Caught! part 26

It didn’t take long for the manor to look more like a residence and less like a building site. After a day or two, Raven began to pitch in with some of the heavier work. While he rested more often, he felt better for moving. Rachel had made sure he had plenty of salve on his back to keep the skin from stretching and tearing.

“Hold!” called Raven. They were sistering joints that were the floor of the master bedroom. A block and tackle were being used to hold them in place while bolts were driven into place. “Alright, that’ll do.” He undid the rope and they moved onto the next one.

Rachel looked in from the doorway, as most of the floor was open. “Can I get you to come here for a few minutes?” she called.

“In a bit. I have one more joist after this one. I’ll meet you in the kitchen,” he said.

“Alright.” Rachel walked down the hall, and headed for the kitchen. When she got there, Maggie was whistling and smiling. Her kitchen was almost to her liking. The floors were scrubbed and had a dusting of rushes. The walls were white and between Morrin and George, there were new shelves, cupboards and ironworks for three kitchens.

Rachel grabbed some lunch and headed back over to a side table. She was halfway through her stew when Raven came in. He grabbed the bowl Maggie handed him and joined Rachel.

“Finally,” he said. “I feel like we’re almost done.”

“Good. I had two letters from Lady Peri wondering if we were ready for company. I figured I’d better check with you.”

“If all goes well, we can move back into my room in a week. Two days after that, I think we can host a party,” he said with a smile.


“And will you have enough nice clothes? Or do I need to send Rosie off for more fabric?” he asked.

“Well, um… I think I have enough. I haven’t worn any of it much,” she admitted.

“No, you haven’t. You wear those trews that drive me made with passion,” he said as his hand reached under the table to stroke her thigh.”

“Raven!” she hissed.

His fingers kept moving higher. He liked the little routine he’d started, with spanking and teasing her in the morning. It kept her horny all day. By the time they collapsed in bed, she was almost as hungry for him as he was for her. “I’ll meet you in the barn in a few minutes,” he said and walked off to put his bowl in the sink.

Rachel took a deep breath and finished her stew. Then she headed for the barns, wondering what deviltry Raven was up to. When she got there, she realized that Rascal was saddled as was another horse. Raven smiled when he saw the delight on her face.

“I figured we’d ride a bit,” he said as he mounted the other horse.

A stable lad helped Rachel up onto Rascal and the two of them were soon galloping across the pastures. They rode hard for a little and then let the horses walk to cool off. They came to a stream and let the horses drink.

Rachel stood leaning into Raven’s arms. “Thank you.”


“Yes. It’s been a while since we’ve ridden and it felt so good,” she admitted.

“I agree. There is something though, I’d like to try,” he said with a smile.

“And what is that?” she asked.

“Tie Rascal to the tree and then come over to me,” he said.

Rachel did as he asked and when she walked over to him, he asked her to take off her trousers. Then he mounted his horse and held out his hand to Rachel.

“You’re joking,” she said looking up at him.

“No, I’m not. Come here,” he said.

Rachel put her foot in the stirrup and straddled the horse. She was facing Raven, who had pulled his cock free of his trousers. Gently, Rachel moved so that he slid into her cleft. Once she was ‘seated’, Raven held her close with one hand and then urged the horse into a canter. Each movement of the horse translated into Raven thrusting deep into Rachel. He steered the horse across the wide pasture.

“Rrraven,” Rachel cried as the pressure and pleasure began to build. The saddle slapping against her ass added to the feeling of Raven being buried deep inside her. She felt herself begin to orgasm. Rachel gasped as her body shuddered.

Raven felt Rachel orgasm and let go his own control, He dropped the reins and grabbed her ass as he pumped deep inside. The two of them gasped and tried to catch their breaths as his horse calmly munched grass.

Rachel began to giggle.

“What?” he asked as they walked the horse back over to where Rascal was tied.

“I never thought about how sexual riding a horse could be,” she said. “and the fact that your saddle is soaked.”

Raven looked down and realized that Rachel was right. The saddle and his trousers were soaked. “At least I won’t be the only one with a wet crotch,” he laughed as he let her down.

“There’s a stream over there,” she suggested.

“Oh no. You get to swim in juices,” he said. He knew that by the time they got back to the barn, she’d be aching to come, and he might just oblige her.

“Bastard,” she said as she got dressed.

He smiled. They rode back to the manor at a gallop.



Raven soaked in the bath and enjoyed the heat as it soaked into his bones. Rachel was drying her hair and running a comb through it as she had bathed first.

“Did you get all of the straw out of your hair?” he asked her.

“Yes! It was so embarrassing to be sitting there at dinner and have Maggie walk by and pull a piece out of my braid.”

“She did smile. Yet the flour on Morrin’s trousers was funnier,” said Raven.

Rachel smiled. “Yes, it was.”

Raven stood up and got out of the tub. He grabbed a towel that was warming by the fire and then started to dry himself off. When he was done, he wrapped the towel around his waist. “Would you put salve on my back?” he asked Rachel.

“Of course,” she said. She grabbed the jar of beeswax, mint, lavender and chamomile and began to rub it into Raven’s skin. “It’s looking better, even if it will never be smooth.”

“I know. I’ll go for better. As it is, there is one area that catches,” he said pointing to a spot on his back near his ribs.

“That’s were he cut you deeply and into the muscle tissue,” said Rachel. “That spot took a long time to heal.”

“Agreed. Before I forget, you can send out the invitations at the end of the week. While we were out riding, Morrin got the last of the braces in place and the men are putting down the floor tomorrow. The ceiling will go in a few days later. We can move back to my room the day after,” said Raven.

“Good. Is it wrong that I miss our bed?” she asked.

“No. Not at all. Only issue is that part of it is still scorched.”

“Beeswax will fix that,” she said. “Just as it does you.”

Raven smiled.

6 thoughts on “Caught! part 26

  1. It is good to see things are getting ready to ramp up a bit at the manor. Maybe the lads working on the house will be able to make some furniture for the new couple to use for training the lady of the house. Tip

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