A Stay in Bed Weekend

Quin locked the door as they came back from dinner. He smiled and then headed for the bedroom.

“What are you up to Quin?” asked Lynne. “Isn’t it a bit early to go to bed? It’s only 5pm.”

“Not really, This is the beginning of “SIBW” as far as I’m concerned.”

“SIBW?” Lynne asked.

“Yes. Stay In Bed Weekend.”

“Oh, and what prompted this?” asked Lynne.

“You really need to ask? Two weeks of non-stop work, odd calls at weird hours, your Dad calling every hour on the hour and one or the other of us not feeling good at least half of the time? I think it really calls for a Week in bed, but I’ll settle for a weekend.”

“So, what are the rules?” asked Lynne.

“First off, we don’t leave the house. Unless someone is on fire. Next, we only dress in pj’s or bathrobes unless there is an emergency. Last, we only get out of bed when necessary. Not so difficult is it?” asked Quin.

Lynne wrapped her arms around Quin. “I take that this includes plenty of playtime?”

“Most definitely.”

Lynne kissed Quin.


She was lounging in her velvet sleep pants and a baggy top. She was warm and comfy. The words just seemed to flow off of her fingertips as she wrote story after story. Quin set a cup of tea down beside her computer and kissed the back of her neck. It sent shivers down her spine.

“What’cha writing?” Quin asked.

“A sex scene where the woman rolls over and realizes that her lover’s cock is right at mouth level. She grabs his hips and pulls him close so that she can take him in her mouth,” explained Lynne.

Quin thought about that for a moment and then smiled. “Have you tested this theory out? Or, are you just guessing how it would go?”

“Well, what gave me the idea was you walking past the bed a few days ago on your way to the closet. I’ve never really tested it out,” said Lynne.

“Well, I think we should test it out.” He leaned over, hit the save button on her computer and then pulled her out of her chair.


Ten minutes later, Lynne was naked on the bed and Quin walked over. Their bed was tall, and as Lynne had guessed, everything was at the right height. Lynne lay on her stomach and pulled Quin over to the edge of the bed. She held his hips, and cupped his ass as she tongued his semi-erect cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked while she held him in place. He grew hard in her mouth and Quin found himself moaning and grabbing her shoulders to thrust gently.

“Lynne, I…” he started to say as she sucked harder and twirled her tongue around at the same time. “Lynne, I’m… I’m going to fall down if I come this way,” he finally gasped out.

Lynne let go of his cock and then rolled over onto her back on the bed. Quin crawled onto the bed and between Lynne’s legs to repay the favor. As Lynne began to arch upward in orgasm, he switched from tongue to cock and slid into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh,… OH!” gasped Lynne.

Quin held Lynne’s hips as he stroked in and out. It didn’t take long for either of them to reach orgasm. Quin slowly let Lynne down to the bed and then curled up behind her. They spooned together and soon fell asleep.


Lynne woke up to feel Quin’s hand stroking her from breast to mound. She moaned and tried to turn towards him. Instead, Quin held her on her side and slid his cock between her legs and into her pussy. Lynne moaned again as Quin increased his pace. Then he stopped for a moment as he changed position. He knelt, threw one leg over Lynne’s bottom leg and pulled her upper leg up so that he could slide back in deep. Holding her hip and ass, he increased his pace.

“Ah, yyyes,” gasped Lynne. This sidesaddle position was one of her favorites. It let Quin push so deep into her and hit all those lovely spots. “Ohhh,”

Quin smiled. It wasn’t often that he woke Lynne up this way. He let one hand cup her ass while the other rubbed her clit. Lynne’s body clenched in orgasm and the muscles clamping tight around his cock took him over the edge. He slammed hard against Lynne and came until he swore his balls were empty. Lynne cried out in orgasm again and again.

“Oh what a way to wake up,” Lynne gasped.

“Thought you might like this.”

“I did. Hungry?”

“Yes, but I don’t think I can move right now,” he said. “You stole my bones.”

Lynne giggled.


A few hours and another set of orgasms later, the two of them got out of bed. Lynne made breakfast while Quin cleaned up. Then Lynne bathed while Quin finished up breakfast and made tea.

Over breakfast, they talked about what they absolutely had to get done that day. Quin caught up on emails, Lynne wrote and posted stories and eventually they cooked dinner.


