Angie, if you take the cakes out, I can get a shower in before people start to arrive,” said Vivien.

“Alright, but I still think you should wait just a little. Once people start arriving, you aren’t going to have time to breathe, let alone frost a cake.”

Vivien looked at Angie. It was only 2pm, but they’d been busy since 7am. “You’re probably right. No one is due until 5pm at the earliest right?” Vivien asked.

“No one except Rose. We aren’t sure when she’s arriving, or how. George forgot that bit of information,” sighed Angie.

“Alright. I’ll plan on showering at 4pm. What else can we do?” Vivien asked looking around.


Both women laughed as they tackled the pots and pans that had accumulated. Vivien checked on the cakes and then started running water for dishes. Angie wiped counters and moved food in the fridge.


Ninety minutes later, Angie ran upstairs to shower while Vivien dived into Andrew’s bathroom. It was still steamy from Andrew’s shower. “Are you going to have time to get your hair dry?” Andrew asked.

“Yes! Just. Get dressed, because you look too damn good nude and I’d hate to be late to my own wedding dinner because we were having mad passionate sex!” laughed Vivien as she climbed into the shower.

“Our luck, the terrible trio would walk in,” called Andrew from the bedroom.

“You know, that visual works better than a cold shower,” called Vivien over the running water.

Andrew smiled. He pulled his suit out of the closet. Dark gray wool, silk shirt, and the waistcoat his mother had made for his father. It was embroidered Roma style, with brightly colored wools and silks. It was only slightly faded, considering it was over fifty years old. Andrew pulled the waist belt in the back as tight as it would go. His father had been a bigger man across the chest. Andrew slid the chain over his head and made sure it rested over the tie and outside the waistcoat. He brushed his hair which swept his shoulders in spite of the trim Vivian had given him. Andrew took a look in the mirror. Satisfied, he headed for the living room to make sure everything was in place.


Vivien was drying off as Andrew left the bedroom. She towel dried her hair and combed it into some semblance of order. Her curls had a mind of their own. “Maybe Angie can tame it,” she said out loud. Stockings, a matching bra and panties set, slip and then the dress. The dark green silk flowed over her body. Looking in the mirror, she barely recognized herself. One errant curl hung right in the middle of her forehead as she slipped on the dark brown shoes. Earrings and her chain completed the outfit. She almost reached for her bottle of perfume and thought twice about it. She left the bottle and went to go look for Angie to help with her hair.

“Vivien, are you going to leave your hair like that?” Andrew asked as Vivien entered the kitchen.

“No! I’m looking for Angie. I can’t get this to stay in place,” Vivien said as she tugged the wild curl.

“Come back to the bathroom,” said Andrew. They walked in and he dug through her basket of barrettes and found the silver one he’d made her a while ago. With a few twists, he wrapped the curl in with a few others and clipped it to one side.

Vivien looked in the mirror. “Oh. Andrew, you can do my hair any day!”

Andrew laughed. “I have to admit that having long hair myself makes me a little more resourceful. Now let’s see if any guests have arrived.”


The living room was awash in people. George and the trio were there. Sandy had Jesse manning the door. Peter, Lisa and a woman Vivien didn’t know were standing by the big picture window. She was slightly built, but was still muscular in appearance. Her dark hair was shot with silver and her pale complexion was set off by a navy blue suit in an older cut. Andrew walked straight over and enveloped the woman in a hug. Then he walked back over to Vivien with the woman.

“Vivien, this is my sister, Rose,” said Andrew.

“Hello Rose. It is very nice to meet you,” Vivien said.

“It is ver nice to meet you,” Rose said. Her voice was smokey and her eyes were a brilliant blue. “Is ’bout time that Xander find a mate.”

“Xander?” Vivien asked puzzled.

“Xander is what our mother called him. His full name is Aleksandr Andrew Davis,” Rose said with a smile. “Is good to see you wear Mama’s treasure.”

“How could I do any less? I just wish it fit me better,” said Andrew.

Rose put her hand on her brother’s back and felt the gathers. “Ah, well. I wouldn’t want to cut it.”

“Nor I,” answered Andrew. “I am so glad you were able to come though. George has a thousand questions about the family.”

“He’s been doing the family genealogy,” said Vivien. “I’ve been trying to help him with Internet searches.

“George, he need that book, belong to the women of the family. I think Caroline’s line has it,” said Rose.

“Ah, That may be difficult. I don’t know if we even know anyone of that line,” said George coming up behind Rose. He towered over the small woman.

“George, you damn big man,” said Rose, trying to cover the fact that he’d startled her.

“Thank you Rose. It’s so good to meet you at last,” said George taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

Rose blushed slightly. “And who this pups belong?” she asked pointing her chin towards Ivan, Joe and Sara.

“These are the Duke and Penny’s. Duke is Ginny’s brother. Parents were Jonathan and Margaret,” said George. He pulled the three up to meet Rose.

“Hellow,” said Sara. Ivan and Joe just nodded.

“Hello,” said Rose. She crouched down to their eye level, and let her eyes shift. The three of them broke into giggles and smiles. Then they ran off to see who else came in the door.

“That was interesting,” said George.

“They pack already. She will be one good bitch,” said Rose. “I remember their Grandmama Margaret. She two years younger than me,” said Rose. “You missing lots of family history?”

“Yes. We only found out about a large section due to the death of Brian Davy less than a year ago,” said George.

“Only a year ago? Damn! He live long. He disappeared mid 70’s I think. Whole valley, whole family look for him damn long time,” said Rose. “How you find him?”

“By accident. Come by tomorrow and we’ll talk,” said George.

Rose nodded. “Sorry we talk so long your day,” she said to Vivien.

“It’s okay. First off, I’ve never seen those three react that way, and the history stuff is fascinating to me,” said Vivien. Andrew then moved away with Vivien to greet more people.

12 thoughts on “Twisted Tails part 17

  1. The only sad thing is that it’s getting so obvious that things are winding to a conclusion 😦 I love this series, this world you created, and the characters in it. And you know what would make it just….PERFECT?!
    Wait for it….
    If Vivien became pregnant!!! XD
    Sorry, just HAD to do that lol

        1. Snort! Right. Oh wait… I know the problem. The Preggers bunch all reads that writer who does have pregnant vampires and werewolves… JC. Any bets?

  2. There has to be issues or this most excellent story would fade away and no one wants that, do we…..no we don’t. Tip

    1. There is still some drama to come. I figure about 3 or 4 more parts at least. Wolf doesn’t want this one to end either.

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