Tattoo part 2

She showed carefully, as he had instructed. It had been at least an hour after everything dried before he let her rinse off. She finished and found a soft towel on the chair in the bathroom. Drying off, she inspected the henna work. It was magnificent. She didn’t even recognize it as her body. All the geometric designs were fascinating. She walked out and waited for him to acknowledge her.

“Ah, good. Turn around,” he said.

She did as he requested.

“Yes, very good. Let me take some pictures and then we’ll do the front.” He moved her to stand in front of a white canvas sheet where he posed her and then took pictures. Then it was back to the couch.

She let him arrange her. It was familiar, and yet a little tense. She felt more exposed laying on her back. He started with her arms and hands. It amazed her at how fast the designs flew onto her skin. Then he reached her breasts. He started at the nipples and worked his way outward. He smiled as her nipples crinkled under the cool minty paste. She started to talk, and he shushed her with a reminder not to breathe too fast and crack the pasted. She complied.

He worked down her body until he reached her pubic bone. He made a “Tut-Tut” noise.

“What’s the matter?” she asked quietly.

“Well, I didn’t take into consideration that you would have pubic hair when I made my design.”

“Oh, well, can you just go around?” she asked.

“I could, but I’d rather shave you and get on with things,” he said.


“Shave you. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

She could hear him walk off and at the same time couldn’t believe she wasn’t getting up off of the table. He was back in a moment and spread her legs.

“Don’t wiggle,” he said. In quick order, he covered her mound with shaving cream and then shaved her in quick short strokes. Then he wiped her skin with a damp cloth. “There, perfect.”

She felt the cool air on her skin and then the paste being put on her skin. The minty coolness was intensified by the fact that her skin was freshly shaved. He worked down her legs and in about an hour, declared himself finished. He brought the heat lamps over once more and then walked away to get his camera.

She lay there looking up at the ceiling, knowing not to move. She was still surprised that she didn’t protest him shaving her.

“Have a drink,” he said and offered her a drink with a straw. She sipped and was surprised to discover it was iced tea.


“You’re welcome. You’ve been most co-operative. When this is done, I want to take more pictures,” he said.

“Alright.” She lay there under the heat lamps and once more fell asleep.


She woke to him calling to her softly. She got up and showered as she had before. This time she was delighted at the way her breasts seemed ‘dressed’ in the henna. Looking down her stomach to her mound, she saw why he’d wanted to shave her. The design was exquisite. Had he not shaved her, there would have been a jarring break in the patterns. She dried off and went out to the studio.

“I like your design,” she said.

“Good. I’d like to take more photos. Please stand over there,” he said. This time, there was a stand of some sort in front of the canvas. When she walked over, he posed her against it to show off the henna design. He took a number of photos and then had her change positions.

She found her body responding to his touch. She wasn’t sure if it was the henna paste sensitizing her skin, or the erotic nature of some of the poses. Her nipples were drawing tight, and she felt the first hints of dampness between her thighs.

“Now, would you like to make some extra money?” he asked sitting down after the last series of photos.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Lots of people have a kink about tattoos. My art is something different, and if you were willing to be posed with a bit of kink added, I could sell them. I’d split the money with you,” he explained.

“What kind of kink, and how much?” she asked.

“Mild BDSM. Cuffs, a draped whip or toys, blindfolds, that kind of thing. Minimal, because you don’t want to cover up the artwork. As for money, Maybe $75.”

“$75? For a bunch of pics?” she asked thinking that wasn’t a lot of money.

“No, $75 per photo. If we did a scene with ten pics, you’d earn $750,” he explained.

“Oh. um… Okay,” she said.

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  1. He must have nerves of steel, my hands would be shaking from the excitement of the situation. But I would like to try if I had any artistic ability. Tip

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