Sunday was much the same. Quin woke Lynne up by rubbing her back which turned into a short spanking. He laughed as he ran his hand between her legs. Lynne was soaked.

“What do you expect?” she asked.

“Well, I umm… I expect you to come,” he said as he held her down and started to finger her more vigorously. He rubbed around her pussy with her juices until he could fit most of his fingers into her pussy. He knew that she loved to be fisted. “Now I want you to touch your clit.”

Lynne tried to make sense of his words. When she didn’t react fast enough, he repeated himself with a quick slap to her ass. Lynne moved her hand down under her and began to rub her clit. It felt good and naughty to be touching herself at the same time he was fingering her. Their fingers brushed one another from time to time. As Lynne was about to come, Quin pushed his hand further until Lynne was starting to come very hard. Just as she came, he pulled his hand out and she screamed her orgasm into the pillows. She also squirted so much that she felt the juices run across her palm, down her fingers and onto the bed. She was soaked.

“Oh… damn,” she whispered.

“Feel good?”

“Yyyes,” she said softly.

“Then maybe you’d like another orgasm?”

Before Lynne could nod or say anything, Quin slid his hand in again and fisted her until she came again. This time she squirted more than she had the first time. As she shuddered and spasmed with orgasm, he reached up and tickled her clit.

“Oh! Ohhh!” she squeaked.

Quin laughed and then pulled her to her knees, avoiding the wet spot on the sheets. He slid in from behind and holding her hips, began a slow rhythm. As Lynne began to catch her breath, and began to push back against his thrusts, he increased his pace. Lynne had never really stopped orgasming, and it didn’t take long for Quin to reach that pleasurable explosion either. He loved the feelings Lynne shared when she orgasmed. He came hard. AS both of them went limp, they fell forward onto the bed.

“Oh, ewww,” moaned Lynne.

“Huh?” said Quin.

“I’m in the wet spot and it’s cold!”

Quin laughed and they rolled out of the wet spot.

When they got up, Lynne stripped the bed and tried to ‘mop’ the wet spot while Quin started dinner. They ate and then watched a movie. By the time they were ready to go to bed, the mattress was dry enough to put the sheets on.

“I still can’t believe I came that hard.”

“I can. It was amazing,” said Quin. He kissed her. As he kissed her, they walked backwards to the bed. He ‘dropped’ them on it and pulled her bathrobe open to touch her skin. He kissed and touched her until she wiggled on the bed. He ran his fingers between her thighs. “You are so wet.”

“What did you expect? We’ve had more sex in the last 36 hours than we have in the last two weeks.”

“Good. I think I want to go again,” Quin said as he turned out the light, crawled in the bed and between her legs.


Monday morning, Lynne woke up with Quin’s hand between her thighs. His fingers were grazing her pussy lips and she felt his cock throb against her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass just a little. Quin moaned in his sleep and his hips thrust against her a bit more. She parted her legs a little and Quin’s cock moved between her thighs, teasing her opening. His fingers were closer to her clit.

“Oh Quin,” she whispered.

“Huh? Oh,” was all he said as he woke up enough to know what was happening. He fingered her and brought her nearly to orgasm and then rolled on his back. Lynne moved and straddled his cock, riding him ‘cowboy’ style. He held her upright as he thrust upwards. Lynne bounced up and down on his cock, and could feel his balls tighten under her ass, just before he came. She clenched her muscles and rode him harder. He gasped, came and arched up off of the bed, lifting Lynne into the air.

“Ah…ahhhh, yyyes,” he moaned into the pillow. Then the two of them went limp. Lynne curled up next to him on the bed. About ten minutes later, he reached between Lynne’s legs and started to stroke her clit. It didn’t take long for her to come hard. She nearly passed out and Quin checked to see if she was breathing. When he was certain she was alive, he smiled, smacked her on the thigh and got out of bed.

“Time to get up. Got work today.”

“Huh?” a spacey Lynne asked.

“SIBW is over. Time to get back to work,” Quin said with a laugh as he walked off to the bathroom.

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  1. I could use a weekend like this, just as soon as deer season is over. Really it’s over for me the first day it starts, but I enjoy the time outside. This is a very good story. I figure you have some experience with a long weekend in bed? Tip

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