Job Rated part 9

Neva woke up to find Jesse had not only wrapped himself around her, but pulled the covers up around them too. The room was dark and she felt comfortable in his arms. She didn’t want to move, but the urge to pee was too strong. “Jesse, I have to get up,” she said softly when she realized she couldn’t slide out if his arms.

Jesse moaned, let go of her and then rolled over. Neva got up and headed to the bathroom. She’d barely finished when the door opened. Jesse stood there yawning. Neva scooted out the door and headed back for the bed.

“Do you want to shower?” he called from the door a few minutes later.

“Um, yes. I’m a bit stickier than normal.”

Jesse laughed and headed back into the bathroom. He had the water turned on before Neva walked in. “Hope you don’t mind sharing a shower,” he said.

“No, not at all.”

Once they were wet, they took turns washing the other. Neva relished Jesse’s fingers in her hair and the way he gathered her to him to wash her back. She slid down to her knees and made sure that he was clean too. She smiled when she dropped a blob of bubbles on the head of his cock.

“What are you doing?” he asked looking down.

“Just inspecting the fire hose,” she said with a giggle. That made him laugh too. Then it was his turn to rub soap bubbles all over her body.

Neva moaned as his hands caressed her. He was gentle as he rubbed between her legs and cleaned her up. He made circles of bubbles on her breasts too. Then they both rinsed off. As the water ran over their bodies, Jesse began kissing her. Neva lifted her head up as if she was starved and his lips were nourishment. He wrapped his arms around her, turned her and then slid his cock between her legs and into her pussy. Neva felt her breasts press up against the tiles of the shower stall. She didn’t care, as the attention he was paying to her pussy and clit made the world dissolve. She felt her orgasm build, and listening to his hoarse rasp, knew he was close. She tried to clench her muscles, and her orgasm roared over her senses. Jesse wasn’t far behind, his final thrusts shoving her harder against the wall.

“Ahhh,” he moaned. Then he let go of her hips and let his cock slide out of her pussy. He too rested against the wall trying to catch his breath.

Neva felt the water as well as their mixed juices slide down her thighs. “Good thing I’m in the shower,” she laughed softly.

Jesse nodded and the two of them cleaned up and actually got out of the shower this time.


“Do you want crackers or a tortilla with your chile?” he asked.

“Um… Crackers,” she said. They’d gotten a big can of Hormel’s chile out of the cupboard and had heated it up for dinner. Neither one of them was co-ordinated enough to do much else. Plus, they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another. A kiss here, a caress there, and all the possible variations.

Neva got salad into bowls and iced tea on the table just as Jesse filled two bowls with chile. He put them on the table and grabbed the saltine crackers. They sat down and began to eat. Every once in a while, Neva wiggled in her chair.

“What’s your problem?” he asked with a bit of a smile on his face.

“You should know,” she said with a wry grin. “You’re the one who filled me up like a cream filled doughnut. You could say that the filling is leaking.”

Jesse laughed. “Never thought of myself as producing too much. The ex never said much. Then again, she wasn’t much for sex.”

Neva looked at him and blinked. “What?”

“No, didn’t really care. I swore she lay there and counted the strokes waiting for me to finish,” he said.

“Good grief!” said Neva. “I like sex. Just don’t have much luck with partners.”

“Well, I hope we can break that streak for both of us.”

She smiled and worked on eating her dinner.



After the dishes were washed, they curled up on the couch and watched a movie. They talked as well. “I don’t want to make commitments, but I don’t want to screw this up if it is a good thing,” said Jesse.

“Neither do I. Can we just take it slow?” asked Neva.

“Well, we didn’t take it too slow earlier,” teased Jesse.

“You know what I mean!” she said swatting at him. He grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“Yes, I do. Now, are you going home in the morning?” he asked.

“I should. I do need to get back to work before I’m fired,” she said.

“Alright. So, when do you want to have our next ‘date’?”

“Um… Can we play it by ear? I have to admit that the sex is damn good, and I don’t want to spoil tonight by saying that we will see each other on day X and Y,” said Neva.

“Neither do I,” he said as he kissed her. She moved deeper into his arms and straddled his lap. His cock pressed up under his jeans, and Neva rubbed against him. “Bedroom?” he gasped. Neva nodded and got up. They headed to the bedroom.


They dropped their clothes and moved onto the bed. Neva wrapped her hand around his cock and began to lick and suck it in and out of her mouth. Jesse lay back and moaned in pleasure. It took a moment for him to gather enough braincells to move his hands and touch Neva. Her ass was just right there and he began to caress and stroke her.

Neva moaned and the vibrations from her mouth cascaded up and down Jesse’s cock. He arched up and his hand grabbed Neva’s inner thigh. As she worked her mouth up and down, he ran his fingers along her pussy. She was wet and his fingers slid in deep. He stroked her clit as well. Neva wiggled as she started to come from his attentions.

“Oh!” she gasped as she pulled off of his cock. Jesse smiled and pulled her on top of him and with a little positioning, his cock was soon buried to the hilt in Neva. She rocked back and forth, moaning when everything lined up just right. He grabbed her hips, bounced her up and down and it didn’t take long before the two of them were crying out in orgasm. Jesse felt as if his balls emptied out every ounce of sperm. He lay there gasping with Neva on his chest.

“Oh damn that was good,” she said.

“Uhuh,” he managed after a moment. He helped Neva off to one side and the two of them curled up and slept.

12 thoughts on “Job Rated part 9

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    1. LOL!

      I read this to him and his comment was “Uhmmmm”… damn! Considering that we had a stay in bed Sunday, he’s a bit worn out. I’m probably safe for at least an hour. 🙂

  1. It would really be icing on the cake if these two had a dark side, then there wouldn’t need to be a end any time in the near future. Excellent as always. Tip

    1. You know, I went back and looked at the sentence. “Neva felt the water as well as their mixed juices slide down her thighs. “Good thing I’m in the shower,” she laughed softly.” Slid would not have worked. It has to be slide.

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