Tattoo part 4

“But,” she started to protest as his hands went higher on her spread thighs.

“Let’s see what you want to do. If you don’t react, I’ll stop,” he said.

“But…” was all she managed as she tried to not move, or moan as his fingers stroked her naked pussy. She lasted a whole ten seconds. “Oh god!” she cried out as her body tried to orgasm while restrained.

“See, I thought you wanted touched,” he replied as his fingers moved up inside of her. He stroked gently and insistently. He felt her orgasm build, and held her body with one arm as his other stroked her to orgasm.

She cried out and felt her juices coat his fingers and her thighs. As she recovered from the orgasm, she heard the shutter of the camera click in rapid succession. She felt her juices run down her thighs. Then she heard his camera being set down and the sound of clothing dropping to the floor.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going to change your position and take more photos. However, this time there will be some of me in the shots,” he said. He took her blindfold off and let her see him. He was tattooed in a similar manner to her henna. They stopped at his neck, forearms and ankles. His cock was free of tattoos as well.

“Oh. Oh my. I had no idea,” she said as she looked at him. She wasn’t sure what was more impressive, his tribal tattoos or his cock which hung long and heavy against his thigh.

“No, most people don’t know about my ‘suit’. You are so beautiful and the pictures will be beautiful because of you,” he said as he put the blindfold back on. He attached his camera to a tripod and checked some shots. Then he picked up a small clicker and approached her. He turned her so that he could come in from behind. Sliding the head of his cock across her wetness felt good.

“You know, I… I don’t do casual sex,” she started to say as he held the head of his cock to her pussy.

“Yes, but you said you’d let me take pictures,” he reminded her. “Do you want to stop?” he asked stroking his cock against her skin.

“Yes and no. This all feels so good,” she gasped.

“Then let it feel good,” he said as he clicked the button in his hand to run the camera.

“Oh,” she moaned as he slid his cock into her wet opening.

Slowly, he stroked in and out. The shutter clicked away. Before she could orgasm again, he stopped. She was panting. He turned her and placed her on her knees on a pillow.

“Don’t bite,” he said.

“I won’t,” she said. He guided her mouth to his cock. It was covered with her juices and a bit of pre-cum. He slid in and out of her mouth as she sucked and licked him. The shutter clicked in the background. He didn’t let her orgasm. They changed positions three more times. Her on her knees with him behind her, her on her back on the table with him licking her pussy and her swinging from the frame and his cock entering from behind. Each pose was accompanied by the click of the camera. Each pose was an exercise in frustration as she wasn’t allowed to orgasm. Finally, he withdrew and walked over to the camera. He set it down and then walked back over to her. He undid the cuffs, and took off the blindfold and the nipple clamps. He massaged her nipples gently.

“Why didn’t you let me come,” she asked, her voice heavy with need.

“Because I didn’t want to photograph that. I want to enjoy it as well as you,” he said pulling her body against his in a heated embrace.

“Yes,” she said. He picked her up and carried her over to his bed hidden behind a folding screen. Placing her on the bed, he moved between her legs and straddled the right one and turned her on her side, pulling the left leg up high. He slid his cock in deep.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you like this since the moment you walked into the shop,” he said. He was building up speed and his balls slapped against her. He grabbed her ass in one hand and a breast in the other as he pumped faster. She moaned as he hit spots she didn’t know felt good. The orgasm that had been building up burst through her body, filling it with sweet pleasure. She spasmed and jerked in his arms. He held her tight and then his orgasm tore up from his feet and filled her. He froze at the height of his orgasm and hung there as their bodies spasmed in pleasure.


Hours later, after a shower, she dressed. She was surprised that her henna didn’t show. He’d ‘suited’ her. Walking over to him, she kissed his lips and nibbled the bottom lip.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yes. We have pictures to sort out don’t we?” she said.

“Yes, and we might have to reshoot a few,” he said.

“There is that,” she said. “Plus, once this henna wears off, you still owe me my tramp stamp,”

“Tramp stamp. Yes indeed,” he said with a smile as she walked out the door.

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