Twisted Tails part 24

The two weeks flew by. Andrew and George went for runs in the evening with Lewis. George and Lewis worked with the genealogy project and Andrew spent lots of time hiking and visiting local museums with Vivien. When the guys were gone, Sam, Angie and Vivien went shopping, spruced up the B&B, and had long girlie chats about their wolfish loves.

“Do you find it funny that while they can smell of chocolate, it makes them sick if they eat it?” asked Vivien.

Sam nodded and Angie smiled. “I have to admit that I was in a fancy candy store and when they brought the fresh chocolates out, I kept looking around for George.”
“And if I miss Lewis too much, I find I drink more hot chocolate,” said Sam. That made all three of them laugh.

“Oh damn, they’d have a good laugh if they knew we were comparing them to addicting sweets,” laughed Vivien.

“Meg would agree with you,” said Angie. “We all notice it, and then it’s like a favorite scent from then on. However, the shower is a whole different thing.”

“They smell like wet dogs even in the ocean,” said Sam.

“Really?” asked Vivien.

“Yes! Here we were on this beautiful beach, no one around for miles and all I could smell was ocean and wet dog. Good thing I knew what he was by then, otherwise the game would have been up,” said Sam. She smiled remembering the rest of that day on the beach.

“You know, it still amazes me that they hide so well and that people turn a blind eye to the daftest things,” said Vivien.

“Defense mechanisms are subtle,” said Angie. “Plus, people just don’t think. You’ve seen it yourself. When Meg first tried to tell me that things weren’t exactly what they seemed at Alpha Wolf, I thought she was just trying to shoo me off. That she didn’t want to give me a job. Then poor Kevin shifted.”

“Oh damn!” said Vivien.

“Yeah. He didn’t finish getting undressed. I went from screaming and almost peeing my pants to laughing. Then I got curious,” said Angie.

“Curious?” Asked Vivien wondering if the same thing had crossed Angie’s mind.

“Yeah, I wondered if everything went up in size,” said Angie with a laugh. Sam and Vivien laughed too.

“I think the only answer to that question is yes,” said Sam. “Haven’t hear of one wolf that is under represented in that department.”

“You know, I am going to miss you two and this place,” said Vivien.

“Well, if you don’t head home, Becky will turn the Silver Lode into a goth shop,” said Angie.

“I know. I’ve just enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. When we get back, I have to look for work, and I’m not too excited about that,” said Vivien.

“Are you sure?” asked Sam.

“Yeah. I may be mated to Andrew, and he may have money, but there is something about having my own pocket money,” Vivien explained.

“We all understand that,” said Angie. Sam nodded next to her.

“I just don’t know what to do. I love writing, and yet…” Vivien trailed off.

“And yet you can’t get a newspaper to touch you now,” said Andrew walking in with George and Lewis.

Vivien turned. “Yeah. Damn old boy network.”

“We will find you something,” said Andrew. “We wondered if you ladies would like to head to the Dog Bar for a last round of drinks.”

“Sure would,” said Sam. The other two stood up as well, and the six of them headed off for pizza and beer.

“So how many times did you come over for free dog pizza?” asked Vivien of George.

“At least once or twice a day at first. Then I tapered off as I was suppose to be ill,” he said softly. They were eating the last of the pizza by this point.

“That whole thing must have been so difficult to do,” said Vivien.

“In a way, I think it was harder on Sam,” said Lewis. He’d heard her side of it when they met.

Sam just nodded. “I miss Buster. Yet, I’m so glad that I have Lewis in my life.” She smiled as Lewis hugged her to him.

A little while later, the six walked home and Vivien and Andrew packed. Vivien saw that Andrew was looking out the window as darkness fell. “One last run?”

“Yes, but this time I’d like you to come with me,” he said.

“Andrew, that’s a little difficult. I don’t shift,” she said.

“No, but you can walk with me and I’ll run in the upper meadow,” Andrew said wrapping his arms around her.

“Alright. I’m almost finished.”

Vivien stood in the big meadow and watched as Andrew chased a rabbit around the upper end. As he was about to catch it, two other wolves appeared and joined in the chase. It didn’t take long for them to bring down their snack. “Ewww,” Vivien thought for a moment. Then other thoughts began to run through her head. She watched as the three wolves loped over to he. One by one, they shifted.

“You know, most women would either be panicked or flattered by having three naked men standing next to her in the middle of the night,” said Vivien.

“Yes, well,” started Andrew, wondering if she was really offended or not. Nudity just didn’t bother him, and he had still not gaged her responses to it accurately.

“I’m Donald and this is James. We have the mortuary in the next town,” said Donald.

“Nice to meet you two,” said Vivien trying to keep her eyes on their faces, even though it was dark.

“You have the reddest hair I’ve ever seen,” said James.

“How can you see it in this light?” asked Vivien.

“Good night vision, and I eat lots of rabbits,” joked James. Everyone laughed.

“So, have you two been running with Andrew and the others most nights?” asked Vivien.

“Yes. It’s nice to have a small pack to run with. We were alone for so long,” said Donald.

“No family?”

“Not as you’d think Vivien. Our parents moved from Washington or Idaho here years ago, and we’ve sort of lost contact with anyone else. It happens. Not everyone is as fortunate as the pack that runs with Luc Moreau,” said James.

“Could you possibly be related to Luc?” asked Vivien.

“Maybe. We have no real clue to be honest. We’d have to see what George finds out. Buster was such a treasure in many ways. It will be interesting,” admitted Donald.

“I agree. I hope that Rose finds the address book. Part of me wants to go up there and dig around with her. Another part never wants to go back,” said Andrew with a sigh.

“Oh?” asked Vivien.

“Our mother was more wolf than human on so many levels. It wasn’t until my father died that I realized just how much it was him that held things together. So, when he passed, life got… interesting. Not terrible by any means, but certainly not idea,” admitted Andrew.

“Because she didn’t cook? Clean?” asked Vivien.

“No, because I had to explain why I had a big husky in a very quiet neighborhood that the dog catcher chased,” said Andrew with a wry smile.

“Ah. Well, I hate to break this up, but I’m getting cold sitting here with my butt on this rock,” said Vivien.

“Nice to meet you,” James and Donald said before they shifted back to wolves and ran off across the high meadow. Andrew shifted as well and they started back towards the B&B.

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  1. I’m so glad your brain is still functioning after NaNo. You’re a better woman than I and I salute you XD

    As for the story, lovely lovely as always. Andrew is such a doll I just want to snatch him up and steal him away.

    1. Well, I think it is functioning. 🙂 I had a writing spree since I could finally write about sex! Today I edited my NaNoWriMo story, and it is going out to beta readers today.

      Andrew is a dish. Yum.

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