Twisted Tails part 20

“Luc, the best thing would be to press charges,” said David.

“They could probably counter sue considering I left Roger alone with Anne,” admitted Luc.

David and Seth cracked up laughing. Everyone knew Anne and her ability to talk just shy of the speed of light.

“How about we sit Roger down and explain things in small words and short sentences,” said Seth. “I have a few papers in my briefcase if we need them.”

“Alright. Just remember, this is Andrew and Vivien’s mating supper and so far it has been a little rough,” said Luc.

The two men nodded. The three of them walked into the living room. Emma was laying on the couch with an ice bag on her head. Anne sat next to her, quiet for once. Eric was still flanked by Lewis and Roger was nowhere to be seen.

Luc walked to the kitchen to see what was going on. “Where’s Vivien’s father?”

“Still throwing up. Apparently, he’s never had coffee and Ginny made it,” said Patrick.

“Oh god. Good thing Jeff is still here,” said Luc with only a half hearted attempt at levity. Everyone knew that Ginny made the strongest coffee out of the whole lot.

“If he isn’t out of the bathroom in a few minutes, I’m going to knock,” said Jeff. He wanted to take Martha home and get her to bed, but couldn’t do so as long as there were people in need.

“I understand. Andrew, do you want to go check on him?” asked Luc.

“I’d rather hold Vivien, but I will.” Andrew kissed Vivien on top of her head and then walked down the hall. Peter was standing outside the bathroom door.

“He just washed his hands I think,” said Peter. “Or, maybe his face.”

“Alright. David and Seth are here. When he’s ready, bring him out to the dining room. We’ve cleared some of the mess,” said Andrew. He walked down the hall with measured footsteps. This was not how he’d envisioned his mating day.

Luc, Andrew, David, Seth, and Patrick were at the table when Peter brought a pale Roger down the hall. Eric was sitting at the table as well. Roger sat down and Peter went off to check on Lisa.

“Roger, I understand that today has been rather shocking. You feel you were doing what was right for your daughter. What you need to understand though is that Vivien is a grown woman and not a child. You need to stop treating her as such,” said Andrew. “I’d like to introduce Lieutenant David Hearns, and Seth Martin, our family lawyer.”

Both men held out their hands to Roger who hesitated at first and then limply shook hands.

“What I’d like to explain in simple terms is that we are protected by the same rights you are. Our dual natures do not afford us special privileges, nor does it make us second class citizens. If Vivien or Andrew wanted, they could file a restraining order or have you, your wife and son arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering and attempted kidnapping,” said David. “On the other hand, you could talk and get to know your daughter’s mate and find out just what kind of man he is without some of the blind prejudices you exhibited earlier.”

Roger just listened.

“And then there are the legal ramifications. Once again, you could choose to talk and get along with the family. Or, I could have you sign a contract stating that you would never say anything about what happened. What you need to understand though is that no one will believe you. You can shout it to the roof tops of CNN and you will be written off as a crack pot who didn’t like her daughter’s choice of a husband. You wouldn’t even make it to a page 15 article in the weirdo magazines that regularly feature Bat-boy,” said Seth.

“So, Roger, what is it going to be? Unless Andrew files charges, you’re free to go. I can just tell my captain that there was a noise complaint over the Davis wedding party,” said David. He and Seth locked eyes and then turned back to Roger. Roger seemed to be thinking things over.

“I… um. I believe that I owe Vivien an apology. Andrew too. Perhaps we have over reacted and have not listened to her,” he said softly.

“Dad!” Eric started.

Luc gave Eric a look that would freeze water. “Eric, I want you to understand that we are stronger, and in many cases smarter than the average human. I will not hesitate to protect my family, and that includes Vivien and Andrew.”

Eric gulped.

“I take it from Eric’s reaction that he was the impetuous for this visit?” asked Seth. “What has he to gain of Vivien is kept single?”

Roger blinked, and looked from Eric to Seth and back again. “Well, my will does have a clause about the estate being split between family members. Each child and spouse inherit a portion.”

“So, if Vivien didn’t wed, Eric’s portion would be bigger?” asked Seth.

Roger thought for a moment. “Why, yes. He’d have his portion as well as his wife’s and their sons. Right now the split is two way with Eric’s family receiving half of his initial share.”

Eric started getting red in the face and as he began to stand up, David put a hand on his shoulder. “Sit.”

“Dad, don’t listen to these men. They’ve cooked up this story and did some kind of smoke and lights magic to make us believe things,” said Eric.

“Yeah, such good magic that you peed yourself. Do you really believe that we’d cook up something as stupid as that at the drop of a hat because you came storming into a party? That we’d dress up a dog or two just to distract your mom?” asked Patrick. “You are dumber than I though.”

“Right. We never saw the dogs in dresses shift. We just saw them. As for the eyes and fangs, that could be faked,” said Eric.

Luc, Patrick and Andrew looked at each other. David rolled his eyes and Seth just started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Eric.

“Do you realize you just challenged a whole bunch of Alpha male wolves?” Seth said. He knew what was coming and couldn’t wait.

“So what. It was fake. There aren’t any werewolves, which is why you are so certain it won’t do any good to report it,” said Eric.

Luc, and Patrick stood up and started to undress. Andrew just sat and watched. David and Seth stood up and moved across the entrance to the living room, shielding the men who were undressing.

“What are you doing?” asked Eric.

“I think you are about to be proven wrong,” said Roger quietly.

The two men stripped naked, and didn’t bother to hid the fact that they were very male. Then they shifted. Eric screamed and passed out.

“Oh damn. He peed himself again,” said David.

10 thoughts on “Twisted Tails part 20

  1. I’m not one to hang on to many longer stories, but I find this one has held me, and I’ve enjoyed every chapter and each has left me wanting more. Just never figured werewolves would get me like this one has. Tip

  2. Oh that was just to funny.

    Oh I have to agree with Tip, there are so many werewolf stories out there, yet this one, MTJAFT, and Busters Story, have really been enjoyable and I look forward to every addition to this story line.

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