The Oak and Thorn

Yes, back at last, and oh do I have some stories for you! This one is a little dark and I hope you enjoy it.



She’d been adrift. Anchorless. Lonely.

Looking up at the pub sign, she was a little nervous. The Oak and Thorn. The restaurant had a reputation for being a pick-up spot for people in the kink community. A place to meet a new partner in the dance of dominance and submission. She walked into the dark oak paneled dining room with trepidation. A maitre d met her at the door and asked if she was meeting someone.

“No,” she said. He nodded and lead her off to a semi secluded area and seated her at a table for two.

“Someone will be with you in a moment,” he said handing her a menu. She took it and began to look as he walked off. The menu was confusing for a moment until she realized what it represented.

1 ‘Dominant’ +/-

2 ‘submissive’

3 ‘ Switch’ +/-


4 ‘Pleasure’

5 ‘Pain’

6 ‘Confused’

7 ‘Ala Carte’


8 ‘Engaged’

9 ‘Free’

10 ‘Negotiable’


11 ‘Private’

12 ‘Public’


A woman in a severe uniform came over to her table. “Have you had time to peruse the menu?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m a little confused on some of the choices. What do the plus and minus marks mean?”

“Ah, a common point of confusion for a new visitor. Plus is same sex, minus is opposite sex,” said the woman. “You also choose that which you wish to be or experience. Do you have any preferences?”

“Yes. One minus, seven, nine and twelve,” she said.

“A fine selection. Someone will be out in a few moments.” The woman turned and walked off.


She sat there watching the room and the people who moved around. Some people were obvious while others she wasn’t certain. She heard someone walk behind her a time or two, but had turned to watch a man walk across the room and never saw the man take the seat across from her.

“Your mind wanders,” he said softly.

She turned with a start. “Um… yes, it did,” she replied not realizing that things would start so quickly.

He reached out a finger and put it under her chin to lift her eyes to meet his. “Has it been so long?”

“Yes. I fear too long,” she stated.

“Ah, then perhaps we should take it slowly. It would explain your choices,” he said. “Do you feel comfortable with me?”

She looked at him, and felt the tingle in her stomach. “Yes,” she said.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Yes what?” he asked a little sterner than a moment before.

“Yes Sir,” she said casting her eyes down.

He stood, and kept his finger under her chin as they walked the length of the room towards a door. He stopped as they reached it. “Once past here, you are mine until I release you or you use a safe word. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And your word?” he asked.

“Leaf,” she said softly.

He smiled and opened the door. It brought them into a long hall with doors on either side. He walked down to the third door on the left and opened it. Then he led her in, his finger still under her chin. The room, that she could see was richly furnished. Thick carpets and heavy curtains in rich crimson. A bed, spanking bench, a cross, chairs and a low table. There was a wardrobe to one side as well.

“Stand here,” he said and went to the wardrobe where he hung up his jacket. He took some items out as well and placed them on the low table. Closing the wardrobe, he walked over to the bed and sat down. “Come here.”

She walked over to the bed and stood in front of him. He gently began to undress her. He placed her jacket on the chair next to the bed. Her blouse and skirt followed until she stood there in her bra, panties, stockings and heels. “Turn around,” he said.

She turned until she faced him again. The thrill of him undressing her had her body humming. She waited to see what was next. He stood and then motioned for her to bend over the bed with her hands out in front of her. She did as she was told and was rewarded with his hands caressing her body.

“So hungry,” he said watching her body language as he stroked her.

She knew better than to speak and held her position. She was rewarded with a quick series of spanks on her ass. She gasped, but did her best not to move. He worked up one side of her thigh and down the other one, leaving her skin stinging. As she tried to catch her breath, he stroked her skin. His hands trailed down between her legs.

“Very wet in so short a time,” he remarked. “Have you always been like this?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good.” He administered another series of spankings and the while she caught her breath, he walked over to the table and picked up a soft leather flogger. “Will you be able to stay in position?” he asked as he caressed her skin with the flogger.
“I… I don’t know Sir,” she admitted.

“Well, we will see.” He swung the flogger and at the fourth pass, she squirmed too far out of line and the flogger caught her across the underside of her bra. He put down the flogger and stood her up. He walked her over to the cross and secured her in place quickly. Then he returned with the flogger.

Five passes later, he put it down and began to stroke her body. He ran his hands over her breasts and pinched her nipples hard.

“Aaah,” she gasped.

He moved down her sides and stroked her ass, which was hot and red from his attentions. He noticed how she arched towards his hand as he touched her. Finally, he ran his fingers between her legs. Her panties dripped with juice. He smiled. As he touched her, he could hear the catch in her breath as she came close to orgasm.

“You’ve been very good,” he said softly in her ear.

“Yes Sir?”

“Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes Sir, please Sir,” she asked.

He slipped his fingers across her silk covered clit and brought her hard and fast.

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