Twisted Tails part 21

Vivie, I’m still confused, but I believe your father when he says that we were wrong to act on Eric’s behalf,” said Emma. Once she had felt a bit more stable, she was brought into the conversation with Anne on one side and a rather somber Roger on the other. “And are there really werewolves? I know that Anne says there are, and we saw those dogs, but is it true?”

“Yes mom. Andrew, Luc and most of the people in the room right now are shifters,” said Vivien. “Fenris was actually Andrew.”

“But… how aren’t you one now?” Emma asked.

“Emma, it is genetic, not a disease,” said Luc. He was hoping that no one else would need to shift again. Eric had been very quiet after the second time he showered. Seth and David sequestered him to one side and were making him sign a sheath of papers concerning non-disclosure.

“Oh, so if… if you had children they’d be werewolves? Or do you call them puppies?” asked Emma.

“Yes, they’d have the possibility of shifting,” said Vivien. “Sara, the little girl that got mad at Dad will shift when she is about 15. So will her two little brothers.” She was watching her brother and how he was dealing with the cop and lawyer. Eric was sitting on a metal chair… just in case.

“I think I understand,” she said looking at people around the room. “I’m sorry your father was mean to her.”

“Sara will be okay. I’m glad that you and Dad apologized to her,” said Vivien.

“Why do they call you Aunt Twizler?” asked Emma.

“It’s because of my hair. Apparently, they only give nicknames to those adults they like. I brought Frisbees to a picnic which made me very popular.”

Emma nodded and then thought about it. “Did… did they play with the Frisbees as wolves?”

“Yes Mom,” said Vivien.

Emma giggled.

Rose walked up wearing Vivien’s bathrobe. “Would it help if you saw someone shift?” she asked quietly.

Emma looked at Rose. “You… you were the dog in the blue dress?”

“Yes Emma,” said Rose.

“Oh. No, you don’t need to shift. I… I believe you.” said Emma.

“Mom, are you okay?” asked Vivien.

“Yes, it’s all a bit of a shock. I’ll get there. It’s like the first time I saw your Dad eat a piece of meat. It was shocking and yet I was so curious as to what he’d think,” said Emma.

“Oh? When did he do that?” asked Vivien who’d known her Dad to always have been a vegetarian.

“About twenty-eight years ago. He threw up,” said Emma softly.

“Well, at least he’s consistent, said Peter. Luc nodded his head.

“Emma, are you ready to go home?” asked Roger.

“Yes dear. You need to follow the advice of that kind gentleman, Seth and fix that will of yours. I like his suggestion,” said Emma.

Roger nodded. “Vivien, I’m sorry. Really sorry. I should know better, but your brother Eric was being very persuasive and had all these facts, which I now realize were totally false. From what Andrew and Rose says, Andrew is better off than we are and he certainly didn’t marry you for your inheritance. Not that he would have known anyway now that I think on it.”

“No Dad, he didn’t. Please take Eric home. He’s not welcome here anymore, but you and Mom are,” said Vivien. She hugged her parents and then she and Andrew saw them to the door. Eric was escorted outside by David.

“Bye Eric. I never want to see you again,” said Vivien.

“You just keep your creepy dogs away from me!” Eric said as David shoved him into the the back of Roger’s car. The way David screwed up his face, Eric must have reeked of fear.

“And you remember that we’ve filed a restraining order. If we find you within two miles of your sister or her mate, we’ll gleefully arrest you,” said David.

“And if you do decide to blab to the tabloids, I’ll make sure that you’ll live to regret the slander and libel suit,” said Seth smiling with his canines showing.

Eric cringed in the back of the car.

Everyone waved as the Sunbery’s drove off towards their hotel on the far side of town. David made sure it was more than two miles away.

“Come up when you’re ready,” said George as they left Andrew’s house.

“We will. I want to relax for a day, visit with Rose and then we will be up,” said Andrew.

“Alright. Love you!” said Angie as they left.

