Twisted Tails part 23

Andrew and Vivien drove up into the mountains. It was strange to Vivien to be out of the city. She couldn’t remember the last time. As they wound up into the mountains, Andrew rolled down the window to let in the scent of pine trees. The turn to the small town came up faster than he expected and he soon pulled up in front of the Spoon River Bed & Breakfast. They got out of the car and were stretching when George walked out the front doors to greet them.

“About time you got here,” he said.

“We left at 9am. What did you expect? Warp speed?” teased Andrew.

“Well, okay. Luc called and told me about the pictures and I’ve been rather anxious to see them. Sam and Angie set up the table in the side dining room for us to use,” said George. He grabbed the boxes out of the trunk and headed inside while Andrew and Vivien got their luggage.

“You know, George looks so intimidating and yet he is the biggest softie,” laughed Vivien.

“Yes, but never ever piss him off,” said Andrew. They walked in to find Lewis at the desk.

“Hello Andrew, Vivien,” he said.

“Hello Lewis. I see they put you to work,” teased Andrew.

“Ah yes. I’m suppose to be on vacation, but the way this works, I”m busier than when I’m at the mill.”

Vivien laughed. Sam was standing behind Lewis and mimicking his motions and then stuck her tongue out.

“Don’t let this old man pull the wool over your eyes. He asks to help,” said Sam.

Lewis turned and smiled at Sam. Then he pointed to the mirror over the door that had showed him what Sam was doing. Everyone laughed.

“I have the upper room ready for you. Just promise me one thing Andrew,” said Sam as they walked across the entry and up the stairs.

“And what’s that?” he asked.

“Don’t crack your nose on my balcony.”

“Ah, is this the room Ginny and Patrick had?” Andrew asked.


“Um, what are you two talking about?” asked Vivien.

“Hon, he can tell you in a bit. And don’t you dare laugh at Ginny next time you see her. She’ll deck you,” said Sam.

“This has to be some story,” said Vivien. She walked into the room behind the other two and stopped. The room was decorated in what she thought of as ‘rustic cabin style’. Big heavy log furniture, lots of animal motifs, but the table was covered in vases of flowers. Roses being the predominant flower.

“I… I… um?” Vivien stammered.

“The family wanted to let you know you were loved in spite of the fact that your brother’s an idjit,” said Sam. “There are a few presents under all that foliage. You two need anything, you know where I am.” With that, she shut the door and went downstairs.

“Andrew, did you know about these?” she asked as she smelled the heady fragrance of the roses.

“No. I saw Ginny talking to Meg and Luc. Remember I said you were family?” he said as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yes, but… these flowers must have cost as much as our whole stay. I…” she tried to wrap her brain around the generousity.

“Don’t worry. Just know that you are loved,” he said as he took her by the hand. “You need to come see this bathtub.”


An hour later, Vivien and Andrew were drying off when there was a knock at the door. Andrew wrapped the towel around his waist and opened it to find George standing there. “What can I do for you George?”

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing the photos and journals. I’m in heaven,” said George.

“Rose said she’d be going to the house in Calgary. See if there are any other treasures. Said she’d look for her address book,” said Andrew.

“An address book?” George said with a smile dancing across his face.

“Yes. She remembered Mama having one and hopes she can find it. Then we can have some real fun,” said Andrew.

“Yes,” said George who suddenly noticed Andrew’s lack of clothing. “Oh! Sorry, I didn’t realize, umm… bye!”

Andrew smiled, shut the door and turned back to Vivien.

“Was that heatwave George blushing?” she asked.

“Yes, that was. And now I’d like to see you blush,” he said as he pulled her towel away and began to kiss her skin.

“Oh,” was the last intelligible comment Vivien made. She lay down on the bed with Andrew kissing his way down her neck and across her breasts. Then he moved down her belly. When he reached her red curls, he stopped. Vivien gasped, looked at him and with a wicked smile on his face, he began to run his tongue from her clit to the opening of her pussy.

Vivien moaned in pleasure. She felt the first orgasm began to build and grasped Andrew’s head to hold it in place. She didn’t need to as Andrew had no intention of letting her get away from him. She moaned, squirmed and then cried out as her orgasm blasted her senses.

Andrew nibbled down her leg and back up again as she gasped and tried to catch her breath. Before she totally regained her senses, he crawled up between her legs and slid his cock between her wet lips.

“Oh damn,” she moaned as he filled her.

