Brain Dump

For what it’s worth, I’ve been gone for the last four days. A visit north to the grandsons and then a conference. Oh, and a hotel with the worst Internet access I’ve had in years. Last night after a long day listening to lawyers, I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep at dinner. Baddddddd! We were at a Japanese Hibachi place. Very good food. After we got home, I tried to post, and had no luck. Instead, Wolf stuffed me in the shower and put me to bed. No playtime, just SLEEP! 

Today was more of the same. Wolf came home early and went to work on a wind tower job.  Meanwhile, I came home with another person. I got home mid afternoon and Wolf at 6pm. We went out for dinner and guess who was in bed asleep by 8? Yes, Wolf. sigh… Hopefully tomorrow will be a Stay in Bed Sunday.
Wordwytch the rather sleepy and brain dead.

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  1. Good thing! 🙂 I thought I’d write tonight, but my brain is still out to lunch. All those damn lawyers, policies and documents. Then there is Mr. Snorry growls… Poor Wolf was up and gone by 5am, drove 200 miles and then worked till 6pm. And while it isn’t very late, he’s over there growling at the pillow. I think I’d better head to bed before he chews it up.

  2. Catching up on rest is needed now and again, I’ve been doing the very same thing this weekend, albeit for slightly different reasons. Today will be more of the same. Enjoy your rest and recharge, maybe get to some water if you can.

    1. I’m glad to see you are doing better too. I’m taking it easy,and while I’d love to go stick my feet in the lake, we are both too tired to drive the 3 miles. I will indulge in a romantic movie while Wolf gets his writing done. Hugs !

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