I Really Do Exist…

In spite of what many of you may think, I am alive. 🙂 I am not chained to the bed and unable to write due to orgasmic bliss… (damn!) Nor am I in jail. (although, it was close a time or two)

No, we just had an unexpected trip. My Dad pulled muscles in his back and was unable to drive, walk, think… you get the picture. This also meant that he and my Mom could not travel to my Aunt’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Have I mentioned that we live about 1/2 a mile away from my parents? Well… we do. We were suppose to babysit my parent’s cat while they were gone. Wolf worked on Dad’s back and helped some of the pain and spasms. This gave my Dad enough respite to think. So,…  we ended up driving my parents the 500+ miles one way to my Aunt’s. 

Keep in mind that 1)my dad is in his mid 70’s, 2) injured his back and is in pain with spasms, & 3) is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Now, stuff 4 of us in a vehicle (a small Subaru with luggage) and drive for 8 hours. Start at 7:30 am, stop several times for food, drink and leg stretches with Wolf driving the whole time while Dad bitched, did passenger seat driving, and instructing Wolf on how to drive. He thought the median was a lane, told Wolf that “Everyone does it.” Wolf Growled… Dad shut up.(hence the jail references)

We arrived at my Aunt’s house and had a wonderful dinner and conversation. Then Wolf and I ran away to our hotel room. Not a great hotel. It had a shower, and that’s about all I give it. Whoever gave it a 3star rating was lying! However, it also had a bed.(slightly broken) We slept like the dead, right up until the phone rang at 7am. Yep, Dad… So, we flew through the shower,  and arrived at my Aunt’s in 12 minutes. Wolf saw to Dad and then we started helping with TDay dinner.

My Uncle is a wonderful cook. We had a lovely feast with a German/Southwest flavor. Ate way too much. Then we went back to the hotel and crashed. In bed by 9pm! Slept like the dead. Luckily, no 7am phone call. However, the moment we did get to my Aunt’s, my Dad “requested” Wolf’s help. sigh… Eventually, we did get to run away. My Uncle drove us around town, took us to a neat market and a fantastic local museum…. where my Aunt works. 🙂 Then we came home for dinner. 

Dinner was another fantastic meal, and while my Dad was a cranky old man, it wasn’t too bad. My Uncle said that Wolf should be nominated for sainthood… for dealing with my Dad and NOT ending up in jail. 🙂 I gave up counting how many times I heard the ‘sweet’ version of the Dom Voice. We visited, shared pictures, and did all that kind of thing. We headed off to the hotel around 9. Once again, no energy for playtime, just snoozing. (damn, damn, Damn!) 

Up at 6am this morning. Showered, packed and checked out of the hotel room thirty minutes later and headed for my Aunt’s. She and my Uncle were making breakfast. Yumm… He is such a good cook! While my parents finished eating, we packed the car and then we said our goodbyes. On the road by 8am. By the time we got 200 miles up the road, Dad was cranky, (see # 3 up above) He threw a tantrum, and a snit. sigh… We managed lunch after more drama than I wanted and then got back on the road. Wolf drove for a bit longer and then Dad said he wanted to drive. (aieeeee!) His car, etc… he drove. He was feeling better. We winced. We tried not to flinch when he’d drift into the rumble strips… 12 times. However, we did arrive home at long last. 

We were home and unpacked by 7pm. Slightly frazzled, a bit grayer, 1000+ miles driven. One more cup of tea, a few cartoons read and then bed time for Wolf and I. I’ve been promised a long Sleep In Sunday, with lots of playtime. Oh, and we are shutting off our cell phones until at least 2pm. 

Best of all, my Uncle gave me a great line I intend to use in a story…. “Food without Garlic is like sex without the woman!”

8 thoughts on “I Really Do Exist…

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  1. 1) Your Wolf is a definite keeper.\
    2) Doesn’t your dad realize he’s slipping?
    3) I’d like to email you.{mercurydaddy@gmail.com}

    1. Yes, Wolf is a keeper. My Uncle said he should be nominated for sainthood. (lol)

      Dad does realize he’s slipping. That is what precipitates some of his temper tantrums. Other days…. Nope, not a clue. It makes life very frustrating as my Mom takes the brunt of it.

    1. I have to admit a night in my OWN bed, with Wolf made things a lot better.

      I can’t wait to use the line. 🙂 He just said it so casually while making dinner… like saying, “Pass the salt please”. 🙂

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