Andrew moved as slowly as he could. He pulled her upright, until she was straddling his lap as he knelt on the bed. This brought her breasts up to his lips. Vivien wrapped her arms around him and enjoyed the sensation of his cock deep insider her as well as his lips sucking and kissing her nipples. It wasn’t long before she began to feel the orgasms build. Andrew sucked harder on her nipples and increased his pace as she bounced and rubbed against him.

The orgasm surprised her and she cried out as it slammed her senses once more. She writhed in orgasm as Andrew kept increasing his pace. Vivien felt another orgasm building on top of the first one and went almost rigid with pleasure as the second one flooded her.

“Oh… oh… oh…” she gasped.

Andrew had held on for as long as he could, and as the third orgasm took Vivien, he too exploded. Growling in pleasure, he felt as if his entire body emptied into Vivien. He shook with the pleasure of the release and held her close as they caught their breath. Vivien tried to climb off, but realized Andrew’s knot had formed. Instead of letting her go, she came again as it pressed right against the g-spot. Andrew smiled as she came and then lowered the two of them to the bed.

They lay there enjoying the quiet and shudders of aftershocks as their bodies relaxed.



“She did what?” Vivien asked as Andrew related the story of Ginny tripping on the balcony because of her muddy feet.

“Broke her nose and sprained her ankle,” he finished. “Same day George went through Angie’s floor.”

“Oh damn, Oh damn! And I don’t dare tease. Damn!” said Vivien. The thought of Ginny tripping like that was nearly too much and she dissolved into giggles once more. Andrew joined her.

“You know, you couldn’t make this stuff up. All you need now is the three imps hiding in the car to spoil the trip.”

“They did. At least on George and Angie’s first date. George was late, because he had to take them home,” said Andrew.

“Oh my,” said Vivien trying to catch her breath. “And to think I thought I was going to be a journalist because I figured out who the ‘real’ werewolves were.”

Andrew just smiled at Vivien. “Are you hungry?”

“Sort of. What time is it?”

“Nearly 7pm. We slept a bit,” he said.

“Shower and dress?”

“Yes. Dog Bar or here?” he asked.

“Are we expected to eat here?”

“Not really. We are on our honeymoon. I think I’d like to go to the Dog Bar, have some pizza and drink a little bit of beer. I hear they have some really good micro-brews,” said Andrew.

“Alright. If you’re ready to let go of me, we can shower and be out the door in thirty minutes,” Vivien said.

“I think we can do that,” Andrew said standing up. They headed for the shower.


An hour later, they were on their second Flying Dog Ale and eating pizza on the outdoor patio of the Dog Bar. True to it’s name, there were couples with dogs all over the place.

“This is great, and I can see why it attracts the people,” said Vivien,


“Yes. Great view, food and beer. Plus it’s dog friendly.”

“Agreed. Look over there,” said Andrew pointing to a couple of women walking up with two huge ‘dogs’. “Any bets?”

“No, they wouldn’t? Would they?” asked Vivien.

“Yes, they would. Happens all the time. It’s why Sam is so ‘friendly’ and the B & B is shifter friendly,” he said softly.

“Do you know them?” Vivien asked.

“No, but I have an idea that they are the two who run the funeral home. They smell local if you know what I mean,” he said.

“Not exactly, but I think I understand.”

They watched the women walk past and Andrew nodded slightly at the ‘dogs’. One nodded back. With that, Andrew and Vivien went back to their pizza.


The band that started at 9pm was good. They played country, rock and celtic. It was an odd mix, but Andrew explained that there was a music festival in the summer that attracted all kinds of music and people adjusted. They danced, drank and in general enjoyed themselves.

“I think I’m just a bit drunk,” Vivien said as she flopped into the chair after the last dance.

“I agree. Are you ready to head home?”

“One last dance,” she said and pulled Andrew back out onto the dance floor. Andrew followed. He loved the way she moved to the music and the bobbing head of red curls that seemed to have a mind of their own. Vivien was happy and relaxed which made Andrew so pleased.


An hour later, he crawled into bed next to her as she drifted off to sleep. They’d danced at least three more sets and then in the end, Andrew nearly carried her home. He wrapped his arms around her naked body. She felt so good in his arms. As she fell asleep, she moaned and wiggled her hips against his body. He smiled and went to sleep.

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  1. Lovely. Though I hate to see this segment of the story come to an end, it does seem to be winding down. Perhaps Vivien can write “fiction” romances centered around her new family. lol Ginny might kill her but they’d sell!

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