Andrew and Vivien walked back into the house that was finally quiet. Rose had gone to sleep upstairs, Ginny and Angie had cleaned up the various messes and now it was just Andrew and Vivien. He took her hand and walked towards their bedroom. Once there, he slowly wrapped his arms around Vivien.

“Now, before you start trying to take the blame for any of this, I want you to understand that I will not accept it. This mess was Eric’s fault, and he will pay for it for a long time. Seth and David can be very persuasive.”

“I… I understand,” said Vivien. “I’m just flabbergasted that Eric would do this. Amazed too by the way all of you defended me.”

“You need to understand a few things. First of all, you are my mate. Our mate. You have not one protector, but two. Next. You are part of a very large extended family. A very protective family. You are pack now. We protect who and what is ours. In some ways, I’ve always felt a bit of an outsider as our family isn’t related to Luc’s or Ginny’s by blood, but any doubts of how they felt about me and you were erased tonight,” said Andrew as he held Vivien and ‘waltzed’ in place.

“I have to admit that I was a bit amazed when Luc and Patrick stripped off and shifted.”

“Oh? I didn’t realize you’d seen that,” said Andrew.

“Yes. Everyone in the kitchen peeked out. The sub-vocals made the walls rattle. Those two are ummm… rather impressive,” said Vivien with a bit of a blush.

Andrew smiled. “Now you’ve gone and done it. The wolf wants to make sure you understand that you are his,” he said as his voice went all husky.

“Oh Andrew, I may look, but you are the only one I want. I love the feel, the scent and everything about you,” Vivien said nipping at Andrew’s bottom lip.

“Ihh want youh ouht of this dresss,” he whispered huskily. Reaching for the zip, he undid her dress. It slid down her body to form a puddle at her feet. Dressed in matching undies and stockings, she stood there for a moment. Andrew nipped at her collar bone and then stopped.

“Muhst unndresh.”

“Yes, before you tear that waistcoat and your shirt. I was amazed how you filled that out when you got mad,” she said. She helped him out of his clothes until he was nude. Then she moved into his arms and let the silk of her undies touch his skin in a soft caress.

“Toooh mahny cclths,” he said as his jaw shifted.

Vivien didn’t want to lose the clothes to being shredded, so she quickly undressed. As she stood up, Andrew picked her up and placed her on the bed. He crawled between her legs and licked his way up the insides of her thighs. When he reached her clit, she squealed in delight.

“Oh, Anddrew,” she gasped as his tongue tickled her clit and then dived into her pussy.

He chuckled against her skin as she sighed and giggled with pleasure. His cock throbbed and it wasn’t long until he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over until she was on her knees. Andrew moved between her legs and slid deep into her pussy.

“Arrrh,” he groaned with pleasure.

Vivien moaned as he drove deep, hitting all those spots that felt so good. He grabbed her hips and thrust faster and faster. She felt her orgasm build and and her body began to hum with pleasure. There was a feeling of intense pleasure as Andrew seemed to fill her even more than before. Andrew increased his pace as he felt the knot form. His orgasm roared through his brain. Tied together by the knot, the two collapsed on the bed and slept.

Wolf held his mate. She was safe. He curled around her and slept.

Three wolves loped down the alley. It had been a long run from the den. They stopped across from where the metal box was sitting. Inside the den were the three that had tried to scare their packmate. The biggest of the thee walked around sniffing the ground. Then he lifted his hind leg and marked the metal box. The other two followed and did the same. Then they marked the entrance of the den. One by one, they sat down and lifted their heads and howled. Then they disappeared into the dark to watch. During the night, the wolves took turns howling, bumping the door and growling next to the window.


Eric lay in his bed, with the covers drawn over his head as the howls faded. It was going to be a long sleepless night. He regretted the fact that he’d driven up to meet his parents and was spending the night by himself.

10 thoughts on “Twisted Tails part 21

  1. “Eric was sitting on a metal chair… just in case”
    LOL! The happenings to Eric is too funny. I have a feeling he’s going to have an accident in bed, too. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to see old people come around so quickly. I only say that because I am one, and I really have a low tolerance for people that see things with a closed mind. Excellent as always. Tip

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